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It’s OK to Cut Loose!

Grand Cayman Islands Sunset

Ahh, OK, I think I need to add just a little more to this title. It should read, “It’s OK to Cut Loose Every Once in a While!” Most of you know Melinda and I got married last weekend, and yes, it was an absolutely AMAZING time and we had an unbelievable honeymoon down in the Cayman Islands, but the one thing we didn’t do was worry too much about how we were eating. Yes, we “cut loose!” There are certain times in your lives where you’ve got to put your normal routine to the side and just sit back and enjoy the moment. The last thing we wanted to worry about on our special day and week in the Cayman’s was whether or not our chicken was buttered or not! I don’t want anybody to get the idea, though, that this is OK to do on a normal basis because it definitely isn’t, and I’m not going to lie, we DEFINITELY feel the after effects of it, but this is something that you can do every once in a blue moon.

I guess we’re talking about cheat meals or maybe even cheat weeks. Yeah, there is no doubt that Melinda and I had an official cheat week or maybe even a cheat week and a half, but really we deserved it and knew that we would get right back to our healthy routine when we got back home. It’s important to understand, though, that we didn’t go absolutely crazy. We still kept our calories somewhat in check, still worked out every morning in the gym, still drank Shakeology (I brought some packets with me), but we did have some good ol’ fashion Italian cuisine, enjoyed our wine, and even indulged in some chocolate desserts! Our taste buds thanked us for it, but our bodies didn’t. I’m pretty sure I gained somewhere around 5 lbs (yeah, I know), and Melinda probably just a few pounds, but we sure are feeling it. However, we don’t feel guilty, and that’s very important to understand. We have worked SO HARD over the past 4 years to stay healthy and in shape that we’re to the point where we can relax for a week and not have it affect us too much, and have the right mindset to where we don’t worry about it afterwards. We know that once we recommit to both the diet and workouts again that we will lose anything we gained fairly quickly.

If you’re just starting P90X and are out of shape, taking a week “off” of your diet is not something that I encourage. If you’re one of the people I coach (if I’m not your coach, click here to make me your coach), you have probably heard me say a thousand times that one cheat day usually takes 2-3 days to work off, so as you can imagine, an entire cheat week could really set you back! Like I mentioned above, Melinda and I can get away with an entire week off of the diet without it affecting us too much because we are already in shape AND worked out every day. If you’re not already in great shape and are working towards a goal, then you’re going to want to do your best to eat 100% clean until you do reach those goals. Once you reach the goals, then you can take a step back and have a cheat meal every once in a while. Also, if we didn’t work out every day, there is no doubt we would have gained more. It’s important that if you are going to have a cheat meal or cheat week for something like a vacation that you do your best to work out every day. We made it a priority to wake up in the morning and head right down to the gym to get our workout out of the way. We knew that if we waited, we probably wouldn’t get it done! Also, don’t go absolutely crazy on your diet eating everything in sight, and attempt to do your best to eat just one cheat meal per day. If you’re eating fried food and desserts for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and  a 2 A.M. snack, then you’re probably going to come back a little “fluffier” than you would have liked! One cheat meal per day on vacation isn’t going to affect you too greatly, but you will have some work cut out when you get back to work it off.

If you’re one of those people who feel very guilty after eating crap food, then don’t do it at all. Of course the best option would be to eat healthy 100% of the time, but sometimes you deserve to cut loose and not have to worry about anything, especially if it’s for a special occasion like a Honeymoon, wedding, or anniversary. Those are the times where you need to take a break and enjoy the time with your loved ones, just like I did with Melinda. Like I said, this isn’t normal for us even on vacations, where we will do our best to eat healthy the entire time, but this was one week where we wanted to sit back and relax! There is nothing wrong with doing that on a rare occasion, but make sure you’re not doing something like this every day or week!

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  1. Nice article Josh and congratulations to the both of you! Here’s wishing you have many more happy years to together 🙂

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