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Why Eat 5 Meals a Day?

Many of you have asked me this, and when I started the program I also asked, “Why 5 meals a day?” The great minds behind the P90X Nutrition Book knew exactly what they were doing when they advised everyone to eat 5 small meals a day. I am going to share why it is so important to do this.

It all has to do with your metabolism. There are so many diets out there that tell people that in order to lose weight, you must cut back on calories, carbs, blah blah blah… And do most people succeed with those diets? Heck no! Most people end up giving up in 2 or 3 weeks because they notice no results and are freaking starving by the end of the day! When you eat 5-6 small meals a day, you boost your metabolism, which helps you burn more calories during the day. So how the heck does this work? I’m glad you asked..

There is a little something called the thermic effect of food, which means that the breakdown and absorption of food itself requires many calories. Let’s take complex carbohydrates, for example. Complex carbs, such as spinach, corn, green beans, have a 30% thermic effect, which means that 30% of the calories are already burned up just during breakdown and absorption! Simple carbs, such as white breads, sugar, baked goods, have a 3% thermic effect, which is very, very bad! Now you know one of the reasons I tell you all not to eat them!

There are other reasons why eating 5 small meals a day is beneficial:

(1) Higher energy throughout the day, which means you won’t crash! Your blood sugar (glucose) will remain very balanced because of eating so much! This will also help with hunger attacks.

(2) You will build and maintain muscle a lot easier! By constantly eating throughout the day, you are providing your muscles with a steady flow of insulin, which transports glucose and amino acids into the muscle cells. Huh? Simply put, you will accelerate muscle growth!

So now you all know why it is so important to eat 5 times a day!

If you have any further questions, email me!

Coach Josh


  1. Abhinandan /

    I’m not working out these days but I do run and do monkey ladder workout for abs. My question is im eating mostly 2 mwals in one day but both become heavy because of empty stomach. How many meals should we eat to get six pack abs and mostly what shpuld we eat. More of protein or carbs? *waiting for your reply*

  2. @Abhinandan. 2 meals is not nearly enough. I was eating at least 5 meals a day when I was going through P90X. How come you aren’t following a specific program?

  3. Jovany /

    Hey I just started doing the insanity workout… But I just don’t know how to plan the meals for the day… What do you suggest???

  4. Josh /

    @Jovany. Hey brother! Do you have the Insanity diet guide that came with the program?

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