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How to Commit to the P90X Diet

As I have talked about before, the most important part of the P90X program is the Nutrition Guide. I tell all the people that I coach that results come from 80% diet and 20% workouts, and that’s not an exaggeration either! If you want results, you must commit to the diet! For most people, sticking with a clean diet is the toughest part of the program because their old habits automatically try to creep back into their new, healthy lifestyle. You might find yourself thinking, “One piece of cake isn’t going to hurt, is it?” One piece of cake leads to two, and then you start slacking more and more on your diet as each week passes. Once that happens, your results slow or stop, you get discouraged, and then end up quitting the program because you lost motivation. I’ve seen it happen WAY too many times before! So what are some things that you can do to commit to the P90X diet?

Tip #1: Clean out your kitchen! If you don’t have any junk food around, you can’t eat it, can you? This was the first thing I did when I received P90X. I went through my fridge, cupboards, drawers, and threw away every bit of junk food I had. I couldn’t believe how much money I had wasted on food that was going to hurt my health! There were times during my first round that I craved sweets, but didn’t have the option to eat them because they weren’t there! Get rid of all your junk food!

Tip #2: Stay accountable with me! One thing that many of the people I coach do is log what they eat into and send 2 or 3 days of results at the end of the week through email. When you send me the results, you sure don’t want to have a bad Fit Day because you know what will happen! Yeah, that’s right, I’ll get on your case! I have found that the people who send me their results are the most successful with P90X! If I’m not your coach yet, click here to do so!

Tip #3: Read through the “Motivation” section of this site over and over again! I highly recommend reading through posts like “Positive Little Things For Success,” “What’s Your Why?,” “The Mental Side of P90X,” and many, many more. Each of these helps tremendously with staying motivated enough to commit to the diet!

Tip #4: Set goals! When you set specific goals for yourself and write them down, you’re much more likely to stay on track to reach them. For example, if you make a specific goal to lose 30lbs by the end of your 90 days with P90X, you are going to do everything you can to reach that goal because you have a certain number set in your head. If someones’ goal is just to lose weight with P90X, that person is more and likely going to stray off track, lose motivation, and quit the program. Make sure you write down your goals and put them somewhere for you to see everyday, such as right next to your computer or bed.

Tip #5: Resist Temptations! You’re going to find that everyone, even your family, is going to do anything possible to make you feel guilty for choosing a healthy lifestyle. You might get made fun of by your friends for drinking water while they are all drinking beer, or eating a protein bar while they’re eating pizza. The people who have the most success with P90X are the one’s who are able to stay strong and resist those temptations. You have a goal to reach, and cheating on your diet is not going to help you reach that goal! I’ve been doing P90X for 2 years, and there are still people who make fun of me or try to tempt me to something I know isn’t good for me, but I always kindly refuse.

Now you have some tips in order to stay committed to the P90X diet! Remember, the diet is the most important part of the program!

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  1. Rick Arrick /

    Josh, I didn’t do a great job with following the diet for the first 30 days. But I did from days 30-60…..the results were accelerated in a major way! I wonder what I would look like now if I had disciplined during the first part of the workout.
    I just started my final 30 days (of my first round) today. I can’t wait to see what is in store.

  2. Marcos /

    May 12, 2009 I weighed 255 pounds, busy lifestyle, u kno the whole story. One day a buddy of mine introduces me to counting calories and eating the right kind of calories and the process, so I’ve been eating healthy for 11 months not working out at all one bit and did everything basically that u mentioned above, the only thing is I couldn’t get a flat stomach no matter what!! So after watchin the p90x info every night I figured I’d jump on, I’m on week 1 with my wife who by the way has lost 47 lbs along with me prior to X. The funny thing is I entered my food in like you recommended and what I’m eating is right at 20/30/50, so I’m pretty excited that I dont really have to focus on food because I’ve been already doing it, I’m also taking recreate by usplabs and love it Gona switch to jack3d once I run out and on whey and glutamine.. Results are inevitable lol, just wanted to say thank for the inspiration and motivation!!

  3. Yeah, the diet is HUGE in terms of getting results! I’m anxious to see your final 90 day pics!

  4. Well you are one step ahead by having your diet already down pat, which is HUGE! Just get ready to BRING IT! Have you made me your coach yet? You can do so by clicking on this link:

  5. Marcos /

    Not yet but I’m about to and I’m looking foward to connecting with ya.

  6. Jim B /

    Hi Josh, I just received p90x as a gift from friends at work. How do I sign up for you to be my coach?

  7. Hey Jim! Just click on the link to make me your coach:

  8. Jim B /

    Hey Josh, Do you substitute your protein whey shake for a meal? Between creatine and protein shakes your looking at roughly 480 calories. Thats alot when your trying to keep under 2000.

  9. I use Shakeology as a Meal Replacement, and not a protein shake. You can learn more about Shakeology here:

  10. Gaige L. /

    Hey man I need some tips on if i’m dieting right!! Right now I’m on week three of the workout, but only in the first week of dieting on the fat shredder phase, I”m 5’7, roughly around 165.. what I eat in a day comes out to about 154 G of protein, 1510-1700 calories, and about 176 carbs.. is that ratio right? Here is what I usually eat throughout the day.
    1 cup of oatmeal for breakfast… morning snack I eat a 3 egg omelet mixed with some fat free milk and 3 slices turkey bacon, lunch I eat a can of tuna with 2 whole wheat bread slices.. for an afternoon snack i eat an apple or a bannana with 2 scoops protein powder, for dinner I’ll eat 4 oz. lean chicken breast with a cup of vegetables. and after i workout I’ll have 2 scoops protein powder with a cup of fat free milk.

    For someone who has experience with the diet plan and has followed it exactly like I am trying to do, is this a good meal plan? or should I make some adjustments?

    If you coul email me back at that’d be great man!!

  11. You need to be eating 1,900-2,100 cals per day if you’re looking to lose weight. Also, you need to follow a fat/carbs/protein % of 20/30/50 if you’re in Phase 1. You can find that out by logging what you eat into Also, have you made me your coach? If not, click on the link to do so:

  12. Hi, I need help!
    I have been researching for days on many different forums and the beachbody message boards looking for an answer to my question but cannot find one.

    I am currently doing the P90X program. I started week 4 yesterday (recovery week phase 1). Up until yesterday, I was not following the nutrition guide. I was however, following the meal plan laid out by LA Weight Loss, which I had used 3 years ago and lost 30 pounds off of. By week 3, I had lost 6 pounds. However, after reading your blogs, I have come to the understanding that following the P90X Nutrition Plan is just as important as the workouts themselves.

    So yesterday, 1st day of Week 4, I started the phase 1 Fat Shredder Level II. I’m finding that it is a ton of food, (I gained 2lbs already and feeling really full) but am following it strictly anyways right now.

    I started P90X at 200lbs. I’m 5’7”, 23 years old. My goal is to LEAN OUT and be ripped. Not bulk up.

    My questions:

    1) Should I cut down the food from the Fat Shredder Level II program or will it over time not feel like I’m eating too much?

    2) Should I switch to the Phase 2 Energery Booster diet next week if I have only done the Fat Shredder for 1 week?

  13. Hey man! Yeah, you need to follow the Nutrition Guide because it’s designed to work together with the workouts. OK, this tends to be a problem with most people when they start the Nutrition Guide and are looking to lose weight. I feel that they overstate the amount of cals to take in, and actually decreased by 600 during my first round. At your height and weight, you should be taking in around 2,000 cals per day if you’re looking to lose weight. Remember, it’s never good to stuff yourself, and you should always eat until you’re comfortable. Also, you can stick with the Fat Shredder phase as long as you want, which will help you burn fat a little quicker. Am I your coach? If not, you can make me your coach by clicking on this link:

  14. hey Josh,

    I am starting p90x on monday but i can’t figure out what to do about dairy. I am planning on drinking soy milk or eating cheese with eggs because i am slightly lactose intolerant. What exactly is the muscle-related benefit of having the 2 servings of dairy a day?

  15. Josh /

    You will have to contact a Nutrition Expert for the answers to that. You can so in the Beachbody Community Forums.

  16. Daniel /

    Hello Josh,

    I’ve got a few nutrition questions as well as general p90x questions. Just a little history, I started x classic this past January and I’m about to finish the program this weekend (yay!). I didn’t lose much weight, I started at 215lbs (5’10”) but I lost several inches throughout my body, as well put on a fair amount of muscle throughout my back, chest, arms & legs. I’ve lost about 6-8 lbs thus far, it could be due gaining muscle, I don’t really know? But the abs are finally starting to come through, which where previously buried under a layer of fat, they’re not quite where I want them, but I will in due time. Anyways, in the first couple of weeks of the program I followed the nutrition guide (to a “T”) but found that I was eating too much food and actually had a difficult time eating that much food. Based upon the nutrition guide, I was to take in 3100 calories/day. Therefore I decided to scale my food back a bit, I then later read that the trick to losing weight was to create a caloric deficit. So, that’s exactly what I did. I started on level III of the nutrition guide and reduced my intake to level II, which is supposed to be a reduction of approximately 600 calories.

    Now here’s my question, I am starting cycle #2 of P90x on Monday (4/5) but I’m somewhat confused as to what approach to use for nutrition. I know that p90x provides the nutrition guide, and based upon your weight it recommends whether you fall under levels I, II or III, and then there is the portion approach – which offers more flexibility in so far as food choices, so long as you maintain your diet within the stated guidelines. Is there another approach to this? Would it be detrimental to my progress in this next phase of p90x, if I went straight to the diet guide in phase II – which offers more balanced meals, or must I follow the nutrition guide verbatim? I’ve also read on your site (don’t recall where), that you suggest using a website that configures your diets on a weekly basis – fee based service, (I do apologize if this questions has been asked many times).

    Also, please bear in mind that I will be doing p90x doubles this next cycle, how will this factor in to my diet? I assume I will need to increase my diet to compensate for the additional workouts?

    Last, I’ve read on your site that you recommend sticking with the doubles routine as it was designed. I.e., not starting doubles until phase II of the program. I have endless stores of energy it seems, if I introduced the cardio x routine into my routines in phase I, say 3x’s a week, rather than waiting until phase II to do so, how could I not benefit from the additional training? I realize everyone’s different, but I want to maximize my results on THIS cycle. I want to feel that I’ve hit the ground running.

    Thank you for taking the time to read through my posts today. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

  17. Josh /

    Since you will be doing doubles, it’s going to be important that you increase the calories slightly. Also, since you are already in pretty good shape, follow either the Phase 2 or 3 ratios in the nutrition guide. Also, what are your new goals? Are you looking to lose more body fat or gain mass? Remember, just as you said, if you’re looking to lose more body fat, it’s important that you still create a caloric deficit by taking in lower cals and carbs. However, if you want to gain mass, then you will need to increase both the cals and carbs.

  18. Daniel /

    Hello Josh,

    My goal is to lose further fat in this second round of P90x. Perhaps I’ll consider putting on mass in the next round, it’s not my focus at this time. I need to burn off this left over fat – immediately! Considering I’m doing doubles in the next round, and my consumption now is approximately ~2500 calories (the deficit is ~500 calories from what I’m supposed to be eating per the nutrion guide), how many calories should I be looking to eat per day, while maintaing a caloric deficit? Perhaps 2500 again?

    For your reference, I’m 5’10” and weigh 205-208.

    Thank you.

  19. Daniel /

    Sorry, one more question about nutrition. Considering that my primary focus is to burn off fat, do you recommend that I stick with the phase 1 meals throughout the program? You mentioned in on of your blogs that you basically did this in your first cycle of p90x and it worked for you.


  20. Josh /

    You can stick with the Phase 1 diet plan as long as you want. I followed it for most of the first round.

  21. Josh /

    You will need to increase the cals slightly if you’re going to be doing Doubles. Stick with around 2,800 cals per day. However, if you feel too full, then lower that amount back to 2,500. Also, you can make me your coach by clicking on this link:

  22. Christopher /

    Hey Josh, i got the P90X from a friend at work and he told me about your site and told me that it will help me out but i have some questions for you that im concerned about. Im the very picky type that doesnt like much fruits and veggies at all but i love chicken and beef and pork. i like bannas and apples and grapes, carrots(not cooked), celery,oranges,olives,tomatoes,cucumbers,onions,corn. Also i can have wheat which doesnt help me out much when it comes to bread. I was thinking ok starting the P90X today or tomorro but im concerned that if i start how am i gunna do the diet part you know. I eat 3 times a day but its all out of wake when i eat. The s1 site said to eat breakfest 1 hour after u wake up then 2-3 hours for snack the 2-3 lunch then 2-3 snack and then dinner. the way im am im not sure if i can do that. See i look at it this way, if im eatting that much im not gunna lose any wait i mean i know its a snack but still the thought is in my mind. mAlso i eat sometimes to times a day or just 3 times with out a snack. Like a said im very picky and want to know if theres a way to still stick to a diet but stay with the foods i like. if u could help me out i would be very happy. thank you for your time.

  23. Josh /

    What you need to do is follow the Nutrition Guide, but I also highly recommend that you get the Club Membership, which creates custom meal plans for you. Also, you will find a ton of excellent diet tips to help you get started in the “Q&A” section. Have you made me your coach yet? If not, you can do so by clicking on this link:

  24. Frank /

    ok so Josh I’m about to get serious with the P90x diet and workout program and was wondering how far apart do you space the meals…every two hours three hours..etc..the nutriotion guide doesn’t point this out. Also when it states to take 3 tsp of the protein powder do you mix it with water or milk? thanks


  25. @Frank. I usually eat every 2-3 hours. Also, I mix my whey protein with almond milk.

  26. Nathan /

    I was just wondering. I already workout regularly, and have been for the last 6 years but it doesnt really show even though I’ve gotten alot stronger. Would I still be able to do my regular lifting workout without it interfering with the P90x program? Or possibly do a 2nd workout later in the day primarly for my strength training? I don’t want to lose the strength I’ve gained or give up lifting.

  27. @Nathan. You can still add in some weightlifting to your routine.

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