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How to Fight the Cravings!

When you begin a hardcore diet and exercise program, something like P90X or Insanity, it’s very important that you commit yourself to the diet because, as I’ve said many times before, the diet is the most important part of the program. However, if you’re anything like me, or the rest of the world for that matter, you get cravings for junk food! I mean seriously, how in the world are you supposed to eat healthy ALL the time? Believe me, there are many times that I probably have drool rolling down my chin, especially when I see someone eating my old favorite dessert, cookie dough ice cream with chocolate hard shell on top, but as much as I might be creating a puddle of drool underneath me, I fight the cravings. How do I fight the cravings? It takes tremendous commitment and strong will.

When you go from eating unhealthy every day to suddenly eating super healthy, both your body and mind haven’t adjusted yet. For example, before I started P90X I used to eat fried chicken fingers and french fries for just about every meal. Yes, that occasionally meant for breakfast as well. I was a junk food addict, but it was mostly because I didn’t understand the effect it was having on my body. Plus, it tasted amazing! I thought that since it was chicken and potatoes, it was good for me. I mean, I was right to think that, right? I didn’t know better. When I started P90X, I learned that I had to completely change my diet and eat healthy if I wanted results, so that’s exactly what I did. I literally quit the junk food cold turkey and never looked back. However, I started noticing a few weeks in that I craved the foods that I once loved, like ice cream, pizza, pie, candy bars, etc. As much as I wanted to eat those foods, I didn’t cave and stayed committed the the diet. How? After a few weeks into P90X, I had already noticed results, and I didn’t want to ruin the great thing that I had going. Why would I want to slow or move backwards in my results? It just wasn’t worth it to me.

For me, when I create a goal, I commit myself 110% so that I can reach that goal. I’m not going to commit just 90% because that’s not the way I am. If I want commit to do something, I put in full effort, period. During my first round of P90X, I did not cheat. I even had my birthday right smack in the middle of my first round, and of course my family got me a birthday cake. As much as I wanted to have a piece, I knew that one piece could lead to two, and then I would be more likely to give in to cravings from there on out. If you want excellent results like I did, then you need to do the same.

Most people don’t understand the effect that cheating can have on their results. They think that it’s OK to have a cheat day once or twice a week. Well guess what? It’s not. Cheating once or twice a week can have a huge impact of your results! One day of bad eating takes about 4-5 days to work off. Cheat twice a week and you will plateau, get discouraged, and quit the program. I’ve seen it happen way too many times from being  Beachbody Coach! Then they come to me and ask why they didn’t get the results they wanted. I ask them if they committed 100% to the diet, and they say no. Remember, the diet makes up 80% of your results, and you MUST commit to it if you want to continue to see excellent changes throughout the program! Fighting those cravings and staying committed to the diet is very, very important!


  1. Hey Josh,

    I usually cheat once or twice a week with a second carb serving. One thing that i used to eat and am starting to crave is beef jerky. I saw on the nutrition list that turkey jerky can be eaten as a snack. Why is beef unable to replace it?

  2. mario /

    hey Josh,

    My name is Mario, Brazilian, 28 and living in Toronto.

    I am waiting for my P90X arrives. I cant wait to start it. I am so excited.
    I wanna follow all rules. Tomorrow I will to Wal-Mart, when u usually do ur grocery, and I will try get all ur grocery list 🙂 hope I can.

    also, i was checking out the nutrition part of this site, but i couldnt find any recipe that ur fiancée has done for u.

    anyway, I hope I make it 🙂

    have a good night

  3. Justin Scorzafava /

    nice post man. makes a strong point

  4. Max, when I mean cheat, I mean having an unhealthy meal. If you add in an extra healthy carb serving here and there, it’s not going to effect you like taking in something unhealthy. Also, beef jerky is fine to have as a snack, as I used to use it as one all the time.

  5. Hey Mario! You can find a ton of excellent recipes in two posts in the Nutrition section of this site. Also, have you made me your coach yet? If not, you can do so by clicking on this link:

  6. Thanks man!

  7. Wayne /

    I use beef jerky as a high protein snack too. Josh, why do you suppose they list it in Tier 5 (the worst tier, along with candy and cake) on “Michi’s Ladder”?? I asked that on a beachbody board and got no response. I know it’s got a lot of sodium, but it seems like beef jerky makes a great, healthy snack, especially for those of us on P90X who sweat a bunch during the workouts and need to replace the sodium anyways ….

  8. It’s probably from the high sodium. If you get the right kind, it really isn’t too high in fat, and can be high in protein.

  9. how many grams of protein would you recomend to consume a day?

  10. Yeah, the beef jerky i eat has 1g fat, 3g carbs and 15g protein…that sounds pretty good to me

  11. Follow the amount that the Nutrition Guide recommends.

  12. Hey Josh,
    can i cheat a meal like one cheeto every two days or maybe a piece of a cookie once in a while?

  13. Josh /

    I’ve found that it’s best to just stay away from cheat foods all together, especially during your first round.

  14. Chris /

    Hey josh,

    i have a question regarding sugar-free jello. I dont know that much about artificial sweeteners, but it only has 10 calories. Should i treat eating the jello the same as drinking water or does too much artificial sweetener lead to weight gain?

  15. Josh /

    You can’t really treat the jello as water. It does have quite a bit of artificial sweetener in it, so just don’t go overboard.

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