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How to Get Ripped Abs

top beachbody coach josh spencerBack when I was in high school and college, I always wondered how to get ripped abs. I remember talking to my lifting buddies while in the gym about the reasons why we couldn’t get ripped abs and take our fitness to the next level, and it was interesting because we never could figure out that secret. Were we taking the wrong supplements? Should we take more supplements? Was there something wrong with our diet? Did we need to make adjustments to our workouts? It got to the point where we all started to blame genetics, a legitimate excuse, right? Nope. Looking back and witnessing the the type of weight loss transformations that I’ve seen over the course of a few years, nobody can blame genetics for their lack of ripped abs.

I’ve been one of the Top Beachbody Coaches for about a year and a half now (just won Top Beachbody Coach 2010), and throughout my journey as a Beachbody Coach, not only have I gotten excellent P90X results, I’ve got to see some absolutely amazing transformations from the people I coach. I’ve seen people lose 100 lbs, 150 lbs, and even over 200 lbs from using Beachbody programs like P90X and Power 90, and end up with ripped abs. So for those of you sitting there, overweight or obese, blaming genetics, it’s time to stop the excuses and commit to a healthy diet and workout program. So what’s the secret on how to get ripped abs?

The key is COMMITMENT to BOTH a healthy diet and workouts! The most important of those two, though, is the diet. Back when I started P90X, I was overweight, unhappy with the way I looked, and wanted to find something that would allow me to stop blaming genetics and get those ripped abs. I was prepared to do whatever it took to reach my goals, so I decided to commit myself entirely to both the workouts and the P90X diet. The P90X Nutrition Guide is hard, there is no going around that. I was so used to eating crap food day in day out, burgers, fries, ice cream, you name it, but I wanted results so bad that I was willing to make sacrifices, step outside my comfort zone, and commit to a healthy diet. After doing so for 90 days, I lost 25 lbs, 10% body fat, got a legitimate ripped 6 pack, and was in the best shape of my life. Sure, the workouts played an important role in that transformation, but 80% of my results came from me committing to the P90X diet.

Now, almost 3 years since I’ve gone through P90X, I’m living a healthy lifestyle, eating clean and working out 5-6 times per week, and feel amazing about the way I look and feel, AND I have ripped abs! After wondering for many years the secret on how to get ripped abs, I discovered that secret, and it lies in commitment to a healthy diet and consistency with the workouts. If you’re sitting there, curious about why you have hit a plateau, it’s time to make adjustments, move forward, and one way to do that is by committing yourself to the program that changed my life, P90X. To learn more about P90X, check out my completely P90X Review.


  1. Nelson /

    Hi Josh, you mention today that you were going to do shoulders and abs, my question is do you mix the entire hour both exercises(shoulders and abs)? Thank you josh for all the information you always give us.

  2. @Nelson. I’m always mixing together workouts, but that’s only because I have reached the point that I can. Remember, I’ve been doing P90X for 3 years now. You need to just stick to the regular routine.

  3. Hey man, Saw your results and congrats! Im 18 years old and I am a competitive swimmer, so I am putting in around 8 practices a week which is usually around 15 hours in the pool. On top of that I go to the gym and work out 3-5 times. I am fairly built and don’t have too much body fat. But when I go to a swim meet and see all the other swimmers that are super cut, It makes me wonder.. How can I be putting in so much effort and still not have some wash board abs. So I gave p90x a try, Ive been at it for a week so far and don’t find the work outs too hard, so I will be doing the double routine after the first month. Just curious, do I need to completely give up the crappy food all together and eat healthy in order to get my abs, or could i designate 1 day of the week or every 2 weeks to have some wings with some friends. I am willing to do anything to get these abs though, BEACH SEASON BABY

  4. @Dave. It’s all about the diet bro! If you want to get cut, you have to commit to a healthy diet. If not, forget about getting results. It’s going to take some sacrifices, which means not going out and eating crap food with your friends. During my first 90 days I didn’t drink, ate 100% clean, and completed each workout.

  5. jesse navarro /

    hey josh. Amazing results you inspire me to give it my all on P90X. But i was wondering that if i am in the fat shredder right now and eating about 2400 calories daily, will i still lose weight?

  6. @Jesse. If you are following the diet properly, then you should see results and lose weight.

  7. andrew /


    So football season is exactly one month away and I want to get in the best shape that I possibly can before the one month ends. I am 17 years old, 5ft 6in tall, and 150 pounds. I DON’T WANT to lose weight. I want to gain weight. I want to be way stronger, faster, and have a lot of stamina!!!!!!! What can I do to get in the best shape that I possibly can in this one month??????!!! And will eating grilled chicken with right rice help more? Please give specifics!!!!! Oh yeah, and I started p90x yesterday. Please help!!!!!!

  8. Josh /

    @Andrew. What you need to do is check out the “Gaining Mass” category on this site.

  9. john /

    If I eat chicken breast with white rice and broccoli on some days and tuna on the other days will this help me get in shape for football? I am not looking to lose weight at all, I’m trying to gain a lot of muscle, a lot of stamina, and be able to run faster. I am also drinking protein shakes. Will this help? I am on the second week of p90x, I weigh 150 pounds, and 5 feet 6 inches.

  10. @John. You need to do your best to stay away from white rice and stick with brown rice. Also, protein shakes are good, just as long as you’re using a good whey. I recommend Wheybolic Extreme. Really, what you need to be doing since you’re looking to gain mass is head over to the “gaining mass” section of this site.

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