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P90X Diet

Most of the questions that I get involving P90X actually don’t revolve so much around the workouts, but rather the diet. For whatever reason, give someone a super tough workout and they don’t complain, but the moment they learn that they have to follow a diet, they freak out! I hear things like , “Oh no, there’s no way I can follow the P90X diet.” So I’ve decided that I would take some of your most commonly asked questions about the P90X diet and give my honest answer.

Question: “Do I have to follow the P90X Diet.”

Answer: Yes. Next question. 🙂 Just kidding! Even though the workouts are obviously a big part of the program, following the P90X Nutrition Guide is even more important. When I first started the program, I knew that I had to commit myself 100% to the entire program, which INCLUDED the diet, and that’s exactly what I did. I tell all the people that I coach that 80% of results will come from following the P90X Nutrition Guide.

Question: “Can you create a meal plan for me.”

Answer: I’m not a Nutritionist, so no. Like I said, I recommend that you follow the P90X Nutrition Guide as closely as possible. If you don’t have the Nutrition Guide or want other meal ideas, then look into the Club Membership. The Club creates custom meal plans for you and has some excellent recipes. I’ve been a club member for over 2 years and I love it! Click here to learn more about the Club Membership.

Question: “How many calories should I take in?”

Answer: Personally, I feel that the Nutrition Guide slightly overstates the amount of calories that you’re supposed to take in. For example, when I went through my first round, I was supposed to take in 2,400 cals, but instead I stuck with more around 1,900-2,000 calories per day. I always tell people to eat until they’re comfortable, never full. In order to lose weight, you must have a caloric deficit.

Question: “Can I adjust the P90X diet to gain mass?”

Answer: Yes, you can. I’ve actually already wrote a few posts about what I’ve done to gain mass and the adjustments that I made. You can find those posts by going to the home page and typing in “gain mass with P90X” in the search box. You will find 3 posts called just that.

There’s no going around it, if you want excellent results, you have to commit to a healthy diet. Period. If you don’t, I promise that you will eventually get discouraged and probably blame the program for not working. The P90X Diet is very important for you to follow!

Don’t have P90X yet? Click here to learn more about the program that has changed my life!


  1. Hello Josh,

    I have previously posted in your How to get ripped abs article (regarding phase transitions using P90X) and I have to thank you. I chose to move to phase 3 and so far I’ve noticed good results (still 2 weeks to go though). Now as the end of this round draws near I am wondering one other thing: What phase am I hitting up next?

    One of these two things is going to happen after the said round. Either of I keep dropping weight to burn the remaining pounds of fat left on me or decide that I’ve got good enough of a body far percentage and add mass. My question is the following one: Which phase should I start on for both of these options? And which levels (although it’s obvious that if I did level 1 during this round I would keep the same level if I were to drop more weight)?

    Thanks for your great advice and enjoy the holidays!


  2. @Frank. Since you have already gone through Phase 3, you’re now at the point where you’re going to have to experiment with your diet to find out what helps you reach your new goals. That’s what I had to do!

  3. Justin /

    Hey Josh i was wondering what time would be the best time to get my last meal in if i go to sleep at around 10:30?

  4. @Justin. You can eat at 7 and still be fine.

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