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Logging Your Diet

Whenever I get questions from people, I would say about 80% of the time it has to do with their diet. Usually they make a HUGE list of foods that they eat, and they expect me to know whether or not they are on the right track. Of course I can take a look and see if they are eating the right foods or not, but if they really want me to guide them in the right direction, then I will need to know the exact amount of calories that they take in, as well as the % of fat/carbs/protein. With the P90X Nutrition Guide, each phase is broken down into certain %’s, and if you want to get great results, then I recommend you get as close to those %’s as possible. The P90X diet works, but you have to make sure you’re following it correctly!

So how do you keep track of everything. A tool that I use and have been using since the start of my P90X journey is FitDay. When I first started the program, I knew that the diet played a huge part in whether or not I would have success, so to make sure I was on the right track, I logged what I ate every day into It was too hard for me to follow the P90X Nutrition Guide Meal Plan exactly how it was outlined, so I decided that I would eat all the healthy foods, but just make sure I was taking in the exact same f/c/p as in the guide. At first, I struggled getting the %’s right on, but through constant adjustments, I finally got close enough to where I felt comfortable with what I was doing. If you want success with the program, then you need to do the same thing.

The one thing about FitDay that I really like is that you can make adjustments to the foods listed so that the foods you’re eating match exactly the foods that you log. Just look on the nutrition label on the back of the food that you’re eating, and type into FitDay exactly what it says. This way you know for sure if you’re on the right track or not. Once you have your foods logged and your day is over, send me the results and I will let you know if you’re doing well or not. The one thing that I’ve discovered is that the people who send me their FitDay results every day are much more likely to succeed with the program than people who don’t. For one, this way I can hold them accountable and let them know if they messed up. Also, if they know they have to send me their results every day, there are much more likely to eat clean. Diet is the most important part of the P90X Program, and the P90X Diet Plan will give you results!

If you send me a huge list of foods that you eat, I will just tell you to log it into FitDay and then send me the results. It’s a waste of mine and your time to just send me a big list because I have way too many emails to answer. Most of the time, people don’t send me their FitDay results because they think it’s “too hard” to do. Does it take time to log your diet? Yeah, it does. Well, if you want to succeed, you will have to put in a lot of hard work and commitment. Like I said, diet is the most important part of the program, and if you can’t commit to logging what you eat, then you won’t be able to commit to the workouts or anything else for that matter. Success does not come easy. You have to work for it!


  1. Hey Josh,

    Do you recommend the free version or the premium membership?


  2. Free version works, which is what I use.

  3. is one of the best tips I have taken from this site, thanks Josh. I like to eat my regular breakfeast and when I get into work I will log in and play with my menu for the day. Adding and subtracting different snacks and meals to meet my goals for the phase i am in.

  4. Great! I’m glad it’s helped.

  5. Hey Josh,

    I know this is a little off topic but have you ever had the problem of not feeling sore in the mornings after the workout. I’ve been on P90x for a few weeks now because I wanted to test it out and it’s been working pretty well. The only issue is that last Friday I worked out (did the full chest & back + ab ripper) and the next morning it didn’t feel like I worked out at all really. Then this week I upped the weights by about 10-15lbs per weight (20-30lbs total) and I struggled to get 10-12 reps. After the workout I was feeling like any typical workout, a little extra sore since the extra weight but the next morning I felt fine. Then this whole week I haven’t felt sore the next morning at all, has this ever happened to you?

    Anyways thanks in advance for your response, great results by the way your truly an inspiration.

  6. Yeah, and that will happen when your body starts to adjust to the workouts or that you aren’t using proper form. When you progress through the program, proper form becomes more and more important for you to see continued results. You will start being sore again when you move to the next phase.

  7. Hey Josh,

    So if we’re doing the “fitday” approach (awesome website, by the way), and taking in the right percentage of fat/carbs/protein, are you saying that the website sort of overrides the portions listed in the “portion control” section of the guide book? Or do the portions actually equal the 20/30/50 that I’m trying to achieve?

  8. I find the Portion Approach difficult to understand because there are so many foods that can be considered something else. Stick with logging your foods into fitday and following the proper fat/carbs/protein %.

  9. Hy. I saw your results and it’s obviously that p90x is working. But can you tell me what supplements did you use? Did you use proteins or creatine because i’m not sure what to take.

  10. You can find a list of supplements that I take and when I take them in the “Q&A” section of this site.

  11. Hey again,

    I’m in the level one category so that means 1800 calories, but i get stuck maintaining 1600-1700 cals and normaly the fat/carb/prot is a few digets off, fat being lower, carb and protien stay at about 30%-33% and 49%-51%. will the lower cal intake make a big differance? In the middle of week four now.

  12. 1,800 cals is still pretty low, and I recommend increasing. You have to feed your body to build muscle!

  13. Russell /

    hey my diet plan in fitday came out to be around 21/31/48:fat/carbs/protein. Then i took out my lean steak for dinner and tried entering tilapia and that fixed everything and made it perfect 20/30/50. The only problem is the only reason i enterd tilapia is because you have it as a fish you eat and i can’t seem to find it anywhere. Do you have to get it from a special meats shop or something?

  14. Russell /

    oh and i forgot to ask this… if i can’t find it what would be a good fish that is close? besides salmon or tuna

  15. They should have it at any grocery store. I get mine at Wal-Mart in the frozen fish section.

  16. There are many other types of fish that are healthy to eat, such as salmon, halibut, and flounder.

  17. Hey josh I’m 5′ 10 205 pounds and for phase 1 it says I should have 3000 calories a day does that sound right? I’m trying to lose weight and not sure if eating more is the right thing to do thank you for your time.


  18. You need to be taking in around 2,200 cals per day if you want to lose lose weight. The first thing I recommend all new people to do is get the Club Membership, which gives you access to trainer tips, healthy recipes, and creates custom meal plans for you. There are many other benefits as well, and you can learn more by clicking on this link: Being a Club Member helped me tremendously when I first started the program.

  19. John Stevenson /


    Great site, very informative. How do you account for your protien shakes on Do you just add all the ingredients seperately? (Example:bananna, yougurt, protien powder….)
    Also, what is your member name at fitday so I could possibly checkout your fitday page.


  20. I’m glad you find my site helpful. There are ways to adjust the nutritional value of the foods on FitDay so that you can enter them correctly. With the protein shakes, just find whey protein and make the necessary adjustments. You can add in a seperate each of the items you put into the protein shake. Also, I haven’t logged what I’ve eating into FitDay for about a year because I have my diet down pat now. Remember, I’ve been doing P90X for over 2 years.

  21. Chris /

    I just found your site after viewing your video on youtube. Great info! Curious if you know of anyone that has used via blackberry? I like the idea of adjusting daily intake on the fly but I have limited access to standard computer until the evening. Thanks

  22. Josh /

    Hey man! I actually don’t know of anybody that has done that. Make sure you let me know if you find out if it works or not.

  23. Chris /

    It works on my blackberry. Can’t say I liked the #’s. It was eye opening to chart fat-carb-prot along with calories…it just goes to show that clean eating isn’t always optimum eating. Thanks for stressing the importance of charting daily meals.

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