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Meal Plans

If you have been on my site before or am someone I coach, you know the importance of diet along with workouts. You can’t get great results without committing to both. One of the most common questions that I get is “Can you create a meal plan for me?” As much as I would love to do this for people, I just don’t have the time. This is why Beachbody has created meal plans for each workout program and has the Club Membership.

When I first started P90X, I wasn’t sure what I was doing with the diet. All I knew is that I needed to follow the Nutrition Guide and eat healthy, but it was all foreign to me. I tried to follow the Nutrition Guide as close as possible, but as a single guy living on his own, with no knowledge of cooking whatsoever, I found myself looking for another way to follow the diet without cooking all this crazy food! I mean seriously, who in the world eats Mahi Mahi at home? I didn’t even know what that was at first, let alone knew where to get it. That was when I found the Club Membership.

With the Club Membership, I was able to get custom meal plans made for me, ones that weren’t impossible to follow. However, I found that they didn’t have the Fat Shredder ratios available for the meal plans, so I made some adjustments and plugged some of their meal ideas into to make sure I was following everything correctly. If it wasn’t for the Club Membership telling me what foods I should eat, I might still be confused to this day! Another great thing that I loved about the Club Membership was the Healthy Recipes that they provided. One that really sticks out in my mind was the zucchini fries. I mean really, these things were great, and tasted like french fries!

If you’re having trouble like the diet like I was, then you really need to get the Club Membership. The benefits I mentioned above are just a fraction of the things available with the membership, and it’s something that I highly recommend! Some other benefits include 10% off all Beachbody products, trainer tips, and you can chat with celebrity trainers like Tony Horton. It’s cheap, at just $2.99 per week, and billed $38.87 per quarter, and definitely worth every penny spent. By the way, I’m still a Club Member to this day and take advantage of everything it as to offer!

If you want to sign up as a Club Member, click here!


  1. Mark /

    100% in agreement with you Josh. The membership has helped me out with so many things when it comes to eating healthy. I have tried just about every recipe they have in the “Healthy Eating Tips”, and they are all great. Plus they are video clips so it’s not just cooking instructions. The membership has taken the all the guess work out of my diet and the results have been AMAZING!

  2. Glenna /

    Hi Josh,

    Even though it sucks for less analytical people, I have found that keeping a food/weight/emotion diary has helped me. As a woman, I know that there are certain times of the month that I gain water weight and bloat. At those times I cut back on carbs dramatically. When I feel tired and sore, I ramp up the carbs somewhat. I would never know what to do when unless I kept some type of diary that helped me analyze patterns. Knowing how your body works really helps to contain the frustration – I know that around the 15th of the month I’m going to have about 3 lbs of fluid retention. Then around the 30th I will be at my lowest weight – about 5 lbs less. I don’t get mental over the weight gain, I try to keep it in a range.

    I think that the reason that alot of folks get discouraged (especially women) is that they don’t follow their body through a few months of ups and downs. Diet is kind of like the gas pedal on a car.. you need to adjust for conditions!

    Regards, and Cheers!~

  3. Roberto /

    Totally agree!! At the begining I wasn’t doing my journal and end up eating more carbs than proteins the first week. Now I’m using both the meals plan in the club membership and fitday to track my intake.

    It’s my understanding that Beachbody is working to improve the meal plan tool in order to make even easier to use.


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  4. Glenna /

    Club membership is a great way to keep track!

  5. Chastin /

    Hey Josh! My P90X DVDs were shipped today and listed you as a coach. Im extremely excited! I’m looking to build muscle & to just to overall look great. My biggest challenge is going to be diet…not because of lack of commitment but because of lack of knowledge. I want to commit to the diet 110%…. but i have very little knowledge about what is good and bad. what should i look out for, ect.

  6. Josh /

    The first thing you need to do is go through the “Q&A” and “Nutrition” sections of this site, which will help you get started with the diet. Next, look into the Club Membership, which creates custom meal plans for you. I was a club member when I first started P90X and it helped tremendously! Here is the link to learn more about it:

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