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Meal Replacement Shakes

As most of you already know, I have been using Shakeology as a meal replacement for the past month and a half. Igot hooked on this when Tommy Mygrant, a good friend of mine, gave me a Shakeology Sample Packet right before we headed out to Chicago for our Beachbody Game Plan Event. I had not tried it before, and to be honest was very skeptical of the supplement because of the price, but that all changed once I realized how great it tastes and learned about all the healthy benefits. After talking to many other coaches and customers of mine who swear by Shakeology, and the amount of weight they were losing and results they were noticing, I decided to order a box of my own. Now, both Melinda (my fiance) and I have been noticing a drastic decrease in body fat since we have been taking it. So why are meal replacement shakes like Shakeology so effective?

The first reason is because Meal Replacement Shakes like Shakeology limit the amount of calories that you take in per meal. If you go out to eat for lunch, you can easily take in 600-1000 calories, if not more, and spend close to $8-$10. That’s not even mentioning the unhealthy side of eating out, but I will get to that shortly. 1,000 calories is just about half the calories that you should be taking in every day! With Shakeology, if you mix it with a banana, fat free milk, and ice (which is what I do), then you’re taking in a little under 300 cals per meal and feeling comfortable. And you are only spending close to $4 per serving for each shake, so you will be saving money! If you’re looking to lose weight, you must be able to keep track of how many calories you eat throughout the day, and Shakeology is a great way to do so.

The next reason meal replacement shakes like Shakeology are so effective is because of the health benefits. If you eat out, not only can you easily take in 1000 calories, but I can assure you that most of those calories are extremely unhealthy for you. Most restaurants like to add butter to everything, which is very bad for you because of the high fat content. Also, most people like to load up on simple carbs like white bread or rolls, which spikes the insulin levels and promotes fat storage. But what about salads? Anymore, salads are just about as unhealthy as fried chicken fingers and french fries. Why? Because they load it up with cheese, croutons, and a dressing full of fat and sugar to make it taste better. I was just reading an article the other day about a salad from a well known restaurant that has about 90g of fat and over 1,400 calories! WHOA! That’s rediculous! I thought salads were supposed to be healthy! Anyways, you won’t have to worry about any of that with Shakeology. Shakeology has a TON of healthy ingredients, all that help reduce cravings, lose weight, increase energy and stamina, promote healthy digestion and regularity, and lower cholesterol. I can tell you that I feel much better throughout the day now that I’m taking Shakeology, and Melinda feels the exact same way! That’s the reason that we decided to get on Shakeology Home Direct, which delivers a box to our door each month, and we don’t have to pay any shipping charges.

If you’re looking to lose weight and get healthier, then I highly recommend looking into a meal replacement shake like Shakeology. I can honestly say that it’s the best tasting (chocolate) and best overall supplement that I have ever used! If you want to learn more about Shakeology, click here!

Feel free to email me as well if you have any questions about it at


  1. Hey Josh this may be a little off topic but have you tried or heard anything about oxyELITE by USP ?

  2. Hey Josh,

    was wondering how shakeology fits in with p90x. such as the portions described in the nutrition plan. also, I am on day 77 of p90x and i am still having trouble getting all of my abs visible only about 2 or 4(sometimes) can be seen and the fat at the bottom of my stomach is very stubborn it seems. any tips? or do you really not see the full progression until day 90?

  3. I have also been doing p90x doubles

  4. Never heard of it man.

  5. You can use Shakeology as a meal replacement, which is what I do. It’s got a balance of both carbs and protein, so it’s not going to mess up your ratios. You just have to be patient man! Sometimes it takes 2-3 rounds to get excellent results. Just commit yourself to both the diet and the workouts and you will continue to see results!

  6. Thanks man means alot

  7. Hey Josh,
    I am a married 37 year old father of 2. I am worried because of my age that I won’t achieve the results I am looking for like to lose my gut and get rid of the man boobs I have aquired since I got a promotion at my job to a desk job in the front office. My main concern is my gut and man boobs, any suggestions. My first day of P90X will be tomorrow Sunday May 14. You look incredible & I appreciate any advice you can give me.

  8. Hey man! First of all, you don’t need to worry about your age because I have coached many guys your age who have gotten excellent results! You just need to make sure you follow the diet and complete all the workouts, and you will see results. The first thing you need to do is go through the entire “Q&A” section of my site, which will help you get started.

    Also, click on the link to make me your coach:

    Let me know when you have other questions!

  9. cherina /

    I had an bypass surgery over a year and a half ago,and I just got the P90X program about 3 weeks ago. I have issues with the recommended servings of food that Nutrition suggest. I have not problem following the recommended amounts, it’s just that I can’t finish it. Do you suggest that I eat what I can and still follow my P90X Lean program or should I try something else?

  10. cherina /

    I’m sorry,.. I should have written that in your Nutrition Block.

  11. If you’re looking to lose weight, then you actually need to eat less than what the Nutrition Guide recommends anyways. I was supposed to take in 2,600 cals per day during my first round, but I only took in about 2,000. Only eat until you’re comfortable, never full!

  12. Christian /

    Hey Josh, im doing the p90x….now im not over weight or anything but i got kind of a beer belly from drinking with my friends every weekend. Now, im thinking of getting the meal replacement but does that mean i just drink the meal replacement and forget about my daily diet plan. i do stick to the diet plan that the nutrition guide plans out but does that mean i stop doing that and just do the meal replacement. Also i haven’t ordered the recovery drink. do you think that i might get better results with the recovery drink? and if so can i take the recovery drink and the meal replacement at the same time (of course the meal replacement for every meal and the recovery after the workouts).

  13. Josh /

    You aren’t going to want to use the meal replacement for every meal because then you wouldn’t be taking in enough calories. Use it as one meal replacement per day. Also, the Recovery Formula is an excellent supplement, and will help with post-workout recovery. Also, am I your coach? If not, you can make me your coach by clicking on this link:

  14. Christian /

    No, you aren’t my coach, but i will sign up. I am actually on phase 2, but i haven’t bought any supplements yet. I recently purchased the shakecology. I should arrive on saturday. I will sign up and make you my coach. But do you think i will need the recovery formula if i am already taking the shakecology. Because when i called beachbody to order the shakecology, the rep said that the shakecology would be enough and that i didnt need the recovery drink. But then again i don’t know personally because i have not done it. any suggestions?

  15. Josh /

    I’m surprised that a Beachbody rep told you that actually. The Recovery Formula and Shakeology serve different purposes. The Recovery Formula is important to take right after your workout to replenish the body of all the nutrients lost, while Shakeology is used as a meal replacement.

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