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Asylum Diet Review

Now that I’m back from vacation and settled in, I’m getting close to starting the Insanity Asylum diet again. I say getting close because I’m still a little stuck in vacation mode, and not quite ready to go back to the extreme workouts and strict diet quite yet, but it will be soon, I promise. I’ve got the Beachbody Coach Summit coming up here in about 6 weeks, and the last thing I want to do is show up 10 lbs heavier than last year! Anyways, before I headed on vacation to good ole sunny Florida, I was committed to Insanity Asylum and the Asylum diet for a good two weeks. In that 2 week time span, I saw better results than I have seen in a long time, and even dropped down to about 157 lbs, the lightest since the beginning of 2010. Even though the workouts are great and super intense, I’m convinced the diet has played the most important role in getting those results. Here’s a little review on what the Asylum diet is all about.

The Asylum diet calls for eating 5-6 times per day, and I’ve been eating about 6 smaller meals, around 300-400 calories each. It’s a little different to get used to because you’re never full, but always right on that edge of being comfortable and still a little hungry. The great thing about eating that many times per day is that it keeps your metabolism high, helping you burn more calories. The recipe book isn’t very big, but has about 3-5 meals that you can choose from for each meal. The Asylum recipes aren’t terribly hard to make, but they are definitely unique in the fact that you’re combining foods that you never thought you would combine before, such as green beans, beets, and pecans for one of the salads. Melinda and I wanted to do it right, so we went ahead and purchased the exact foods that are required for the recipes and didn’t use cheaper substitutes, so it has been a rather expensive diet to follow. However, we really wanted to see what kind of results we could get by following the diet to a T, and so far it’s working great.

With the Asylum diet, you’re not going to take in any dairy, and complex carbohydrates are your friend. What I mean by that is that the diet doesn’t limit carbs like the P90X diet does. The reason is because with Asylum you’re burning a ton of calories because of the intensity, so it’s important that you take in enough carbs to fuel your body for the entire day, which includes your workouts. The last thing you want to do is feel miserable and exhausted all day from limiting the carbs, and then get in a crappy workout. One of my favorite recipes is one for dinner, and it’s an egg white omelet with spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, and half an avocado. I was curious as to why avocado was used so much in the diet, so I did some research and found the benefits of avocado, and there are a ton! It’s now something that I eat every day. Also, something else that’s great about the Asylum diet is that it incorporates the P90X Recovery Formula and Shakeology. I actually have been drinking Shakeology every night about an hour before bed, so I go to bed comfortable, not starving like I usually am.

All in all the Asylum diet is awesome, a little expensive and tough to get used to, but awesome in the sense that you’re going to get great results with it. If you’re interested in purchasing Insanity Asylum, click on the button below.

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