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My P90X Diet Adjustments to Gain Mass

Many of you have noticed that I have gained quite a bit of mass within the last few months, which I have, and this is because it has been a goal of mine to gain mass while keeping the same amount of body fat. This is a tough task, but I have figured out some key things to do with my diet in order to reach my goals, and I’m going to share them with you right now.

(1) Eat a great breakfast! I have been taking in at least 30 g of complex carbs, as well as 30-40 g of protein during breakfast. You have to remember that your body needs energy in the morning (due to the 7-8 hours without food during sleep), and if you don’t take in carbs, your body will burn muscle to get the energy.

(2) Pre-workout supplement and complex carb! I am now back on NO-Explode and also make sure that I eat a complex carb, usually a whole grain english muffin, about 45 minutes before my workout. This gives me the energy I need to get in a great workout!

(3) Focus on post-workout recovery! I have been making sure I take in 30-50 g of fast-acting (simple) carbohydrates, as well as 30-50 g of protein within the hour after I workout. I don’t have the Recovery Formula for the time being, so I have been drinking 8 oz of 100% natural fruit juice (40 g of natural sugar), taking my whey protein shake, and usually eating dinner as well. It is important for me to take in all these because if I don’t, then my body will burn muscle instead of the carbs, and the protein helps rebuild the muscle.

(4) Late night protein snack! I have been trying to take in 15-20 g of protein, usually from fat-free cottage cheese, right before bed. I do this because protein synthesis takes place during sleep, and that protein aids in the recovery process.

(5) Eat, eat, eat! I make sure that I am eating about 6 times a day and taking in a lot of calories. I’m not sure what my current caloric intake is, but I’m guessing it’s around 2,600 – 2,800 per day. This is about a 1,000 calories more than when I first began P90X because my goal shifted from losing weight and body fat to gaining mass and strength.

So there you have it, my secrets to how I have been reaching my goal of gaining mass while maintaining my current body fat%. If you have any questions, feel free to email me, which you will find on the right side of my page.

Coach Josh


  1. @Mike. OK great! Yea, you’re on the right track, and that seems like a good amount for each goal.

  2. Hello josh, i admire ur accomplishments with p90x, im a beginner with p90x , i just noticed that the diet plan is only 3weeks each phase, what about the 4th week? Do i have to keep the 3rd week diet plan until i finish the 90 days?

  3. @Nelson. Each diet phase is 4 weeks, not 3.

  4. Thanks josh, im struggling right now with p90x i guess this is normal because my bOdy is not used to the routine. Is there anything i can take to help me out ?

  5. @Nelson. Are you taking any post workout supplements? Also, message me over on Facebook, which is much easier than this. Just “Like” the page and then you can message me.

  6. Hi Coach Josh,

    I was about to start a mass builder phase either with p90x or body beast.. My question are with snacks. With my job I am very busy and can only have a quick snack. I was thinking of having either quest bars or almonds on their own for a quick snack. Do you think these have enough of a balance of carbs and protein in them to keep muscle growth. I’m a little concerned about the quest bar with its net carbs in mind.

  7. @Matt. Almonds are great protein snacks, but I don’t have enough knowledge on the Quest bars to really help you out. If you’re trying to gain mass, though, you want to eat something that does have a balance of carbs and protein, but also has quite a few calories. How many calories are you taking in? Also, the easiest way to stay in contact with me is messaging through my Facebook page

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