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My Current P90X Diet

For the past 2 weeks, I have decided to cut out ALL cardio and focus solely on resistance training. I started taking Creatine Ethyl Ester last week, which is a newer form of creatine that is said to have the same effects as creatine monohydrate, but without all the water retention and bloating. I have been doing all the P90X resistance exercises, but still making sure that I give each muscle group proper rest before working again. I’m still using Shakeology every day for lunch, and taking the P90X Recovery Formula and whey protein as well.

Below is my current P90X diet. I’m sticking with about 2,200 cals per day because I’m not looking to get huge, but want to stay cut and build some muscle. Since using a P90X diet similar to this for the past 2 weeks and from using creatine, I have noticed some increase in strength and size, but still am ripped. I haven’t weighed myself, but I’m guessing that I’ve gained about 3-5lbs and probably somewhere between 163-167lbs.

Understand that the diet below IS NOT an actual diet plan from the P90X Nutrition Guide, and is one that I have created for my specific goals. If you’re going through P90X, you need to follow the Nutrition Guide, but you can get some ideas from my diet below.

DietDiet 2

Now you all know what my current P90X diet looks like. If you would like to have custom meal plans created for you, I recommend getting the Club Membership, which does that for you. I’ve been a Club Member for 2 years now, and have taken full advantage of all it has to offer. There are many awesome recipes in there as well! Learn more about the Club Membership.


  1. Manni /

    Thanks Josh for your reply .the order of calories will be 40% carb 40% protein and 20% fat.

    Thanks manni

  2. Hey coach I was looking into getting some almond milk this Friday and was wondering what certain product you would consider? I’ve seen numerous types and brands and not sure what to get.

  3. @Josh. I like the Blue Diamond Unsweetened Almond Milk.

  4. So what did your routine look like then if you cut out the cardio workouts?

  5. @Scott. Check out the “Gaining Mass With P90X” section.

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