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Updated P90X Grocery List!

Since I last posted my complete P90X grocery list, Melinda and I have discovered many new, healthy foods to purchase from the store. If you’re going through P90X, Insanity, One on One, or even Brazil Butt Lift, you can use this grocery list to purchase healthy foods!

  1. 2 packages of Strawberries
  2. Bundle of Bananas
  3. 1 bag of frozen Blueberries
  4. GV Fat-free whipped cream
  5. 4 Sweet Potatoes
  6. 3 Packages of Thomas Whole Wheat English Muffins
  7. 1 bag of Whole Grain Bagels
  8. 1 Loaf of Nature’s Pride Whole Grain Bread
  9. 2 bags of Arnold Whole Wheat Thin Buns
  10. 2 jars of Simply JIF Peanut Butter
  11. 1 jar of Sugar Free Strawberry Jelly
  12. 1 jar of GV Banana Peppers
  13. 1 jar of GV Pickels
  14. 1 jar of GV Green Olives
  15. 3 boxes of cereal: GV Toasted Oats, Kix, Product 19
  16. 1 jar of Wheat Germ
  17. GV sugar-free water flavoring
  18. 2 bottles of GV Ketchup
  19. 1 package GV Beef Jerky
  20. Large pack of Whole Grain Crackers with Cheese
  21. 1 Box of Brown Rice
  22. 5 dozen Large Eggs
  23. 1 gallon GV Fat-Free Milk
  24. 3 Fat-Free GV Cottage Cheese
  25. 8 packages of GV Sugar Free Jello
  26. 2 packages of Borden Fat-Free American Cheese
  27. 3 Large packages of GV vegetables: Mixed Veggies, Corn, and Broccolli
  28. 1 packages Ego Whole Grain Low Fat Waffles
  29. 1 package Weight Watchers Low Fat String Cheese
  30. 1 package of Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage
  31. 1 package Butterball Turkey Bacon
  32. 2 packages Whole Grain Wraps
  33. 1 package GV Fat-Free Cream Cheese
  34. 1 package Oscar Meyer Turkey Dogs
  35. 2 bags of Turkey Pepperoni
  36. 2 packages Pork Chops
  37. 5 packages GV Frozen Chicken Breasts
  38. 5 lbs of 93/7 Ground Beef
  39. 2 lbs Jenny-O Oven Roasted Turkey Breast
  40. 1 box of Morningstar Veggie Burgers
  41. 1 box of Morningstar Black Bean Burgers
  42. 5 cans of GV Tuna
  43. 2 GV 400 packets Sweeteners
  44. 1 jar of Medium Salsa
  45. 2 packages Dole Romaine Lettuce
  46. GV Whole Wheat Pasta
  47. 1 jar Ragu Light Pasta Sauce
  48. 1 bottle Kraft Fat-Free Ceasar Italian Dressing
  49. 1 can GV 100% Arabica Coffee
  50. 1 large bottle 100% Natural Apple Juice
  51. 1 large bottle 100% Natural Grape Juice
  52. Coffeemate Sugar-Free Hazelnut/French Vanilla Creamer
  53. Kraft Fat-Free Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
  54. GV Fat-Free Grated Parmesan Cheese
  55. 5th Season Seasonings

The total for all this comes out somewhere between $260 and $300 dollars per month! Now you all know my updated P90X Grocery List!

Want to learn more about P90X? Click here!


  1. Hey josh, I saw that you have 1 large bottle of apple juice and l large bottle of grape juice. are these for your post work out drink of simple carbs? and which do you think is better grape or apple?

  2. @Jose. I take the P90X Recovery Formula post workout, and that’s what I recommend as well.

  3. Hey I just got p90x, I’m getting ready to go all and I was wondering what “GV” is.

  4. @Adam. GV is Great Value, Wal-Mart’s generic brand.

  5. Adam78 /

    Hey coach,
    Got any new updates or additions in your current grocery list? Thanks man!

  6. @Adam. Not yet man! I’ll make a new one soon.

  7. What does GV stand for?

  8. @Greta. Great Value. It’s Wal-Mart’s generic brand.

  9. Tracey /

    hey Josh,

    how many people is this for? just 1?
    and is this for all three phases or just one phase?
    Thank You

  10. @Tracey. This is for Melinda and I. This is the grocery list that we used throughout the entire program.

  11. Kevin /

    Josh, I’m on week 2 now are there certain things on this list i should avoid during phase 1 or can I eat anything on this list during the entire program?

    thanks and you did an outstanding job on your body! Im working hard to look like you haha!

  12. Josh /

    @Kevin. You need to follow the P90X Nutrition Guide.

  13. Tramayne Young /

    @Melinda. Me and my fiance are doing this program together. However, I’m not sure what kind of supplements she can take. We have found the protein shakes , creatine, etc. for men. But what should she take?

  14. Josh /

    @Tramayne. I can go ahead and answer for Melinda. She recommends Shakeology, whey protein, and the P90X Recovery Drink.

  15. Calvin /

    @coach im 18 6’2 anf 175 lbs I plan on starting p90x monday and am wondering if I can jus follow the nurtition guide and get great results as I dont want to take any creatine or supplements for that matter I am jus looking to tone up and get stronger not necessarily bulk up but I will b doing the 8-10 reps so any thoughts on what I should do?

  16. Calvin /

    Also any1 have the nutrition guide so I no what to eat on what days and wen…i.e breakfast,snack,lunch,snack, shake,dinner, workout, recovery protein shake?

  17. Josh /

    @Calvin. In my opinion, the right supplements will definitely help you maximize your results. If you don’t take any, it’s going to be important that you make up for those supplements with your diet. Also, if you don’t have the Nutrition Guide, you can get the Club Membership, which creates meal plans for you. I’ve been using it for a few years now, and it’s definitely helped me stay on track with my diet. Here’s the link to it:

  18. Calvin /

    @coach ok thanks and 1 last thing do u think it would be wise for me 2 do p90x doubles my first time around I will have the time to do it and will commit if I do start …here is my plan
    2600+ calories per day
    my actual protein diet of foods is 1400 calories so ill add protein bars and shakes in as extra snacks throughout the day
    maybe pick up so 100% whey protein powder
    and thats about it….u think I can do this or take in more calories as I will be doing doubles any advice would be helpful thanks in advanced

  19. John /

    @josh I am wondering is there anyway I can gain strength with p90x without gaining 2 much muscle mass like say going from 30 max push ups to say 70 or 100 or like 6 pullups to 15+?
    maybe this the wrong section 2 post but since I was here thought id jus ask

  20. Josh /

    @John. Yeah, just increase the reps.

  21. Josh /

    @Calvin. That seems like enough calories, but you’re going to have to listen to your body. If you’re starving, then increase.

  22. Logan Rambo /

    I am starting P90X next monday and wanted to go directly off the nutrition guide and was wondering Does this list cover all the meals in the nutrition guide. Thanks

  23. @Logan. No, it doesn’t. This is my own list.

    Also, have you made me your coach yet? If not, make sure you do so that I can help you through the program. Here’s the link:

  24. Scott /


    Bought Shakeology today, but I can’t do both that and the Recovery drink right now due to financial reasons.

    What would you recommend as a recovery drink post-workout until I can get both?

    Thanks, Scott

  25. @Scott. Well you’re going to need some simple carbs and protein, so maybe some fruit juice and whey protein. However, you’re still not getting everything you need like you would with the Recovery Formula.

  26. Hey Josh, I was wondering how often you go grocery shopping. Obviously this is a lot of food for a college kid like myself to afford. I don’t live on campus either, so I don’t have access to the cafeteria. Any advice on how to trim down the grocery bill and still get everything I need?

  27. @Cody. We usually grocery shop twice a month, but we ALWAYS have people over! When I was a bachelor living on my own, I purchased a TON of tilapia, chicken, and vegetables, and literally ate the same thing every day.

  28. NOTE: Same Cody as above

    HAHA I have no problem eating the same thing every day if thats what I have to do! I’ll pick what I need from your list so I hit my macros. Also, how does the SHAKEOLOGY factor into the P90X diet? Like how many servings of veggies, proteins, dairys, etc. does 1 shake cover?

  29. @Cody. I usually tell people it’s 1/2 protein and 1/2 carb portion.

  30. Does the food you purchase here go with the recipe list for the p90x nutrition plan, or is this your own thing? Any meals or recipe plans would be awesome.



  31. @Lee. Some do, but some are my own as well. Follow the Nutrition Guide!

  32. How long does this list last? Is it based on a certain time period or do you just keep these stocked and buy when you run out of a particular items?

  33. @Devon. Usually this lasted us about a month. I need to update this once again because I have moved to many natural and organic products.

  34. Aaron /

    Hey Josh, great site. I had a quick question too. I am about to jump into P90X but I took a week before I got started on the workouts, just to focus on the nutrition plan. So for a week I followed it to a tee, and there’s just no way I can keep up with it—I noticed you said when you were living alone you just loaded up on a few things and pretty much ate the same thing every day. Did you mean you did this while you did p90x? if so, you think that is ok? I wouldn’t go that extreme, but I think I could manage picking 2 or 3 days and just rotating them over and over, so I’m eating the same thing every other day. Would that have any negative affects?

  35. Hey Josh,
    Thank you, this is so helpful. I think keeping track of calories and nutrition is just as challenging as doing the suicide exercise workouts in Insanity, if not more. I looked through all the meal plans and thought “how in the world am I going to do my shopping?”. Thanks again for share your list with the rest of us.

    If you don’t mind, do you normally just shop for one week or for a month,etc? This seem like a lot of food to buy at one time.



  36. @Aaron. Hey bro! Sorry about not responding until now, but I was away in the Bahamas. Anyways, yeah, I ate pretty much the exact same things every single day. It involved a lot of chicken, tilapia, eggs, veggies, and low fat cottage cheese. It’s important that you MAKE SURE you still take in the proper ratios and amount of calories. Also, have you made me your coach yet? Make sure you do so that I can be here to help you through the program! Here’s the link:

  37. @Khan. Hey bro! Try It really is extremely easy to keep track of everything using that! Also, we usually purchase food for 2 weeks at a time. Oh and make sure you make me your coach if you haven’t already done so. Here’s the link!

  38. will this grocery list substitute for everything on the p90x nutrition guide and how can we know what to substitute on the nutrition guide?

  39. @Chuks. The grocery list is to give you an idea on how I followed the P90X diet. You have to figure out which foods are good for you and similar to the ones listed in the Nutrition Guide.

  40. do u have a schedule of some sorts that tells u when to eat and how much? the p90x meal plan is really difficult for me to follow but this seems like it would be helpful

  41. @Chuks. I do have sample diets posted in the “Nutrition” section so that you can at least get an idea.

  42. Tracey R. /

    I’m about to start the p90x, should I buy all these at once or buy the groceries weekly as i need them so that the fruit doesn’t rott?

  43. Josh /

    @Tracey. You can buy some of the items in the beginning for the month and purchase the foods that don’t last long each week.

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