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Nutrition Tracking

MyFitnessPalMost of you already know this, but the hardest part for me when starting P90X was the P90X diet. I know that many of you feel the same way because the majority of the questions that I get asked revolve around the P90X diet. Even though I knew that it would be tough to completely change the way I ate, I knew it was something that I had to do if I wanted to reach all of my fitness goals. When I started P90X, I vowed to stay committed to the diet and followed the P90X Nutrition Guide the best that I could. However, I quickly found out that there were foods in the guide that were not only near impossible to make, but also didn’t appeal to me either. I still wanted to follow the guide closely, so what I did was replace the foods that were tough to make and that I didn’t like with foods that were similar in nutritional value. Because I was switching around the foods slightly, I had trouble keeping track of exactly how many calories and the breakdown of fat/carbs/protein. I knew that I needed something to help with nutrition tracking, and that’s when I discovered

Fitday absolutely kept me on track every day with my diet, and for some reason, I felt accountable every time I would log in everything that I ate that day. It took about 15-20 minutes to log everything in, but it was well worth it because the more I logged everything in, the more I understood the breakdown of each food and what I could and couldn’t eat. I logged my diet so much that eventually it just became second nature for me and I no longer had to log everything in because I knew how many calories I was taking in and if I was or wasn’t staying on track with the nutritional breakdown. When I talk about nutritional breakdown, if you have gone through the P90X Nutrition Guide and read over the different phases, there is a different breakdown of fat/carbs/protein for each phase. For example, the first phase, or Fat Shredder Phase, has you follow a fat/carb/protein % of 20/30/50. Each month that you progress through the program, you slightly adjust your diet to add in more carbs and sometimes calories.

The only thing that I didn’t like about FitDay was that I had to manually go in and adjust the nutritional value of some foods because they weren’t listed in the site. Then about a year later I came upon another site called MyFitnessPal or, and I think that this site is MUCH better than FitDay and what I feel is the best nutrition tracking website! It has pretty much every food listed in it’s database, which makes it quick and easy to log your foods, see your breakdown, and then move on to something else. There are some other cool features on MyFitnessPal as well, but instead of me explaining them, you will just have to check it out. Oh and both FitDay and MyFitnessPal are free, which is nice.

If you’re just starting a Beachbody program like P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, or Brazil Butt Lift, I highly encourage you to start tracking what you eat by using one of the two sites that I listed above. You will thank me later!

If you’re interested in learning more about P90X, click here!


  1. Ty Cooper /

    Hey Josh – I love What a great way to stay accountable on my diet. Looking at this website had me to start questioning what the calorie burn is per P90X/Isanity workouts. I know many factors are involved, but what is the best way to find out calorie burn per workout. Thanks man!

  2. @Ty. The average amount of calories burned from a P90X Workout is around 400-600, but can be more if you increase the intensity.

  3. Hey there, I was wondering what a healthy weight loss per week is? I want to shed fat rather quickly and i’m going to be doing the p90x/insanity hybrid and was wondering if 1,900 cals is too little for my height and size. I’m 5’9 and 165 lbs. I know about your body going into fat storage
    mode if you keep the cals too low but coach Wayne is much bigger than me and took in 1,900-2,000 cals in his fat shredder stage so I was curious as to why his body didn’t go into fat storage mode?

  4. Understanding and implementing the info in this post is crucial to maintaining the nutrition aspect of any Beachbody program. As it turns out, tracking calories in these places can be really fun as you plug in foods to meet your macro-nutrition goals (20/30/50, etc.).

    Personally, I use’s The Daily Plate. It’s loaded with most foods, easy to navigate and as the others, free. Either way, there’s lots of option to track calories online.

    And Ty- Josh is right 400-600 calories is about average, but I find, as a 6′ 1″ dude weighing right now between 185-189 (scales… pffffft), I’m burning between 700-950 calories per workout– especially the longer resistance days with ab ripper thrown in. Last week I burned over 1000 on the chest/shoulders routine w/ ab ripper. Still, my Lady-Friend does the same workouts and burns 5-600.

    Everyone’s different, so instead of guesstimating, you can laser-focus by purchasing a heart rate monitor (with chest strap) that tracks and calculates calorie burn based on your age, weight, sex, height, etc. You can pick them up for $50-80 at most sports stores. I’ve found Polar does a really intuitive watch. Using one will nail your calories pretty close to accurate– you might even find you can eat a bit more (CLEAN) food as well.

  5. Landon /

    Hey Ty, Just as a follow-up, if your hardcore set on sticking with working out, a heart rate monitor that tracks calories burned is a wonderful investment. I recommend a Polar FT-80 or something like that. At my college, I went to the Sports Nutrition building and did a VO2 MAX test where your calories burned and other factors are monitored by powerful computers and the FT-80 that I wear accurately calculated my calories burned during that test: they were only .74% different than what the machines at the fitness center recorded. So it’s a very accurate heart rate monitor and calorie tracker.

    Doing doubles in P90X, especially during “hell week”, as the guide calls it, I average about 1200 – 1300 calories burned on days with Cardio X and afternoon routines. During Cardio X I average about 700 or so, and on Plyometrics I average about 860; but it’s different for everyone. The 400-600 estimate put out in the guide is assuming that your doing the bare minimum; if your pushing yourself and and equaling or surpassing Tony in reps and intensity, it’ll be in the 700+ range on most exercises. I’m a 5’11 male and 161 pounds for reference. Heart Rate average in Cardio X is 161 and average in Plyo is 164. (The Polar FT-80 comes with software that records your max heart rates, calories burned, heart rate zone, etc.)

    Also, thanks for sharing about MyFitnessPal Josh- I’ve been a long LONG time FitDay user and MyFitnessPal blows it out of the water.

  6. @Mike. 1-2 lbs per week weight loss is pretty healthy, but I’ve seen people lose much more. At your height and weight, you’re about right on with the amount of cals that you should be taking in per day. Wayne didn’t go into Fat Storage mode because he was still taking in enough calories. He would have to be closer to 1,000 cals per day to enter into starvation mode.

  7. Mike T. /

    Hey Josh, another site to check out is They not only have a web interface, but there is a toolbar for Safari (not sure about IE) that makes searching and entering foods during the day very easy. They also have an iPhone app so you can log stuff on-the-go, it even lets you scan bar codes of products and add them quickly (you can also add new foods, or attach barcodes to existing foods).

    As for reporting, it lets you set up your goals and set a range for a goal. This lets you shoot for a target zone rather than trying to hit a number exactly.

  8. Hey Josh, just went onto my fitness pal and I love it.I like the fact that it has tons of foods in the database. Only thing that I was wondering though, is there a way to view a pie chart of the proteins/carbs/fats like there is on fitday?

  9. @Rob. Unfortunately, I don’t think so. I wish they would add that in there.

  10. Hey Josh, nice work man!
    I known that u stiked to the fat shredder diet for ur whole first round and i was planing doing the same but i finished the firt month and i already lost 7 pounds, now im 142pds. Although i still have some body fat i want to get rid of but i dont want to loose much weight…
    Could u tell me in what body fat % should i move to the next fase? And does the next fase keep loering ur BF%?

  11. @Raf. If you’re comfortable with where you’re at regarding body fat %, then move to the next phase.

    Also, have you made me your coach yet? If not, you can do so by going to this link:

  12. Justin /

    Hey Josh, i’m doing an insanity/p90x hybrid. I’m doing the p90x lift days and insanity cardios. I’m 6’0 and i weigh 145. I’m around 8-9% body fat. I was wondering how many calories i should consume throughout the day to lose that last little bit of fat fast?

  13. Justin /

    I meant fat. sorry

  14. @Justin. Take in around 2,400 cals per day and see how your body responds.

  15. Justin /

    alright and that would be for the p90x classic schedule right? but instead of p90x cardios using insanity cardios

  16. @Justin. Yeah.

  17. Justin /

    Oh btw you know that i mean 6 foot right? i’m not 60 years old paha

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