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P90X and Alcohol: Part 2

For some reason (maybe the Super Bowl?) I have been getting a lot of questions for the past few weeks about alcohol cosumption while doing P90X. I’m not going to site here and tell you that I don’t like to drink, because I enjoy going out with friends and having a good time every once in a while. However, when I do go out and have a few drinks, I always limit myself as to the amount I take in and the type of alcohol I consume.

If you’re just starting P90X, and are going through your first round, I highly recommend staying away from all alcohol. Why? For one, alcohol affects the metabolism in a negative way. If you want to lose weight, you need that metabolism to be as fast as possible, so drinking alcohol obviously wouldn’t be the best thing to do. Second, most people can’t control the amount of alcohol they consume, and one night of drinking can easily amount to the total calories you’re supposed to take in per day. If you’re truly looking to have an amazing P90X transformation, then you need to commit yourself to both the workouts and diet, and that includes staying away from alcohol. If I could do it during round 1, then you can too.

It wasn’t until after my first round of P90X that I started having a few drinks again. I was in excellent shape, and my body could handle a night of moderate drinking without me seeing to much of an effect. When I say moderate, I’m talking about 3-4 “light” drinks. When I say “light,” I mean light beer such as Bud Light, Miller Lite, Bud Select 55, or MGD 64, and also drinks like rum and diet coke, or vodka and flavored water. It’s important that you stay away from drinks like Pina Coladas, regular beer, Mudslides, Long Island Iced Teas, Screwdrivers, Smirnoff, etc., which are all very high in cals and carbs.  To learn more about the nutritional info on these drinks, click here.

If your serious about getting into great shape, then it would be best to stay away from alcohol during P90X. However, if you’ve already completed a round or two of the program, then you can allow yourself to have a few drinks every once in a while. However, again, make sure you limit yourself!

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