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P90X and Alcohol: Part 3

p90x and alcoholSince New Years Eve is tomorrow night, I couldn’t think of a more fitting post than one about P90X and Alcohol. The truth is that 95% of us, including me, are going to have a drink, or 2, or possibly even more tomorrow night, but there are some things that you have to keep in mind. Before you go out and pound 15 beers, challenge your buddies to a chugging contest, or play some beer pong, you need to be aware of how alcohol affects the body, and how it will affect your P90X workouts.

The first is that alcohol spikes your insulin levels, especially if you’re going for a mixed drink, which contains nothing but sugar, and what that does is promote fat storage. Nobody in their right mind wants fat to be stored. So, what does this mean for you? You need to make sure you stay away from any mixed drinks like Pina Coladas, whiskey sours, etc., or else you could pack on a few extra pounds after this weekend. Don’t think that beer is much better either. Light beer is better than mixed drinks, but still not good for you. Why light beer is a little better is because it doesn’t contain the amount of sugar mixed drinks does, but it still will spike your insulin levels.

Next, alcohol slows or even stops muscle growth. So, if you go through a crazy P90X workout like Legs & Back, and then go out and drink the night away, forget about your muscles healing properly. Plus, because of your muscles not being able to heal properly, you’re going to be sore for quite a bit longer. Being sore isn’t very enjoyable, and being sore even longer, especially if you just did Legs & Back, is just plain miserable.

So, do P90X and alcohol mix? Not really, but if you’re going to drink this New Years, make sure you do so in moderation, and stick with drinks like light beer (Select 55, MGD 64), which don’t have a ton of calories, or even something like a rum and diet coke, which is probably the next best thing. Since alcohol is a diuretic, it’s important that you drink lots of water as well. Alcohol can trick the body into thinking it’s hydrated, when in fact it’s dehydrated.

Go enjoy your New Years, but be smart, and remember, P90X and alcohol isn’t the best combination out there.

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