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P90X and Alcohol

Uh oh, a post about drinking alcohol while on your diet = not good! Well not good for all of you who like to drink alcohol at least! However, you can take a deep breath, because for those of us who like to have a few drinks every once in a while, I am also going to give some suggestions that will help decrease the cals and carbs. I decided to do a little research and discover just how unhealthy some of the alcoholic beverages we consume really are! Here are the results..

Beer (Bottle)
Bud Light: 110 cals, 6.6g carbs
Miller Light: 96 cals, 3.2g carbs
Budweiser: 145 cals, 10.6g carbs
Sam Adams: 106 cals, 11.1 carbs
Coors Light: 138 cals, 6.8g carbs
Michelob Ultra: 95 cals, 2.6g carbs
Natural Light: 95 cals, 3.2g carbs
MGD 64: 64 cals, 2.4 carbs

Malt Beverages (for you ladies!)
Smirnoff Twisted Green Apple: 252 cals, 40.4g carbs! WOW!
Mike’s Hard Lemonade: 98 cals, 6g carbs

White, Dry (5 oz.): 120 cals, 5.5g carbs
Red (5 oz.): 129 cals, 5.5g carbs
Arbor Mist Sangria (8.5 oz.): 150 cals, 18g carbs
Dessert Wine (3.5 oz.): 165 cals, 14.1g carbs

Pina Colada (8 oz.): 303 cals, 20.8g carbs
Bloody Mary (10 oz.): 125 cals, 6.8g carbs
Apple Martini (glass): 235 cals, 11.6g carbs
Gin & Tonic (6 oz.): 143 cals, 12.1g carbs
Rum and Coke (6.5 oz.): 156 cals, 16.6g carbs
Long Island (8.3 oz.): 276 cals, 33.3g carbs
Screwdriver: 180 cals, 20g carbs
Mojito (3.5 oz.): 149 cals, 5.8g carbs
Red Bull & Vodka (9.3 oz.): 177 cals, 27.7g carbs
Rum and Diet Coke (12 oz.): 66 cals, 0g carbs

Beer: MGD 64
Malt: Well I guess Mike’s Hard Lemonade!
Wine: White, Dry
Cocktail: Rum and Diet Coke

Beer: Budweiser
Malt: Smirnoff Twisted
Wine: Arbor Mist
Cocktail: Long Island Iced Tea


  1. With MGD being 64 calories, it says that miller chill is 100 calories per bottle. And i have heard that MGD is well over 100 calores per bottle

  2. MGD 64 is 64 calories, while regular MGD is probably well above 100 cals.

  3. Hey whats the nutrion plan for P90X consist of???? my email is above so can you please e-mait to me.

  4. You can find sample diets of mine on this site. Look in the “My Diet” section.

  5. So a question about your serving size for the beverages…. For example your rum and diet coke. A diet coke has zero cal- how much rum are you using? 1 oz? Most drings generally come with 2oz rum for 12oz soda….

  6. Varies b/w 1 and 2 ounces.

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