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P90X Diet Tips

As I have been talking about in the last few posts, the diet is the most important part of any exercise program. Too many people feel that they will get results if they just follow the workouts. Well, unfortunately, that’s not how it works. I tell all the people that I coach that results come from 80% diet, just to put it into perspective. The combination of both diet and exercise is how you ultimately will reach all of your goals. So, since the diet is very important, I’ve decided to write a post with some P90X diet tips.

(1) Clean out your kitchen! When you first start a strict diet regimen, you will be craving sweets and unhealthy white carbs. If you’re serious about committing to the diet and getting results, then you need to go through your kitchen and throw away ALL junk food! When I first started the program, I did this, and it helped tremendously. I found myself craving the ice cream, candy bars, Oreo’s, etc., but couldn’t eat them because they weren’t there!

(2) Read through the entire P90X Nutrition Guide. The first thing that I did when I received my P90X package was read through the entire P90X Nutrition Guide because I understood the importance of it. When I went through it, I learned what I needed to do to stay committed to the diet. This book is what ultimately will guide you in the right direction with your diet!

(3) Become a Club Member. As I was going through the Nutrition Guide for the first time, I quickly realized that there was no way I was going to be able follow the guide exactly because of money/time constraints. I didn’t feel like preparing foods like Mahi Mahi for an hour, so I decided to make some modifications to the diet, a more college student friendly diet, so to speak. I wanted to know some healthy meal options, so that’s when I decided to become a Club Member. The Club Membership creates custom meal plans for you, but really, I just used it for some meal ideas. Once I got the ideas, I plugged them into to make sure I was still taking in the right amount of calories and % of fat/carbs/protein outlined in the Nutrition Guide. Click here to learn more about the club membership.

(4) Eat at home as much as possible. Eating completely healthy while eating out has become near impossible anymore. However, many restaurants have created a “healthy” meal section in their menu, but even those aren’t the greatest for you. If you really want to control your calories, eat at home. If you have to eat out, make sure you ask for no butter, no oil, etc., and stick with grilled chicken, fish, or a salad with low-fat dressings.

(5) Get on Shakeology. As much as I have talked about this in other posts, I’m not going to go into detail. When it comes down to it, Shakeology is an amazing meal replacement that will help you lose weight and get into shape. My entire family uses it and we all have seen awesome results! Learn more about it at

Those are some great diet tips to help you get started with P90X!


  1. kenny /

    how can i gain muscle mass? I just have the px90 cd’s and it makes me feel like i’m losing mass. what do i need to eat and drink. i use myofusion muscle building protien and real mass the complete weight gainer daily. when i’m on the run i use myoplex lite. what order do i do the cd’s? is there a certain cd that i use 1st? do i use one cd for a week or do i combined them a certain way. Please let me know.

  2. Jesse /

    I was wondering if protein supplements like whey protein would be effective for the P90X workout program for gaining muscle mass. Also, for the recovery period one hour after the workout, what foods/drinks are best to eat or drink to recover if I don’t have the P90X recovery drink?

  3. Josh /

    You need to look in the “Q&A” section to find the supplements that I use and recommend.

  4. Josh /

    Are you following the Nutrition Guide that came with the program? You should have also received a Fitness Guide that explains how to follow the program.

  5. Jack /

    Hey, I was wondering if you could advise me on the nutrition part of the program. I’m currently in the recovery week of phase 2 and still on the Fat Shredder plan. I weigh 180 pounds and I’m 5’10. I’ve lost only 9 pounds since starting the program and I feel like it’s not going down fast enough. Even though I’m only a couple pounds away from being in the healthy range I know my body fat percentage is really high and I still look really overweight. I was wondering if staying on the Fat Shredder Plan would be okay as long as I have the energy throughout the last phase? Also, whether my slow weight loss could have anything to do with staying on Fat Shredder would be nice to know as well. Thank you.

  6. Preston /

    I was planning on working out in the morning and I was wondering if I should do cardio and then eat breakfast or should I eat and then do cardio? 

  7. Josh /

    Do your workout and then eat breakfast.

  8. Josh /

    Understand that the most important part of the program is the diet, so it’s very important that you follow the Nutrition Guide very closely without cheating! You can stay on the Fat Shredder for a little longer, but you might hit a plateau, and if that happens move to the next phase. Also, have you made me your coach yet? If not, you can do so by clicking on this link:

  9. Preston /

    So could I take jack3d, workout, and then breakfast? I’m trying to shed some
    fat but I don’t want to be dead tired. And what about for
    resistance days? Does the same apply?

  10. Sara /

    hey there! i was wondering if you would recomend a wieght loss diet, like Nutrisystem while using p90x?

  11. Josh /

    Hey Sara! P90X actually has it’s own diet, and you will receive a Nutrition Guide once you get the program. It’s important to follow the Nutrition Guide very closely!

  12. Josh /

    Yeah that sounds good for both cardio and resistance days.

  13. Matt /

    hey josh. sometimes i eat 2 thin chicken cutlets with a whole wheat breading for lunch. This usually amounts to 26g carbs and 20g protein, but i count it as 2 protein and 1 carb. Should i drink a protein drink with about 20g protein to make up the lacking protein. Giving a rough estimate, how many carbs are in one p90x carb block and how many protein is in a protein block. When i look at the things on the nutrition guide it seems that 1 carb is around 40g and one protein is about 20g. Does that sound right to you?

  14. Josh /

    @Matt. It’s hard to say really. That doesn’t make sense for 1 protein block and 1 carb block to be different in terms of grams. I’m pretty sure there is a balance there.

  15. Mike /

    Hey Coach, I was wondering if this “Get Shredded Diet” is safe or not. Your thoughts would be much appreciated. The site’s link is:

  16. Sarah /

    I;m a week into P90X and I loveit! My question is about the diet – why do they count cottage cheese as a dairy but not as a protien? Or not count the sausage mcmuffin (the english muffin part) as a carb? That doesn’t make sense. I’m following the the portion blocks but eating my choices for each (all healthy).

  17. Josh /

    @Sarah. One of the issues that I have with the Nutrition Guide is what you just mentioned. Sometimes there are foods that fit into both categories. I would say Fat Free Cottage Cheese would be more of a protein than a dairy because it has no fat. That’s why I’m not a big fan of the Portion Approach and use the Meal Plan Approach.

    Also, have you made me your coach yet? If not, you can do so by clicking on this link and I’ll be here to help you through the program:

  18. Josh /

    @Mike. Not a big fan of Fat Burner pills. Plus, you need to follow the Nutrition Guide anyways.

  19. Ton /

    I just got my P90X. I’m reading “Nutrition Guide” and I’m a little confused. I’ve benn lifting weights for 3 years and I have always been told not to eat more than 50g of proteins per meal. In “Meal Plan” there are many recipes with protein amount higher than 50g per meal (sometimes even more than 100g!) which is weird for me.

    What is the deal with this?


  20. Josh /

    @Ton. You need to follow what the Nutrition Guide says. It was designed by a professional specifically for P90X.

  21. hey josh, just wondering if it matters that i put a couple sugary sauces on a few things…for example i pu ketchup on my egg whites and barbeque sauce on my chicken, does that matter a whole lot?

  22. @Dillon. Yeah it does matter because you just made a healthy meal into an unhealthy one. You really have to watch with ketchup and BBQ sauce.

  23. okay, but i only usually put 1 tablespoon of BBQ sauce which is only 6 grams of sugar and 0 grams of fat

  24. @Dillon. You have to limit how much you use or not use it at all. I use 1 tablespoon of ketchup in the morning, and that’s it for the condiments.

  25. what do you usually put on your chicken

  26. @Dillon. You can find recipes on this site man of how I prepare my chicken. Also, my fiance’s site has some great recipes as well.

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