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P90X Diet

If you are someone that I coach, this will be something you have heard from me many, many times: the diet is the most important part of the program! I always say that your results will come from 80% diet and 20% workouts, and I’m not exaggerating either! So why is it important to follow the proper diet while doing any exercise program, not just P90X?

Some of you have already read my story, but most of you haven’t. To make a long story short, before P90X I ate like absolute crap! No joke, I would have 3 huge bowls of ice cream at night during the week, topped with 1/4 of a bottle of chocolate hard shell. Some of my other favorite foods were fried chicken fingers, cheese and bacon french fries, pizza, Oreos, and chocolate chip cookies. Healthy eating was out of the question for me, pretty much because I didn’t really have the knowledge of what eating healthy was all about. And then I started P90X.

I knew going into the program that I would have to follow the proper diet in order to get great results, and the Nutrition Guide that comes with P90X is what helped me change my ways. I literally went from eating a ton of fried foods and sugar to eating nothing but healthy food, not even allowing myself a cheat meal during the first round. Was it hard? Oh hell yes, but I knew what I had to do to maximize my results. A few sacrifices here and there is worth it if I’m getting into the best shape of my life!

Too many people come to me and ask, “Can I get great results if I just do the workouts?” My answer? No. Sorry! If you’re not willing to put in 110% effort to the diet, you sure won’t be putting 110% towards your workouts either. It takes pure dedication if you want to get results anywhere close to mine. I might sound blunt, but it’s the truth! If you want results, follow the diet and complete all the workouts. Will you be tempted from time to time? Of course! I was and still am, and believe me, I crave those sweets just like you do! I find healthy alternatives to satisfy those cravings. For example, if I crave sweets, I will have strawberries. Fruits are a good substitute for unhealthy sweets.

If you are truly ready to change your life and get into the best shape of your life, then you need to be willing to commit yourself to the diet as well as the workouts. The P90X workouts and diet is the best all around program that I have ever done!

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  1. Hey Josh, i’m thinking about getting the p90x program for myself but i have a few questions. First of all i am extremely over weight and young, 19 years old and 300lbs at 5 feet 9 inches, however i still believe i can do this program, i just want to know 1. is p90x for people more than just a little overweight? and 2. i see that whey protein is used in this program, should i start this program, will whey help me or hurt me in terms of losing weight?

  2. I recommend starting out with a less intense program like Power 90 or even Slim in Six before you try to tackle P90X. You can buy both of those on this site. Also, whey protein is an excellent supplement when combining a diet and exercise regimen.

  3. Hey Josh,
    Just saw your vid on the tube, I have the p90x but i havent really started because I dont know where to start LOL. seems really intense for me, I am 5’4 inches tall, I used to weigh 190lbs, I did other Excercise programs and got me down to 170 in 2 1/2 months. Any Advice?

  4. It is definitely an intense program, but if you can stick with both the workouts and the diet, you are going to see results. Like I tell all the people that I coach, the diet is the most important part of the program, so it’s very important that you follow the guidelines from the Nutrition Guide. You can find more information about my diet by looking in the “My Diet” section on this site.

  5. Hey Josh,
    I’m 13 years old 5’11 and 125 lbs. I’m really athletic but looking to build mass with P90x. What kind of results can I expect? Also, I have a really fast metabolism but I dont have the nutrition guide. Is there any basic guideline of what I should eat? And does it really matter that much at my age? Thanks.

  6. The most important thing to do at your age with any exercise program is to EAT and eat some more! Because of your super fast metabolism, anything you eat will more and likely just be burned up, making it hard for you to gain mass. However, with the right strength training program, it is very possible to put on some weight. If you’re going to get the program, I recommend only the resistance workouts for you, staying away from all cardio.

  7. Hey Josh its me again,
    What routine should i start with p90x? and for how many days?
    and ofcourse ill follow the nutrition guide it came with for sure.
    I just dont know which video/workout routine should i start with?

  8. When you received the program, you should have received a guide that explains the proper order to follow.

  9. Preach, Preacher preach!!

  10. I want to know what do you eat??

  11. You can find sample diets of mine in the “My Diet” section on this site.

  12. Amazing results man, great inspiration. Keep it up.

  13. Hey, You have been very helpful with these articles thank you.
    I am starting P90X soon. I love eating sushi, I use brown rice but with no sushi vinegar, with lean chicken breast, lettuce, cucumber, carrot.

    I am concerned I will not be able to eat this on a regular bases because of the carbs I am not allowed to take in the P90X program.

    I go to high school, do you think that a homemade healthy protein bar for recess and a homemade turkey wrap containing, deli cut turkey, lettuce, cucumber and carrot would a P90x fit recess and lunch?

    Thank you soo much for your help!

  14. The foods you mentioned are actually pretty good for you, but of course the rice is high in carbs, so just limit the amount you eat of it. Also, the foods that you’re going to be taking to school look great as well.

  15. Thank you for your help.
    I am quite skinny and looking to build bulk.
    Being skinny will I develop a six pack quicker than someone with a layer of fat?
    Also, to build bulk will eating more carbs and meat then recommended in the P90X nutritional guide?
    Last question, What approach did you take on your first round of P90X and why? (The portion approach, The meal plan approach or the Quick option approach)

    Thank you soo much!

  16. The Nutrition Guide really doesn’t have a set diet for people looking to gain mass. However, Phase 3 is the closest to it, so I recommend following that. Also, I used the Meal Plan approach, which I found was the easiest to follow.

  17. Thanks.
    I would like to go for the Portion Approach, I am on Level 1, if I do what it says in Phase 3 for the daily servings for the whole Phase 1, 2 and 3,

    that is:

    Protein: 2
    Dairy: 1
    Fruits: 2
    Vegetables: 2
    Fat: 1
    Carbs: 3
    Snacks: SGL – BAR – DRINK

    How should I alter this, should I add more protein? should I take away some carbs? and can I have more dairy and vegetables then what is recommended?

    If i do this for 90 days will I still loose weight on my legs and butt?


  18. I recommend following the Nutrition Plan exactly how it is outlined. And yes, if you follow the diet and workouts, you will lose body fat all around your body.

  19. hey josh, i love your vids, awesome inspiration
    i was wondering how i should approach the p90x program, i am 5’9 and want to lose stomach fat and gain muscle mass and i have skinny arms and legs but i have a layer of fat around the stomach. will it be beneficial to focus on losing weight first then muscle mass ?

  20. Yeah, I recommend focusing on losing the body fat first and then on gaining mass, which is what I did. Follow the program exactly how it’s supposed to be followed, and you will get results.

  21. Hi I recently purchased the P90x program and I was just wandering how much it usually costs a week for groceries for the diet plan ??

  22. You can find my complete grocery list and the cost of it in the “My Diet” section.

  23. Malachi /

    Hey Josh,
    Im in the same boat as alot of people. I want to do P90X but I am tight on money with just getting married and stuck with a low paying job. I got P90X because I wanted to get into shape and get stronger for the police academy I start in January. I just wanted to know if there was any diet you could recommend besides the one the comes with the program. I wont lie, I am a picky eater. I dont like veggies and i would starve to death if I had to live off of salad. At 6 foot tall weighing 165 lbs and being 20 I would think that there is a better diet for me to want to gain muscle over burning off fat. If you have any ideas i’d appreciate it.

  24. @Malachi. I followed the one that came with the program, so that’s what I recommend because it worked for me.

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