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P90X Fat Shredder Sample Diet

Below is a sample diet for the P90X Fat Shredder Phase for a 5’7″ male weighing around 175 lbs. If you’re taller and weigh more, make the necessary adjustments to increase the calories. However, the fat/carb/protein % of 20/30/50 should stay the same.



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  1. I usually grill, bake, or pan fry them.

  2. Josh-

    I’ve been following the 20/30/50 plan for the last 2 weeks. I’ve done the program without the diet for nearly 2 years and never got the results I was looking for. I’m now logging everything I eat into , it costs a few bucks a month but what an eye opener. With your results I’m sticking with the fat shredder plan until I get rid of this stubborn bodyfat. On resistance days, I drink about 25 grams of protein with 10.5 grams of carbs after the workout. Should I add the recovery drink also? Thanks for your site and all the info and you’re incredible patience with all the repeat questions. You’re gaining some serious karma points!!

  3. The Recovery Formula is a very important supplement and one that I highly recommend to everyone! It’s important because the body demands the proper nutrition for recovery after a workout, and the Recovery Formula has everything it needs, such as simple carbs, protein, glutamine, arginine, and some creatine. You can actually order it from this site: Recovery Formula

  4. josh- in what order do you eat these food? or do you mix it up?

  5. They aren’t in the correct order, and you will have to mess around with it to do so.

  6. Gaige L. /

    hey man you are my coach and I have a question or two!!
    i logged out my daily intake and my ratio came to 41% protein, 32 % carbs, and 27% fat. now to even up that ratio between my protein and fat would I change my 6 scrambled eggs, to like for say to 1 and a half cups of eggbeaters? do you think that change would even it out? to what I need to be at?

  7. You shouldn’t be taking in so much fat. If you’re using whole eggs for your scrambled eggs, you need to be using 4-5 egg whites, and maybe 1 or 2 whole eggs.

  8. Jason /

    Hey Josh.. I noticed that the recovery drink isnt in the above meal plan.. If you added that in to the above mix it would definitely throw off the macro ratios. So my question is.. do you then eat less carbs during the day to make up for massive amount of carbs in the recovery drink so that the ratio still remains at 30% carbs?

  9. Yeah, you will need to make adjustments when taking in the Recovery Formula.

  10. Chris S /

    Hey man, had a question. I’m just finishing up my first week of the X. I did the calculations and am in nutrition level 2 which has me at 2400 cals a day, and used a website to get my macro percentages. For the 50/30/20 fat shredder split, it had me at 300 grams of protein a day. That seems a bit much for a 183 pound guy, so I scaled it down to 2100 cals a day and now its 262 grams of protein a day, all macros are stil their respective ratios (50/30/20) do you think this is ok? I know in the book it says you may have to make adjustments to your diet to fine tune your results, but I honestly have never done a hardcore diet before and don’t really know what to adjust or how much. I just know that from reading alot of bodybuilding books and other stuff in the past, 300 grams of protein a day seemed pretty stout for just 1 hour workouts during the day.

    Also if I’m low on lean meat at the house, is it cool to use low carb protein shake 2-3 times a day, even at times besides post workout? I’ve heard some people say protein shakes taken far away from your workout are pointless.

    Sorry that’s alot of stuff to read, thanks.

  11. Josh /

    Yeah man that sounds fine with the amount of cals. Also, taking protein shakes throughout the day are great because whey is the best protein that you can take in. I occasionally use protein shakes as a snack.

  12. David /

    I’m having such a tough time getting the exact 50%protein/30%carbs/20%fat ratio. Currently, my protein/carb/fat ratio is 46%protein/33%carbs/21%fat. Would those percentages hinder my result? I am too in the fat shredding diet. Thanks man.

  13. Josh /

    @David. Just get as close as you can to the recommended ratios. All it takes is a few adjustments to correct it.

  14. Cory /

    When you switched to the energy booster stage did you still find yourself losing much fat?

  15. Josh /

    @Cory. I actually stuck to the Fat Shredder Diet for my entire first round.

  16. Jason /

    Where did you get your chart? so i can plug in my diet needs and have it come out in % like yours! did you eat this meal plan everyday?

  17. Josh /

    @Jason. I used to log what I ate into, but now I log it into

  18. Hi josh, I actually made you my coach awhile ago, but i had no idea how it works and how i can take advantage of it. so maybe you can teach me how.

    i have A LOT of questions so bear with me thanks

    well what I wanna know is that I’m one of those people who never eaten right. ever since I started living alone at the age of 17 all i eat is pizza and burgers whenever I’m hungry. it was pretty bad.

    I was just done with my first phase, the results were great and i feel great. but I still have trouble doing a strict diet. especially when i dont really know what is allowed and what isn’t.
    i’m chinese so the things i eat are very different from the nutrition guide. I donno what they are and i donno how to make them.

    I live in an apartment so i cant jump around doing plyo. so i run instead,should i decrease my cal intake so i dont get leftover cal and fat? does it work like that?

    can you see if my diet plan is any good?
    i eat cereal, kashi cereal with skim milk in the morning sometimes with strawberries, then i go straight to lunch with chicken salad with low fat ranch dressing cuz i wake up late. then i have snack, protein bar when i go to class, come back home then i eat dinner (whch is probably the hardest meal for me) i work out after dinner and i have my recovery drink. then i have my protein shake, (berry, banana, whey protein skim milk) sometimes i eat soy nuts here and there when im hungry.

    i know its a lot of questions, i would appreciate if you answer one or two. thanks!

  19. @Ed. As your coach, I’ll be here to answer any questions that you have and help you through the program. In return, I earn commission from any Beachbody products that you purchase through this site or by logging into It helps with the amount of time I spend helping you out. To answer your questions..

    (1) You need to make sure you’re following at least the guidelines in the Nutrition Guide. You can find out what those are in the “Q&A” section.

    (2) You need to find a way to follow the program properly. I lived in an upstairs apartment and I found ways. I talked to the people below us and told them we would be working out at a certain time. Plus, I got padded mats to soften the sound.

    (3) If you want me to help you out with your diet, you need to log what you’re eating into You need to know the amount of cals and % of f/c/p.

  20. oh wow that website is really helpful.
    hope this shows.
    i’m also 5’7 and weigh around 150.
    from your other entry i read something about “starvation mode” where you dont have enough cal can actually lead to more fat being stored?
    apparantly i have too little cal (since i sometimes eat less when im busy).
    and i also have the problem with those “love handles” on the side. my abs are under layers of fat. so accordng to your advice from other posts, the fat shredder phase would work best for me now right? to get my bf down.
    oh here is the meal plan thing.
    hope you can see this.

    do i need to ask questions on teachbody or here is fine?

  21. @Ed. Unfortunately, it won’t let me see your diet. However, just follow the Fat Shredder phase and take in the right amount of calories. Like I said, you can not take in enough calories and throw your body into starvation mode.

    Also, have you made me your coach yet? If not, you can do so by going to this link:

  22. Travis89X /

    I am having the hardest time actually finding out good meals that will fit the 50/30/20 ratio. I’m just going to go high protein “chicken and my shakes”. For carbs I will just eat complex carbs except for after workouts where I will take in a few simples. And I will try to keep everything low fat. I think I was thinking too much into it. Does my plan sound okay Josh? I’ll just keep it all in a 2700 calorie diet, which was suggested for me in the diet wizzard on BB.

  23. @Travis. First of all, have you made me your coach yet? If not, you need to do so if you want me to continue answering your questions.

    Anyways, it sounds like a pretty decent plan, but 2,700 cals is a lot if you’re trying to lose some body fat.

  24. Do you add the carbs from the recovery drink as well Josh to Or no because it’s used to restore glycogen?

  25. Also do u count broccoli on fitday as a carb or calories?

  26. @Joey. Yes!

  27. @Joey. I think you might have mistyped this question. Pretty much everything has calories.

  28. Haha ya sometimes it fixes what I say. I took your advice about taking 2300-2400 calories for a male 6’1 and weight 192, taking in about 300g protein, 180g carbs and 50g fat which is 2380 calories. Started the diet yesterday. Think fat will shed pretty fast with those specs?

  29. @Joey. It should! If not, make some adjustments.

  30. Shaweet thanks =D

  31. doreen greco /

    found this very helpful. been doing p90x 4 months but have not been able to stick with diets offered. i’m on my second cycle. i’ll have to look at things more closely. also can’t use recovery drink or dairy whey protein as i have allergies so it’s been tricky finding the right mix. while i love the workouts, i haven’t been able to find the right diet with the system for me yet where it’s all or nothing vs balanced eating. but not giving up. i’ll check out the web sites that r recommended and look into getting josh as coach. thanks, doreen

  32. Josh /

    @Doreen. Yeah, make sure you add me as your coach! Here’s the link:

    Once you make me your coach, email or message me on Facebook and we will figure out how you can continue seeing results!

  33. good job josh.? phase 1 on the fat shredder portion plan,states that u need 5 servings of protein at 100 cal.does that mean i would need 500 cal.of protein for the day.if so all the the fat shredder plans comes up to 1600 cal.why?

  34. @Ralph. In Phase 1 you should be taking in a fat/carb/protein % (% of total calories) of 20/30/50, so if you’re taking in 2,000 calories per day, you want to take in about 1,000 calories coming from protein. Get it? Also, am I your coach?

  35. stacey /

    @Josh. I have worked out for 16 years and have never taken in more than 1200 calories (5’4 female 117,pounds) in order to lose body fat. It seems every trainer is telling me i am not taking in enough calories…and that i am doing too much cardio.

  36. Josh /

    @Stacey. Do you get results taking in that many or have you hit a plateau?

  37. Griselda /

    @Josh: I have hit another plateau is like the third time I have hit a plateau. This time seems like I am stuck big time. It’s been almost 6 months. I am 5’3 female, 183 pounds. I have like 50 to 53 pounds of stubborn fat yet to lose. In all honesty I want to get shredded. Except not sure how much of calories of intake I should consume. I use to consume 2,000 calories a day because I would work out 7 days a week. Now since I am working (which consists of me standing up for up to 8 hours each day) I am able to work out like an hour a day or I work out one day the next day I don’t. I appreciate you having the time to read my post. Thanks!

  38. @Griselda. At 5’3″, you should probably be taking in somewhere around 1,600 cals per day. However, you’re going to want to follow the Nutrition Guide of whatever program you’re following. If you hit a plateau, there’s a great chance that you’re not following the diet properly.

  39. Griselda /

    @Josh: Thank you for letting me know the intake of cals I should be taking. I don’t have a Nutrition Guide of any program that I am following at all. Thank you very much. I appreciate it a lot. 🙂

  40. Griselda /

    @Josh: As I look in to my daily food log I see that I was going over my cals. Thank you! I appreciate it a lot. 🙂

  41. @Griselda. Glad I could help! Do you have a coach? I’d love to help you. Plus, you really need to think about getting a set program to follow.

  42. Griselda /

    @Josh: No, I don’t have a coach at all in all honesty. Truth is I don’t use a set program. I do body weight exercises.

  43. @Griselda. Have you thought about using a program? Insanity is an all body weight program and one of my favorites.

  44. Griselda /

    @Josh: No I haven’t at all I tried it but I didn’t like it as much. I know this new program is going to come out it. LES MILLS and that one seems interesting. 🙂

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