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Tips on How to Stay Committed to the Diet

You all are probably get sick of me saying this over and over and over again, but I really can’t stress this enough. The diet is the most important of of any workout regimen, so it’s crucial that you stay committed to it! In order to stay committed and motivated with the diet, there are a few things that you can do. These are the things that I have done in the past and now recommend to everyone going through Beachbody programs like P90X and Insanity. Below are some tips on how to stay committed to the diet!

(1) Log what you eat every day into or When I first started P90X, I logged what I ate into Fit Day every single day, just so I made sure I was on the right track with my diet. I made sure I was taking in the right amount of calories and % of fat/carbs/protein that was recommended in the Nutrition Guide. By logging what I ate, not only did I get familiar with the type of foods and the amount of food I could eat, but it kept me motivated to stay on the diet.

(2) Send me your Fit Day or My Fitness Pal daily log so that I can hold you accountable. If you know that you’re going to have to send me a list of what you ate for the day, you’re more than likely going to stay committed and eat super clean. If not, then you will hear it from me! The people who send me their daily logs are much more likely to succeed!

(3) Look into the new Club Membership! When I first started the program, one of the other things that I immediately did was purchase the Club Membership. The reason was because there were many foods and recipes in the Nutrition Guide that I didn’t like, so I wanted to have other healthy meal options. The Club Membership creates custom meal plans for you, and also now has new recipes, and a ton of other additions and benefits. I went through it and it’s AWESOME! Check out the benefits of the Club Membership by clicking here!

(4) Eliminate ALL the junk food that is sitting around your house! Something else I did when I first began the program was go through all my cupboards and drawers and throw away all of my junk food. I even threw away a full tub of ice cream that I had just bought! If you don’t have it, you can’t eat it!

Now you have a fee tips on how to stay committed to the diet! If you haven’t made me your coach yet, you can do so by clicking here! By having me as your coach, I will be here to help you through the program and answer any questions you might have.


  1. Ireland /

    Hey Josh!
    If we send you what we eat daily, where do we send it to?

  2. Josh /

    @Ireland. If you’re from the US or Canada, then you need to make me your coach first, and just click on the link to do so: Once you do that, you can send it to my email

  3. Josh /

    To send you the log what format do you want? Do I just click print when im in the foods tab? Send you 5-7 “printed” pages for a week or is there a way to send a weeks worth of a log?

    Thanks Josh.

    Just saw you in the CNBC report, its pretty amazing.

  4. Josh /

    @Josh. Just send me 1-2 days worth of logs. I’m looking for total cals, foods, and % of fat/carbs/protein.

  5. Jared /

    Yo Josh,

    I finished my first round of p90x with some nice results. I got defined abs and everything else got more toned. I’m about to do it again using steve edward’s mass building schedule because that is what i really need to work on. I have 2 questions. First, do you think i should increase the diet plan to the next tier up, im currently at the upper end of the lowest plan so should i go to plan 2 to support the wanted muscle development or would that add fat? Also, I take jack3d, usually 3 scoops so should i add some more creatine to my diet. If so, around how much and when?


  6. Josh /

    @Jared. If you’re looking to gain mass, you will need to increase the cals, so it would be good to move up a level. Also, I used to take creatine, but have since stopped because it leads to water weight gain. Whether you use it or not is up to you. When I took it, I took 5g per day (2.5g pre and post workout).

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