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Turning Junk Food Into Healthy Food

When most people hear about eating healthy, they automatically assume that it involves eating foods that taste terrible, or eating tons of veggies, aka “eating like a rabbit.” Whenever the word “diet” comes up anywhere, people turn and run because they don’t want to stop eating those great tasting foods that satisfy the taste buds. “Me, diet? No, I can’t diet. No way can I commit to eating healthy.” What most people don’t understand is that the unhealthy foods that you eat can easily be turned into healthy foods. How?

Let’s take spaghetti, for example. If you would go out to eat and order spaghetti and meatballs, you’re talking about a meal full of calories, fat, and simple carbohydrates. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of buying regular spaghetti from the store, purchase whole grain spaghetti, which I think tastes much better than white noodles anyways. Whole grain foods, or complex carbohydrates, are digested much slower than simple carbohydrates (like sugar), and therefore give you more energy throughout the day, and don’t spike the insluin levels promoting fat storage. Also, because they take longer to digest, about 30% of the calories are actually burned up during the digestion process! Now let’s talk about the spaghetti sauce. Regular sauce is usually loaded with sugar, which obviously isn’t healthy for you, so instead, purchase light sauces like Ragu Light, which isn’t loaded with calories or sugar. I really can’t even taste the difference between regular and light. By doing those little things, you just turned an unhealthy meal into a healthy one!

How about dessert. “I can’t give up my sweets.” Well, you don’t have to. There are many healthy alternatives if you have a sweet tooth. For example, if I ever have a sweet tooth, one dessert that I will make contains Simply JIF peanut butter, light whipped cream, and sugar free chocolate syrup. I will take a tablespoon full of peanut butter and stick it in a bowl, top it with 2 tablespoons of light whipped cream, and top it off with a small amount of sugar free chocolate syrup. This is more than enough to satisfy my cravings, and I didn’t just take in one whole days’ worth of calories. Another dessert that is healthy is frozen grapes. Just take a bowl of grapes and stick them in the freezer. In a couple of hours you have a tasty little dessert!

How about pizza? Yeah, there is even a way to make pizza healthy! Most pizza is super high in fat, cals, and carbs, and you can easily take in a days’ worth of calories in one meal. However, if you’re looking to shrink that belly and lose the fat, there is a way to make pizza so that you don’t have to loosen the belt after the meal. How? Well, first of all, you can purchase whole wheat dough, and make it super thin so that you’re not loading up on carbs. Instead of using pizza sauce, use the light spaghetti sauce that I talked about earlier, and spread it thinly over the dough. Next, take fat free mozzarella cheese and spread it over the pizza. After that, take turkey pepperoni and spread it over the pizza as well. Bake it in the oven on 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes and you have a healthy pizza!

I’ll talk about one more healthy alternative. If you’re like me, you absolutely love chicken parmesan. I mean, seriously, this might be the best tasting meal in the world. Again, if you would go out and order this from a resturant, not only would you be paying a pretty penny for it, but you will be paying for it the next day as well. This meal is loaded with fat and cals! However, there is a way to make it healthy. First of all, purchase some frozen chicken breasts from the grocery store, as well as some whole grain spaghetti, fat free mozzarella, and light pasta sauce. After you thaw the chicken, cook it in the oven on 350 for 30-35 minutes. Just prepare the pasta like normal and then put it in a baking dish with the sauce when done. Put the cooked chicken breast on top, along with a layer of fat free cheese. Bake it in the oven until the cheese is melted and you have a healthy chicken parmesan!

If you’re going through P90X, understand that the meals that I have talked about here can be high in carbs, and you still need to make sure you’re staying within your fat/carbs/protein % for the day. These are just some ideas on some alternatives to unhealthy foods.


  1. GREAT TIPS!! More please 🙂

  2. I created a “healthy” burrito. Because I cannot live without them, hahaha. I use a whole wheat tortilla, black beans (rinsed and drained to reduce the sodium), salsa, veggies…and either some fat free mozzarella or 2% cheddar. If you eat meat you could put grilled chicken in it.

  3. Haha I do something similar to this. I think I’m going to have to do more posts like this!

  4. Hey Josh. I make a lot of the same things you mentioned, once in awhile. I wanted to share a sime, great way to make pizza- use a whole wheat tortilla shell as the “dough” for the pizza. It’s great! Lay what u want on it and bake in oven- cooks quick and comes out nice and crunchy! If u can find low carb tortilla shells, then even better- under 200 calories for a whole tortilla pizza!! I also treat myself to 10 calorie sugar free jello cups for dessert sometimes. Hopefully you can post more tips for us with recipes, and we can all share. Thanks 🙂

  5. Thanks Jen! I will post more stuff like this very soon.

  6. Thanks for the recipes. You mentioned the “fat/carbs/protein %” at the end of your post. I did not understand what this was. I looked in the other posts and noticed you mentioning something like 40/40/20 etc. but Im not sure what all that means. please explain.

  7. Josh /

    fat/carb/protein % is the % that you are going to try to stick with during the different phases. In Phase 1, for example, you are going to want to stick with a f/c/p 5 of 20/30/50. You can find that out by logging what you eat into

  8. Mario /

    Nice post about the meals man! Can you do one about snacks?

  9. I will try to do one soon man!

  10. Hello!~!~

    More recipes More Recipes! ha ha!!
    Thanks so much!!!!!

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