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Why Simple Carbs Post Workout?

For the past few weeks, I have been getting a lot of emails with concerns about drinking the Recovery Formula right after the P90X workouts. People are concerned with the amount of carbs and sugar in the drink, and think that this is going to hinder them from losing weight and body fat. You all have to understand that there are a few times during the day when it’s actually very good to take in simple carbs, the most important being right after you work out. Why? That’s what I’m going to explain below.

When you work out, you burn through glycogen that is stored in your muscles. That glycogen gives you energy to get in a good workout. When you finish working out, your muscles are depleted of glycogen stores and need to be replenished, and the way to do this is by taking in fast-digesting carbs, or simple carbohydrates. Simple carbs like fruits, sugar, and white bread replenish the glycogen stores and spike insulin levels (an anabolic hormone), which drives glucose to the muscles to help them repair and recover. It’s also important to take in protein at this point because the simple carbs transport the protein to the muscle cells, helping them repair and recover as well.

This is why I recommend the Recovery Formula so much! It’s by far the best post-workout supplement that I’ve come across because it has everything you need for proper recovery: simple carbs, protein, glutamine, and creatine, and it tastes excellent! Check out my P90X Recovery Drink Review!


  1. MattK /

    I just got another tub of the recovery drink today in the mail. I can attest, this is the best suppliment I use. I am rarely sore the next day after taking this and it actually tastes good. This is a must have when you’re doing exteme workouts like P90X.

    For those with a tight budget, I stretch my servings by only taking one scoop on easier cardio days like Kenpo and yoga, and take two full scoops on Plyo and resistance days. This really stretches out the servings to last longer and makes it more affordable.

  2. Gary /

    Do you recommend adding additional protein?

  3. You can take a whey protein shake an hour after the Recovery Formula if you’re not eating a meal at that time.

  4. should i start eating simple carbs going into the second phase of p90x or should i stick to the nutritional plan instead?

  5. @Ryan. Stick with the Nutrition Guide. Also, am I your coach? I’m a Beachbody Coach and help support and encourage people through the different programs. Here’s the link to make me your coach:

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