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Why You Shouldn’t Drink Pop (Soda)!

I think everyone knows by now that pop, or soda as you southerners call it, is not good for you. But the fact is that the majority of you still drink it! In order to get the maximum results from this program, you need to stop drinking pop, and in this entry I am going to explain why.

I just went to my fridge and grabbed the 2 liter bottle of Pepsi that my roommate has, and am looking at the Nutrition Facts on the back. Per 8 ounces (regular glass), it has 100 calories and 28g of carbohydrates, which comes from 28g of sugar! Sugar is a simple carb, which means that it is digested into the body very quickly. This is why simple carbs have barely any thermic effect, or how many calories the body burns while digesting food.

28g is a ridiculous amount of sugar! Sugar is known to lead to problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain, high cholesterol, and heart disease. It is also real high in calories, and they can add up quickly by just drinking a few cans a day. Other side effects associated with pop include tooth decay and weakening of bones.

But what about diet soda?

Unfortunately, diet soda has been linked with weight gain as well. Researchers don’t quite understand this yet, but one possible explanation might be that people think, “Since I’m drinking diet soda, I can have that piece of cake.” Researchers also suggest that the artificial sweetener used in diet soda may trigger your insulin levels, which causes you to crave more calories and carbs.

So for all of you that are drinking soda or pop, it’s time to stop! Drink more water!

Coach Josh


  1. I agree with not drinking sugar’d pop drinks…

    However, I personally have never seen a issue with sugar free pop drinks such as diet coke, diet pepsi and pepsi max. They contain 0 cals, no carbs and no fat.

    I have done atkins in the past for months and it was the diet pop that helped me get through that, as you can have a nice sweet tasting thing (such as a glass of diet pop) and it doesn’t stop your atkins working.

    Where as if you drink fruit juice or even mix water with juice mix, you’re intaking carbs.

    – This said, that was atkins and it worked very well for me to lose large weight / body fat.

    I’m now about to start p90x and i plan to cut out the diet coke for another reason. It’s been proven that diet coke etc, contains things which stops your body from absorbing nutrients / minerals.

    For example, if you drink milk and then later have a glass of diet coke, it can stop your body from absorbing any of the calcium in that milk.

    As such, for p90x where it’s important that you’re body has the fuel to recover and rebuild, I will be avoiding it and sticking to water / whey protein shakes etc.

  2. I have to agree with you here. From the research that I’ve done, the most important thing to stay away from is the sugar in pop, so I don’t see much of a problem with sugar free drinks. However, many experts tend to disagree and believe that there is something in Diet Pop that causes weight gain, but personally, I believe it has to do with all the other junk people are eating. I like to drink diet pop and sugar free energy drinks, especially Sugar Free Amp, Rockstar, and Shockwave. I also have to comment, though, that with diet pop I tend to feel bloated every once in a while. I have cut out pop for the last few weeks and noticed a difference.

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