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Jeremy’s Story

P90X Transformation Jeremy

Name: Jeremy

Program: P90X

P90X Review: “My beginning with P90X started the same way most people do. I saw the P90X infomercial countless times and I always found myself watching it all the way through. My wife and I decided that we needed to get back into shape and get rid of the day to day aches and pains we acquired from our jobs in the nursing field. The first few weeks absolutely sucked! I was more sore than when I started, but that soreness would soon leave and I never looked back. P90X is the hands down best, most intense workout I have ever done. I never would have ever dreamed I’d be the guy working out in my garage to a bunch of DVD’s. But I’ll never go to a gym again! I’m going to be a P90Xer for life!”

Q: How did Coach Josh help you with your transformation?

A: “I would never have gotten the results that I achieved without Josh Spencer’s guidance. I didn’t pick a coach until about 2 weeks into P90X. I didn’t know what having a coach was all about so I just never thought about it. I saw Josh’s transformation on youtube and I had to pick this guy to coach me. This dude had some results that I was dying to have so I emailed him after adding him as my coach, and since that day I have never regreted it. He emailed me back within 24 hours each time, I followed exactly what he said to do after he answered my questions, and he never treated me like I was dumb for asking certain questions. His desire to help others get in the best shape of their lives is what makes Josh a great coach. Josh you have been my inspiration to get ripped since I first saw your transformation. Thank you for all that you have done for me, and for playing such a huge role in helping me get the best beachbody I have ever had! Thanks bro!”

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