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Joe’s Story

Joe 1

Name: Joe

Program: P90X

Question: Why did you make the decision to do P90X?

Answer: “I decided to do P90X because I had heard a friend of mine talking about it, saw the infomercial; and then read a lot of positive reviews on the product.”

Question: What were a few of your goals?

Answer: “Lose fat, gain some muscle and live a healthier lifestyle.”

Question: What sticks out in your mind as far as Josh helping you through your transformation?

Answer: “Josh was more of a motivator for me while I was working through P90X.  When I first found his message forum on, he was more than welcoming to me in the group.  Whenever I had a question about the program or frustrations with a workout, he was very responsive to questions and extremely encouraging towards the workouts.  In some cases, he made suggestions on how to work the exercise a bit differently to help me work up to where I wanted to be.”

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