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Michael’s Story


Name: Michael

Program: P90X

Question: Why did you make the decision to do P90X?

Answer: “I decided to begin P90X after seeing an ‘infomercial’. Classic story, I know. I too am one of those people who would never typically order anything off of the TV, but something clicked with me. In short, the information made sense. I had reached a point of being disgusted with where I’d let my body get to, and P90X looked like a potential solution.”

Question: What were a few of your goals?

Answer: “First, I wanted to achieve lean, useable muscle. I had worked out in the gym for 8 years prior, and thought I had a good handle on my workouts. The issue was repetition, and ultimately stagnation. 2003-2006 I served in the Infantry and had hoped I’d reach my goals there. Before the ‘X’ I hit close to 180lbs and was getting pretty soft. I wanted to bring my weight down to about 150 lbs, and in 3 months I did just that – to a ‘T’ (or should I say, to an ‘X’).”

Question: What sticks out in your mind as far as Josh helping you through your transformation?

Answer: “Josh was (and still is) a great mentor. I first wrote to him from seeing his pics on the Beachbody forums. There are many there with amazing results, but his story felt similar to mine. I was totally geared to achieve similar results. He’s been very positive and motivating every time I’ve written him with questions. Hands down, I would refer him as a coach.”

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