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Ralph’s Story


Name: Ralph

Program: P90X

Question: Why did you make the decision to do P90X?

Answer: “The reason why I chose p90x because I needed to change my body into my dream body I’ve been wanting for years. I needed to change my life style from boring to fun and exciting, with p90x I was able to change my view on life and enjoy it more with my girlfriend, family and friends.”

Question: What were a few of your goals?

Answer: “Some of my goals were to lose body fat look good in a tight t-shirt and along with that have a beach body to show off. As my results were achieved I started to put more goals in my mind. My number one goal was to get into super fit shape because of my current career choice to become a personal trainer and inspire others to become healthy.”

Question: What sticks out in your mind as far as Josh helping you through your transformation?

Answer: “The way Josh influenced me was by his quick and amazing results. As he became my coach he was a power house of support I needed to push myself and keep myself motivated. He was always there when I hit a wall or just needed some advice.”

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