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Rob’s Story


Program: P90X

Rob’s Website:

Rob’s P90X Transformation Story:

“My fitness journey began back in high school when I was a whopping 132 lbs and wanted desperately to put on muscle and weight. No matter what I tried, it didn’t happen. I lifted 7 days a week, ate what I thought was a lot of food, and still couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting bigger. I then went to the United States Military Academy at West Point where I was able to gain some weight but still only graduated at 148 lbs (and I’m 5’11”by the way).

I finally began to take my nutrition seriously and learned how critical it was towards achieving my goals. In a 6 year period, I put on over 40 lbs of lean muscle and entered my first bodybuilding competition. Since that time, I have competed in five different natural competitions, placing first or second in each one. I finally had it figured out!

But, like anything else, life always has surprises in store for you. At the end of my last competition in late 2006, my second child was born, I took a new job with a new company, and began to travel four days a week. Something had to give, and this time it was my fitness and nutrition. Over the next few years, I had become lackadaisical with my workouts and eating habits and found myself in the worst shape of my life. One night, I found myself watching the P90X infomercial for probably the 100th time. It was at that moment that I finally drew a line in the sand and ordered it.

Am I ever glad I did! Having been a gym rat most of my life, I would be the last person I would have thought would pop in a DVD and work out at home. Man, what I had been missing. This program offered it all – strength/muscle building, cardiovascular workouts, flexibility, etc. During my P90X transformation, I dropped 26lbs and 10% body fat!! Thanks to P90X and Beachbody, I have once again renewed my energy and passion for my own fitness as well as helping others.”

Q: How did Coach Josh help you through your transformation?

A: “I actually encountered Josh when I was well into my P90X program. I pinged him because of his transformation and coaching success and was interested in becoming a coach myself, having seen the quality of the P90X program. He was down to earth, had a passion for helping others, and was very helpful providing all the information I was looking for. He also turned me on to Shakeology and I began incorporating it into my P90X nutrition plan. During the last phase of the program, it helped me to drop even more body fat and I felt great overall, despite being in a calorie deficit state. Because of Josh’s help and passion, I became a coach and now I am helping others with their health and fitness goals. Thanks for all your help and continued guidance Josh!”

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