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Ed’s Shakeology Review

shakeology reviewsI’ve been getting tons of emails coming in from people who have used Shakeology and wanted to share their Shakeology results with me,and I’ve been wanting to post their Shakeology Reviews on my site for the longest time, but just haven’t had the chance to because I’ve been so busy! So, I figured I would start posting some of those reviews, and here is the first one from one of the people that I coach, Ed.

Shakeology Reviews

“I had a blood test in Feb 2010, and again in Dec 2010. Dec reflects being on Shakeology for 4 months. I was very active before I started P90X in August and my diet was pretty good – mainly because I have genetic influence on my cholesterol so I do watch what I eat.

Here’s the results:

Total Cholesterol dropped from 232 to 197.

LDL dropped from 154 to 124.

HDL up slightly – 62 to 68

Triglycerides remained the same – around 50.

My weight stayed about the same, I dropped a few pounds at the start but gained them back, total body fat decreased – although I still don’t have the Josh 6 pack :). I also did the Shakeology cleanse in early December before having my blood tested.

Shakeology is the biggest difference that I can account the cholesterol drop to. I did follow the P90X diet plan pretty close, but not 100%.

My wife is also getting good results from P90X. She isn’t as committed to the diet plan, more often the issue is her not eating enough. That said, she dropped about 10 pounds in the first week and then started losing inches after that. Over New Years she went to the mall and got size 6 jeans, which is the same size she wore when we got married 30+ years ago.”

This is just one of MANY great Shakeology Reviews out there, and I’ll be sure to keep posting them so that you all understand that Shakeology really is an amazing product and changing lives! If you have any questions for Ed or are interested in learning more about Shakeology, be sure to check out his site

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