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Jack3d VS Black Powder

Well, as most of you know, I decided to make the switch from Jack3d to Black Powder about a month ago, only because I needed to mix things up a little. I was taking Jack3d for about 5 months, and then decided to give Black Powder a try. The reason I switched was because (1) I needed a change, (2) I started getting a little nauseated using Jack3d, and (3) I wanted to see if there is anything better out there. I’m always trying different supplements so I can recommend the best pre-workout supplement to all the people that I coach.

Jack3d VS Black Powder

Jack3dJack3d Review: Jack3d is an awesome supplement, and really gives you that extra boost needed to get in a great workout. You’re supposed to take it with water anywhere from 15-30 minutes pre-workout on an empty stomach. About 10 minutes after you take it, you start to get this tingly feeling all over your body, and I notice it most in my face and fingers. When you start the workout, you really feel the Jack3d working, and it seems like you have unlimited energy, and it really gets you pumped! I never had any issues with Jack3d until about 4 months in, when I started to feel nauseated about 15 minutes into the workout. I had increased my dosage from 2 to 3 scoops, and I’m pretty sure this was the issue. This is when I decided to cycle off Jack3d and try Black Powder.

Black PowderBlack Powder Review: Black Powder didn’t have nearly the effect on me that Jack3d had, but it still worked. You’re supposed to take it 15-30 minutes pre-workout just like Jack3d, but you don’t get that tingly feeling. To be honest, I didn’t feel the anything after I took it. I never felt like I got those extra “pumps” that I did with Jack3d. However, I did notice that my endurance increased substantially with Black Powder, which was a little surprising to me. Like I said above, I never actually felt the effects of Black Powder, but did notice that I didn’t tire as quickly. About 2 weeks into using Black Powder, I noticed I started breaking out very badly. So bad that I was worried and thought about going to see a dermatologist. After sitting down and talking with Melinda, trying to determine what would cause this, we came to the conclusion that the only thing different in my diet was the Black Powder, so I decided to stop using it all together. 3 days later my acne had completely cleared up.

I think it’s obvious who’s won the battle between Jack3d VS Black Powder! Since I stopped using Black Powder, I have decided to switch back to Jack3d, but only use 1.5 scoops instead of 2. Since I’ve been using it again, I haven’t been nauseated, and have been getting that extra boost during the workouts. Overall, I would say Jack3d is a much better pre-workout supplement than Black Powder, and is the best pre-workout supplement I’ve come across yet. I am looking to try a few other pre-workout supplements soon, and I will give you supplement reviews on each.

(Update 2/15/13- After doing more research on Jack3d and the controversial ingredient, I stopped taking Jack3d a few years ago because of the risk of the ingredient being dangerous and I can no longer recommend it. For the past few years I have been using a new pre-workout supplement called E&E, which is made by Beachbody.)

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  1. James /


    Give NO Shotgun a try. It gives you the same tingly feeling as Jack3d does, and contains 20 grams of protein which is a plus. As for Black Powder… that’s no good. I’ll be sure to stay away from it.

  2. I agree with you on this Josh. It seems that USP Labs did a good job with Jack3d. I’ve tried N.O. Shotgun and it kinda rough on the system and makes you feel short of breath which isn’t good for working out in my opinion.

    Keep up the good work sir, and bring it! or Dig deeper. 😛

  3. Ricardo /

    WOOO!!!! yea man i just started taking jacked like 2 weeks ago and i have had the best workouts of my life!!!! whenever i feel the tingle I know I am ready to start the workout!!!! =)

    Nice review man. Keep em up!

  4. Preston /

    Do you reccomend taking jack3d when trying to lose weight? Is there creatine in it?

  5. Mike /

    Hey Josh! Don’t know if you read the previous post that I sent and I’m sorry if I’m repeating myself but you should DEFINITELY give 1MR from bp labs a try. If you’re looking for extra pumps that’s the way to go! Email me if you would like some more info!


  6. Josh /

    Yeah, I’ve heard nothing but good things about 1MR. I will check into it man!

  7. Josh /

    Yeah, it’s a great product. It has a small amount of creatine in it.

  8. Preston /

    I’m going to start working out in the morning, and right after my
    workout I’ll be eating breakfast and I have a whey protein shake for breakfast along with cereal and fruit. I usually have two whey protein shakes a day. So my question is when should I take my second whey protein shake during the day? since I’ll be drinking the protein shake I usually have after a workout for breakfast anyway? Thanks coach.

  9. Josh /

    You can drink in as a snack in the evening if you want.

  10. wayne /

    Hey Josh, I have been using Jack3d for Training Block 2 and 3 (2 months) along with Creatine supplementation. I’ve read that you need to cycle off Creatine for 1 month after using for 2 months, so does that mean I should also cycle off the Jack3d for my next month? (Which will be Training Block 1 of Round 2). Or can I just keep taking Jack3d without cycling off? Thanks!

  11. Preston /

    Change of plans, i’ve realized how expensive whey protein shakes can be so I am planning on having one protein shake after my workout. then compensating the protein In the second protein shake with other foods throughout the day. Is this still effective? Or is that second protein shake necessary?

  12. MikeF /

    I am on week 4 of P90X and just tried a sample of Jack3d before Chest and Back last night and I loved it…Do you recommend taking it before every P90X exercise or just the upper body ones?
    also I’ve just ordered Shakeology and trying to replace a meal with that…which meal would be best to replace? dinner?thanks Coach.

  13. Josh /

    Hey Mike! I actually take Jack3d before each workout, including the cardios. I’ve even been taking it before each Insanity workout as well. Also, You’re going to love Shakeology! Did you get the chocolate flavor? The best recipe is to blend it with 8 ice cubes, 6 oz. of almond or fat free milk, and a banana. I usually replace lunch with Shakeology, but really you can use it in place of any meal. Also, I’m your coach right?

  14. Josh /

    One shake per day is fine, just as long as you stick with the proper ratios.

  15. Josh /

    Yeah, you will need to cycle off Jack3d like you do the creatine. If not, it’s going to take a lot more of it to be effective.

  16. MikeF /

    yes sir ,you are my coach.I went with the green berry one ,but next order will be chocolate…thx

  17. Travis /

    haha, yeah Mike, im totally with you on that one. i feel like im repeating myself about it too. but its only because 1MR has to be the best one out there right now.

  18. Sam /

    Hey Josh,

    I am using 3 scoops of Jack3d on workout days and 1 scoop for the cardio exercises like kempo plyo etc. I was thinking about adding 5g creatine mono to the weight lifting days as well. Should i take it when i take Jack3d or after the workout? Also should i reduce it to 2 scoops or is keeping it at 3 fine?

  19. Josh /

    You might want to check with a professional to make sure you can take both Jack3d and creatine at the same time. I don’t see a problem with it, but I don’t know if some ingredients don’t mix well. Also, 3 scoops is a lot! You might want to reduce to 2.

  20. Josh /

    With Greenberry, make sure you mix it with berries to make it taste better.

  21. MikeF /

    ok ,will do.
    as for Jack3d I’ve been using 1 scoop and it works fine for me…
    I did Shoulders and Arms, AB ripper X and ran on the treadmill for 45 mins and at the end I still had plenty of energy left …good stuff.

  22. James /

    I was thinking about using the USPlab anabolic pump with Jack3d on the weight lifting days. Have you tried any anabolic pumps?

  23. Josh /

    Nope, never tried it.

  24. Preston /

    So is taking 2.5g of mono creatine with jack3d pre-workout and then 2.5g of creatine post-workout ok? Or do the creatine and jack3d conflict with each other?

  25. Preston /

    To clarify my comment above, I don’t mean taking the creatine with jack3d I meant taking them both separately but around the same time with different drinks. I hope that makes sense.

  26. Josh /

    I don’t know bro. You will have to talk to a nutrition expert and ask if you can mix the two.

  27. Preston /

    In your other post it says you take creatine in 8 oz. of fruit juice and jack3d with water before your workout. So I’m guessing it’s ok to take those at the same time as long as it’s in two separate drinks correct?

  28. Josh /

    Like I said, I did it and didn’t have a problem, but you still need to find out if it’s OK to mix them from an expert.

  29. James /

    It should be fine mixing them, just make sure you’re not going over the recommended amount of creatine by taking into consideration the amount that’s in the other supplement you’re taking.

  30. Matt /

    Yo Josh, your transformation was insane. Right now i have no fat on my stomach and the abs are visible but not as defined as i want them. I am taking Jack3d right now, 1 scoop cardio 3 scoops weightlifting seems to work for me. Is the creatine in jack3d inhibiting the ab formation? Im following the p90x diet strictly and i’m on the endurance maximizer and on my final month(phase III). Should i be on the carb heavy nutrition plan or change back to phase II? And is there any supplement you would recommend to help with the abs? I’m only taking Jack3d and whey protein at the moment.

  31. Josh /

    There is just a small amount of creatine in the Jack3d, so it’s not affecting you that much. If you have fat to lose, then move back to Phase 2 in the diet plan. Phase 3 is mostly for maintaining what you currently have.

  32. Sean /

    hey josh…i have been taking black powder for a while but i decided to try something different so i tried jack3d. i took one scoop today for the first time and waited 45 min before begining my insanity workout and nothing. i didn’t feel any tingle or intensity…did i do something wrong?

  33. Josh /

    @Sean. You might have to try two scoops next time.

  34. Garrett /

    Hey Josh!

    Love your blogs man, awesome results.

    Quick question. Do you think these preworkout supplements aid in giving you a more defined look? I only ask because Im having trouble getting my lower abs to show and I wonder if a preworkout supplement would help in defining my abs. (Maybe because the creatine will retain some water and make the abs look bigger, thus stick out).

    Thank you Man

  35. Josh /

    @Garrett. Thanks man! Yeah, I think the pre workout sups are awesome, and really provide the energy to get in a great workout, which in turn helps you build more muscle and burn more calories. Personally, I’ve not had an issue with water weight gain with these sups.

  36. eddie /

    Hey Josh. Just wondering. I appreciate your reviews but i had a question. You recently posted a Super Pump 250 review. and from the looks from your review, it didnt seem your favorite. My cousins have used 250 and they liked it. I like it because the fact that it is a proven fact that it will cut down on body fat %… These products (Jacked & Black Powder*)do they do the same? Do they cut body percent as well as provide workout energy (reps and all)? Waiting to hear back from you man! Appreciate your help thanks!

  37. @Eddie. I’ve never heard that Superpump 250 is proven to lower body fat. I’d actually like to see that. Most pre-workout supplements are very similar and contain many of the same ingredients.

  38. Jack3d was a good workout supplement, but it dies down after 4weeks on an off. I switched to black powder and I’ve been hitting the weights. I stacked black powder with NO Red and the results have been amazing.

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