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mri ce2 hi-defI told you all on Facebook last week that I started taking MRI’s CE2 HI-DEF, but wanted to wait a week until I wrote my first review about it. Well, it’s been a week and I’m ready to tell you all about what I have experienced so far since using it. So, here is my CE2 HI-DEF Review..

For those of you that don’t know, CE2  is creatine ethyl ester, or CEE. CEE is a newer form of creatine that is said to have the benefits of creatine monohydrate, but without the water retention or bloating. I used to use creatine monohydrate in the past, back when I was playing college baseball, but always put on a lot of water weight and never could get that ripped look I was going for, no matter what I tried. I even tried it while doing P90X about 7 months ago and had the same effects. It made me put on quite a bit of water weight, so I stopped using it. I’ve heard about a few other people using CEE and getting great results, so I decided to try it out for myself.

Like I said, I started using MRI’s CE2 about a week ago. They are in pill form, and are friggen huge! They look like horse pills. Anyways, you’re supposed to take 4 per day, 2 in the morning and 2 about an hour before the workout. They actually taste pretty good because they are coated with a raspberry flavor. The first day I started taking them I noticed a slight difference in the reps, but nothing too drastic. I also got a little nauseated, but it was odd because it was just a slight nausea, just enough to make me notice it. The next day was the exact same, and again, I noticed just a slight increase in reps. On the third day, Melinda noticed that my arms and chest were looking a little bigger, and this is from the creatine bringing water into my muscle cells. During the workout that day, I noticed that both my reps and endurance increased, so the creatine was working. So far I’m having great results using it!

That’s my one week CE2 HI-DEF review, and will probably write another review in a few weeks. In addition to the CE2, I’m also using Superpump 250, Shakeology, and the Recovery Formula, which is very important to take post-workout. Check out my P90X Recovery Drink Review!


  1. Braden Traub /

    Sounds interesting. I may give it a try one of these days.

    How are you liking superpump 250? Better than 1.M.R.?

  2. josh, are you taking superpump or 1mr. i just remember your superpump review wasnt that good

  3. @Zack. I just started Superpump 250 and haven’t written a review on that yet. I used 1.M.R. before and loved it.

  4. 10-4. Maybe it was black powder i was thinkin of. Im a pre workout supp junkie so i like checkin your opinions. Have you heard anything positive about controlles labs purple wrath.

  5. Sorry its called white flood

  6. @Zack. That’s one of the next ones on my list to try. That and Quake.

  7. jesus /

    Josh are you still getting nausea? And is it available on beach body or where did you purchase it?

  8. @Jesus. The nausea has pretty much gone away. I purchased it at Vitamin Shoppe. It’s not available through Beachbody.

  9. @Braden. I’m not nearly feeling the effect with Superpump 250 that I do with 1.M.R. So far it’s not one that I would recommend.

  10. Hey Josh was just wondering what your diet looked like while you are taking this? Is is the fat burner (20fat/30carb/50prtn) or the mass gain(20fat/50carb/30prtn) so to speak?

  11. @Jason. My diet is constantly changing according to my goals. Right now I’m focused on a low-carb diet to get really cut.

  12. Ryan Johnson /

    Hey Josh,

    I have been taking 1.m.r for a month and just ordered my second bottle. I know for alot of preworkout supplements you should take them for a period of time and then off for a period of time. I really like 1.m.r and the pumps that I get from it. Is it bad to not take the breaks from preworkouts and just take them regularly like you would do with postworkout??

  13. Travis89X /

    I think after I am out of the Amplified 189 formula (GNC) I will stop my cycle for a week or two and start with CE2. Apm 189 works great, but I think I would like to try something different also.

  14. @Ryan. Yeah, you need to always cycle off pre-workout supplements. I usually take it for two months and then I’m off for a month.

  15. So what’s your final verdict on CE2? I’m thinking of giving it a shot but wanted to see what you thought after trying it for a while.

  16. @Ryan. I actually stopped taking CE2 only after taking it for a short while because my goals shifted from gaining mass to leaning out again because of a Beachbody Event that was coming up at the time, so I couldn’t formulate an accurate review.

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