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P90X Recovery Drink Review

If you’re a daily visitor to my site, you already know about the supplements that I use and recommend to others. If you’re not, then you will find those supplements in the “Q&A” section. One of the post-workout supplements that I have been recommending since I first started P90X is the P90X Recovery Formula. At first, I didn’t understand the importance of post-workout recovery, and then after doing much research, I quickly found out that it’s crucial if you want to repair muscles properly.

P90X Recovery Drink Review: The first thing that people see when they look over the nutrition label of the Recovery Formula is the high sugar content and immediately get skeptical. That’s when I get emails asking what’s the point of working out if they are just going to ruin it by taking in all that sugar afterwards. I don’t blame them because I used to think the exact same way until I learned the importance of post-workout recovery. When you work out, your body uses the glycogen stores in the muscles to fuel your workouts. Once you finish your workouts, your muscles have become depleted of glycogen and need to be restored right away. Usually, when you take in sugar, it causes fat storage, but since the muscles are so depleted, they act like a sponge and soak up all the sugar that was just put into your body. The great thing about the Recovery Formula is that it contains a perfect 4:1 carb to protein ratio, and also has a ton of other ingredients for recovery like arginine, creatine, and creatine, so when the muscles soak up the glycogen, they also soak up these ingredients as well, leading to proper muscle recovery!

Not only is the P90X Recovery Formula crucial for post workout recovery, but it tastes amazing as well! It actually tastes like an orange cream sickle! It’s by fat the best post-workout supplement that I have come across. If you want to purchase or learn more about the P90X Recovery Formula, you can do so by clicking on the picture below..

P90X Recovery Formula


  1. Sara /

    Is it okay to take a half serving of the recovery formula? I am worried about the extra 200 calories. I am 5’4″ and 180 lbs and am trying to lose wieght. And it does taste great especially after a tough work out.

  2. Josh /

    @Sara. You can take a half a serving.

  3. Charlie /

    I own some of the Recovery Formula and to me it tastes good but the recommended 12oz of water makes it seem a little “watered down” to me. Is there any harm in going with 8 or 10oz instead to give it more taste? I mean, if I’m still thirsty afterward I can always drink more water.

  4. Josh /

    @Charlie. No, there is nothing wrong with using less water.

  5. jerry /

    i really cnnot afford the recovery formula. so instead i drink basic whey protein formula from wal it okay cuz thats what i have been doin and its actually working out pretty good.

  6. Josh /

    @Jerry. The whey protein and Recovery Formula are two completely different supplements and serve two different purposed. I highly recommend the Recovery Formula.

  7. Im a little confused as to the proper and most efficient use of the recovery formula and the protein shake?
    When should i use the recovery formula and when should I use the protein shake. They both state to use upon completion of your workout. Presently, Im using protein shake after muscle group days and I use the recovery formula for the cardio and pylo days. Any advice would help.

  8. jesus /

    one of the ingredients is creatine right? doesn’t research show that creatine is bad for your health in the long run? i’ve heard about that and am cautious about what goes in my system

  9. Josh /

    @Jesus. There is no proof that creatine has long term negative effects on the body. Plus, there is just a small amount of creatine in the Recovery Formula. If you’re worried about it, check with your doctor.

  10. Josh /

    @JR. Take the Recovery Formula directly after your workout and then the Whey Protein an hour later.

  11. Thanks, Josh. I think this subject can be really confusing to most P90x users. Nutrition in itself can be a challenge on top of the addition of supplements. Thanks for clearing it up.

  12. Josh /

    @JR. No problem man! Let me know if you have other questions.

  13. Michael /

    Do you have any thoughts on other recovery drinks? I’ve been using Afterglow. Tastes amazing and has double the protein. It’s however kinda expensive at about $65 for a 2-week supply.

  14. @Michael. I use the Recovery Formula and it’s the best Recovery Drink that I’ve come across and one that I highly recommend.

  15. Hey Josh, My upline coach was telling me about your and your success is selling so much Shakeology per week and I wanted to send you a message and ask if you could share some of your success. I see this site and wanted to find out more about how you got started in this social media. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Jenn

  16. @Jen. Shakeology is an excellent product and one I’m very passionate about, and people notice that when I recommend it. It’s all about recommending products that you use and that have worked for you. Passion is the key to success!

  17. Sand thomas /

    I would very much like u 2 b my coach! Thanks, Sand

  18. @Sand. Here’s the link to make me your coach:

  19. can u buy the recovery formula at places such as gnc

  20. @Brad. No, it’s a Beachbody product. You can get it here, though.

  21. Hey, wanted to for Post recovery formula, could I substitute with say, half scoop of whey protein(12grams), and 12 oz (48 grams of carbs) of grape juice as a substitute???


  22. Josh /

    @RK. That still doesn’t compare to the Recovery Formula.

  23. Chase /

    Should I take the recovery formula after yoga x?

  24. Josh /

    @Chase. Maybe half a scoop. The P90X Recovery Drink is more for intense workouts than it is for Yoga, but a half a scoop should be fine.

  25. Chase /

    So i should only be taking the 2 scoops of the recovery formula after resistance workouts and plyo?? would u advise me to take the recovery drink after kenpo??

    Also, when doing the doubles routine should i take one scoop after each workout?

    thanks in advance for taking the time to anwser my questions. your advice is much appreciated

  26. Josh /

    @Chase. 2 scoops after intense workouts, and 1 scoop after the lesser intense ones. Maybe take a scoop or half a scoop after Kenpo. And yes, take one scoop after each workout if you’re doing Doubles.

  27. Charlie /

    I have a question on pre and post-workout nutrition involving the recovery drink. I have been drinking a shake of whey protein, skim milk, and a banana post workout. I thought I was getting the necessary sugar and carbs from the banana, and protein from the supplement. I workout first thing in the morning – so do you suggest drinking the recovery drink immediately after working out, then my shake right after that? Should I also be having something before working out?

  28. @Charlie. Yeah, drink the recovery drink immediately following the workout. If you’re taking the Recovery Formula, then there is no need to have a shake right after. You can have something pre-workout if you want, but it’s not necessary. I use Jack3d.

  29. Dan Ison /

    “Not only is the P90X Recovery Formula crucial for post workout recovery, but it tastes amazing as well! It actually tastes like an orange cream sickle! It’s by fat the best”

    Out of the 100,000’s of words you type for us I wanted to let you know of the one freudian slip you made with the “FAT” instead of “FAR”.

    I thought it was pretty funny. At least you know you are being read!

  30. @Dan. lol thanks man!

  31. Néstor /

    Hi there Josh,

    What about ppl in Europe? I mean, is there any way to get those products w/o paying like 2x times the price? is there any worthy substitute?


  32. @Nestor. Unfortunately, we haven’t opened up to you guys yet!

  33. Steve /

    Im just wondering did you take any other protein powders when you were doing the p90x transformation ? if so what sort?

  34. @Steve. The supplements I took and still take are the Recovery Formula, Shakeology, and whey protein. Since then I’ve added in the E&E pre-workout formula.

  35. When should I take my protein shake if I take the recovery shake after workout… thanks in advance

  36. @Pete. In the morning or as a snack.

  37. ZachAttack /

    I heard that you can use an apple and some other protein, or something like bananas and some egg whites, and still recover without all of the calories and sugar. Is this true? or should I just use the Recovery Formula (I can’t really afford it)

  38. Josh /

    @Zach. Your body needs the sugar post workout and that’s why it’s in it. You replenish glycogen stores while working out, and sugar (healthy sugar, not refined), is quickly absorbed back into the muscles to replenish those stores. In the Recovery Formula, you’ve got everything you need for proper recovery, and that’s why I use it.

  39. paul /

    hi. i have got the results formula and have been taking 2 scoops after every p90x workout, i find it very sweet i mix it in 120z of water and struggle to drink it all. i am going to start halving the amount i use to 1 scoop but will i still be getting my 4to1 ration of carbs to protein by doing this

  40. Josh /

    @Paul. Yeah. If you have a very intense workout, though, take 2 scoops. If the workout isn’t as intense, take 1.

  41. Blake /

    Is it a bad idea to take 3 scoops of the recovery drink after a intense workouts to get faster results?

  42. Josh /

    @Blake. Yeah, the max you want to take is 2.

  43. Miguel /

    Hi Josh, im from Argentina, is there a substitute or something you can recommend to use instead of recovery and protein, we dont get any of those stuff here unless we pay 5 times it cost within US. Please, as Nestor asked you from Europe, would be nice to receive help from you despite we are not from US, that shouldnt be a barrier since the goal here besides having proofits is to actually help, right? thanks in advance

  44. Josh /

    @Miguel. Unfortunately, I don’t know what you have available there. Try to find a high quality post workout supplement that includes protein, good sugars, glutamine, and a little bit of creatine.

  45. Is there a certain age you should start drinking this ?

  46. @Rene. I’ve seen teenagers drinking it, but everyone needs to talk to their doctor first.

  47. Okay thanks

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