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P90X Recovery Drink Review

Recovery FormulaMost people don’t understand the importance of the proper nutrition post-workout, so they all-together skip it. Usually, they feel that post-workout supplements just add on to their calorie intake for the day, and feel that they will gain weight. I’m here to tell you that this thinking is far from the truth! It’s very important to get in the proper post-workout nutrition, and the P90X Recovery Formula is perfect for just that.

P90X Recovery Drink Review

As you all know, it’s very important to take in whey protein post workout for proper recovery, but what people don’t understand is that it’s also very important to take in simple carbs as well. Simple carbs? Yeah. Don’t worry, this is one of two times that it’s OK to take in these “bad” carbs. The other is right before your workout. Why? Simple carbs are digested quickly into the system, and taking them pre-workout spikes your insulin levels and energy, helping you get in better workouts. Post-workout, your glycogen stores are low and it’s important to replenish them so that muscle is not targeted for energy. Also, carbs help transport protein to the muscles for proper recovery. You have to remember that bulding muscle helps speed up your metabolism, helping you burn more calories throughout the day.

There are other important ingredients in the P90X Recovery Formula, like Vitamins C and E, L-Glutamine, Creatine Monohydrate, and Arginine, and all assist with proper muscle recovery. As you know from a few posts earlier, creatine helps tremendously with post-workout soreness and fatigue, and speeds up the recovery process. The vitamins help reduce soreness and assist in the repairing process. Both arginine and glutamine both help with the healing process as well.

You are supposed to mix 2 scoops of the P90X Recovery Drink into 12 ounces of water, and take it within the hour after you workout. Like I have mentioned before, your body immediately goes into repair mode post-workout, and the hour after is the most important time to take this supplement.

With a proper carb to protein ratio at 4:1, and with all the essential vitamins and ingredients, the P90X Recovery Formula is one of the best post-workout supplements that I have found and something I highly recommend!

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  1. So I take after my workout gnc’s amplified wheybolic extreme 60 which has 3624 mg arginine, so it wouldn’t hurt to take that and the recovery drink together after my workout? I also workout at night about 4 hours before I go to sleep.

  2. Hey Josh,

    I have glyocarb powder sitting at home that I don’t use, should I add a scoop of it to my shakes?

    Also, you told me before to add a banana to my shakes and I find it makes the shake go from tasting amazing to tasting kinda meh…I asssume the banana was added because of its carbs? so can i swap the banana with glyocarb?

    thanks man!

  3. Take the Recovery Right after your workout and protein 40 minutes later because if taken together they slow the metabolism.

  4. Hey Josh,

    Thanks for all the posts. They have been really helpful. When taking the Recovery Formula, do you take it everyday, even after the X stretch days and after each time you work out during the recovery weeks too? Thanks.

  5. It’s important to take it after the resistance and cardio workouts, but personally, I don’t think it’s necessary to take after X Stretch or Yoga. The Recovery Weeks involve some workouts, so take in during that time as well.

  6. Hello If I am also takeing gnc’s amplified wheybolic extreme 60 after I work out should I also drink the recovery drink as well what will it help with?

  7. Yeah, take the Recovery right after the workout and whey about 40 min. later.

  8. Josh,

    Can you explain a little more in detail why stacking Recovery & Whey isn’t recommended and how it slows down the metabolism. I just finished day 52 and have been stacking the Recovery Drink + 20G of Whey since the beginning, mainly because it’s delicious and convenient. Is this setting me back?

  9. For some reason, Beachbody staff has said that doing this slows the metabolism, and I’m just taking their word for it. However, this is something that I really don’t undertsand and need to do more research on.

  10. Hey Josh;

    I work out during my lunch hour at work and then just eat my lunch at my desk afterward. Since I’m eating my lunch almost immediately after my workout, would you suggest that I still take a post workout supplement? Thanks!

  11. Yeah, I do actually, and the reason being because whey is digested quickly and the best to take post-workout. However, if you take the Recovery Formula as well, just stick with that post-workout and then eat your meal. There is no need to take the whey if that’s the case.

  12. Mourad /

    Hey Josh!!! First of all thank you for doing this. I just got my P90X! I’m 5’10” 160 now but I’m out of shape I think since my soccer days Haha! I’m about to start Monday and just wanted to ask you what supplements to take because I want to put muscle on and still look lean and just get ripped hopefully at the end.
    Any Ideas?

  13. You can find a list of supplements that I take and when I take them in the “Q&A” section of this site. Also, click on the link to make me your coach:

  14. Josh isn’t the recovery formula the same as taking creatine or celltech and nitrotech from gnc
    I still find the recovery formula quite expensive
    Only asking bc I still have thi sitting at home

  15. The Recovery Formula is not the same as creatine. It has a 4:1 carb to protein ratio, which is important post-workout.

  16. I don’t really want to spend any extra money on a recovery drink for post work out. Any suggestions for what i can take in after a work out? Would a scoop of whey protein and a slice of white bread be ok? Thanks for your help. Your web site is awesome!

  17. The Recovery Drink is highly worth the money spent and one that I highly recommend if you want excellent results.

  18. A Question that is Driving me crazy , I saw your Fitday Chart and you didn’t have Results and Recovery Formula added onto your daily, for being a post workout recovery drink you don’t add calories / carbs / protein from this ?

  19. I forgot to add it in. You need to make sure it’s in your log.

  20. Mike /

    I have been doing the program for a month now and will soon be starting phase 2. I had started to get slugish at work around 2.5 weeks so I added one more serving of carbs in my diet. Now that I am on phase 2 I am sticking with the phase 2 part. Throughout this whole time I have been only taking one scoop of recovery to make it last longer. Is the one scoop going to do anything for me or is it a waste of time unless I take two scoops.

  21. It’s important that you follow the recommended amount that is specified on the bottle! However, you could take 2 scoops on resistance days and one on cardio days.

  22. steven /

    hey josh, just a question can i mix my recovery drink with 10 extra grams of creatine monohydrate as the recovery drink only has 500 mg of creatine.

  23. 10g is a lot of creatine to take along with the Recovery Formula. I take 2.5g pre and post workout.

  24. Rickey /

    Hey josh ? for you would i take whey pre-workout or 30-40 min. after recovery formula post work out. also is whey just a muscal weight gainer and how do i incorperate it in with breakfeast, or is it just consumed before breakfeast newbe?’s sorry and Thanks

  25. It’s actually not necessay to take whey protein before the workouts. You can take it with your breakfast after the workouts, but wait about an hour after you take the Recovery Formula.

  26. Hi Josh, i have heard that monohydrate creatine will make you retain water weight and give you the appearance of being bloated, and once you stop taking it your muscle will turn to fat. i notice this is an ingredient in the p90x recovery drink. i also understand that you have to cycle monohydrate 2 months on and one off. My question is will taking the drink make me retain water weight and do i have to cycle the recovery drink?

  27. That’s a myth that your muscles with turn to fat after you use creatine. Creatine does make you retain some water, but you won’t lose muscle when you stop using it. Also, there is only a very small amount of creatine in the Recovery Formula.

  28. Rien /

    If you don’t want to spend that much money, you could consume whey protein powder and a simple carb such as a banana right after your workout. Whey protein and the simple carbs from the banana will be digested quickly to help restore glycogen levels for muscle building.

    I recommend taking the recovery formula because of the added creatine and extra vitamins to help the recovery process.

  29. chase /

    i am 6 “4 194 lbs.. i do p90 and i love it but its hard for me to put on muscle with just protein. would creatine really make a difference in my workouts and abiliy to build muscle?

  30. @Chase. Creatine has always helped me put on some mass. However, you have to make sure you’re eating properly and doing the right workouts as well.

  31. victor /

    Hi josh!! I just wanted to know if its ok to mix creatine monohydrate with p90x recovery drink after workouts.??

  32. @Victor. I used to do it, but not sure if it’s alright to or not lol.

  33. Hi hope you can help, I started atkins 15 months ago and it is a perfect eating plan for life for me, I have lost 3 stone and now a healthy size 8 and a dancer so I take regular exercise , i am 40 years old. Since starting insanity 8 days ago I have out 4ibs weight on, I have been drinking recovery shake after my daily workout, could it be that has it is away from my normal eating plan or is it. Normal to gain weight?

    I am loving the workouts and feel great but a little concerned about the weight gain when I had hoped to drop a few more pounds and just be generally I fitter. Any suggestions please 🙂

  34. @Fiona. I wouldn’t worry about the weight gain because it could be a number of things. Are you following the Insanity Diet that came along with the program?

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