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Glutamine Review

glutamine reviewGlutamine Review

For the past 5 years or so, I have been adding a teaspoon of glutamine powder to each of my protein shakes. The reason being is because I did my research and found out about all the positive effects of glutamine supplementation, especially if you’re looking to get cut, which has been my main goal.

First of all, let me explain what glutamine is. Glutamine is an amino acid that helps with the production of muscle and also helps support the immune system. Since it helps with the production of muscle, it’s great to use if you’re looking to lose body fat and maintain the muscle you have already gained. Since you will be cutting calories and carbs to get cut, it’s very easy for the body to target muscle for energy, which makes it tough not to lose any muscle with the fat. With high intensity programs like P90X or Insanity, you can easily lose muscle if you’re not eating properly or taking in the right supplements at the right times. Glutamine actually helps prevent muscle breakdown, which allows you to maintain the muscle that you have gained. Even though glutamine supplementation alone will not be benficial to take when trying to gain mass, there have been many studies done that show that combining glutamine and creatine together increases power and strength.

When I was younger, I got sick quite often. I even remember a few times that I was sick for 3 weeks or even a month at a time. I’ve had mono and even spinal meningitis in the past. However, since I have been taking glutamine, the amount of times I get sick during the year has drastically decreased. It was common for me to be sick a good 6-7 times a year, but now it’s maybe once or twice a year, and the sickness doesn’t last very long. I also started working out heavily when I started glutamine supplementation, which has had a positive effect on my health, but I believe the glutamine has helped quite a bit as well.

Glutamine is a supplement that I take regularly, and one that I recommend for everyone for both immune health and muscle production. Let me know if you have any questions about it. I usually get mine from either Vitamin Shoppe or Wal-Mart.

*Always check with your doctor before beginning any supplement!

A post-workout supplement that I use and recommend that has glutamine in it is the P90X Recovery Formula!

P90X Coach Josh


  1. David /

    How much glutamine do you take a day? The protein powders I’ve tried have glutamine already in the mixture (approx 4,000-10,000mg).

  2. Where do you get yours? And what brand do you get?

  3. Virgil Kirkland /

    Josh, I don’t see this item on your “supplements I take and recommend”, so I’m curious as to what brand you use, and do you add it with each protein shake? And when you say protein shake, do you mean the whey or the shakeology?

  4. Wayne /

    Sweet. Thx for sharing your knowledge and experience. I hadn’t known about the benefits of glutamine before. See, this is why you are the BEST COACH out there! Do you get it from GNC? Or can we order thru your site so you can benefit?

  5. I actually got the Body Tech brand from either Wal-Mart or Vitamin Shoppe. I can’t remember! It’s been a while since I’ve had to reload.

  6. I use the Body Tech brand of glutamine powder. Also, I take both Shakeology and a protein shake every day.

  7. Body Tech glutamine powder from I think it was Vitamin Shoppe.

  8. I just take a teaspoon of glutamine. I’m not sure how many grams that is.

  9. Chris /

    Josh , I just became a beachbody coach . I’ve had crazy results with Insanity. trying to setup a blog site , youtube video so i can get started. is this site amde through wordpress? let me know i have good feeling in finding sucess being a coach . I belive in the products and the programs ! email me at

  10. Curtis /

    Would you recommend using glutamine by itself or would it be beneficial to couple it with something like whey protein?

  11. Josh, I think it is great to recommend Glutamine supplementation but I also think it is important to mention those who should not use Glutamine. “The only people who should not try supplementation are those with liver disease, kidney disease or those who have a sensitivity to MSG (as glutamine creates glutamate – the G in MSG).” (This information came from

    Providing education is great but watching out for other’s safety is also as important.


  12. I mix my glutamine with whey protein.

  13. Who are you a coach under?

  14. Brandon /

    My question is, does it matter whether or not it is a powder form or pill form?? I went to Wal-Mart today and purchased a bottle of Glutamine capsuls for 6 bucks. Each capsule is 500mg and the directions say to take 1 or 2 at least 3 times a day with food. Will this give me the same results as purchasing it in powder form??

    Please let me know asap.


  15. Pills aren’t digested into the system as well as the powder is.

  16. when should glutamine be taken? with a protein shake? cuz the recovery formula has glutamine in it but i have a protein shake for breakfast and dinner so is that fine?

  17. do you add a scoop to every shake meaning you take it 2-3 times a day?

  18. I mix a teaspoon of glutamine in with my protein shake.

  19. I take my whey shake now 1-2 times per day because I also use Shakeology.

  20. Daniel /

    Hey Josh! I’ve been following/studying your results for a few weeks now and I must say – incredible! I have many questions for you, hope you don’t mind, I’ll be posting them in the appropriate forums/blogs shortly.

    As for supplementing with Glutamine – how many mgs should I be adding to my protein shake? I’ve seen them for sale in 300mg, 500mg and 1000mg servings and I’m somewhat unclear as to how much I should be using. I take one protein shake per day, after my workouts, mixed in with about 4-6 oz of nonfat milk.

    I’ll be starting another cycle of p90x on 4/5, and implementing doubles as you did. I didn’t lose enough “Fat” in the first cycle, so I’m hoping to burn off whatever is leftover in this next round.

    Thank you.

  21. Gaige L. /

    Hey man, I’m lookin to increase my muscle mass size, and since i’ve been on a diet I’ve figured my abs won’t be super huge, My question is, How do I develop my abs to increase in size and bulk up? I’ve thought of some creatine, but since i’m on the fat shredder phase , Im not sure if all those carbs will be beneficial

  22. Josh /

    Your abs are like any other muscle in the body, and need resistance in order to grow. What I have done is use 10lbs free weights with Ab Ripper X, which seems to make the workout a little more challenging.

  23. Josh /

    First of all, if you want me to continue to answer your questions, you need to make me your coach, and you can do so by clicking on this link:

    I add in a teaspoon of glutamine with each protein shake, and usually drink 1-2 per shakes per day. As far as how many mgs that is, I don’t know. You need to follow the directions on the bottle.

  24. Virgil Kirkland /

    went out and got me some glutamine powder today… sorry we don’t have a Vitamin Shoppe around.. so I had to go to the local GNC. It appears that there is just as much, or more L-Glutamine per serving in the GNC pro performance that I got as there is in the Body Tech.. so, hopefully it will work just as well… thanks again. Oh, and bought my first container of Jack3d.. looking forward to starting it as well.. though I hear the taste is terrible (I got fruit punch)…

  25. Angel /

    Hey Josh I ran out of my p90x recovery formula
    i was wondering if you knew how to make any recover drinks yourself
    and if you do what do i need i just need something while i get the recovery drink again
    thanks dude

  26. You really aren’t going to find a better recovery drink than the Recovery Formula.

  27. Ryan /

    Coach, I hear glutamine is good for wrestling because it prevents muscle loss. Is that true? And is there anything else about glutamine that will help with wrestling?

  28. Josh /

    @Ryan. I actually have a post about glutamine in the “Supplements” section of this site.

  29. Nick /

    will i recieve similar benefits if i do not use the recovery formula and only the whey protein?? i just ordered my p90x today!!

  30. Josh /

    @Nick. Those two supplements are very important and played a big role in my results. Also, did you order from this site? If not, you can make me your coach by clicking on this link:

  31. Nick /

    ok… one more question. i will be starting highschool football soon (im a junior) do you think i should use the p90x while summer football practice or wait till practices slow down. during summer we have 7 hour practices then it goes to 4 hours. Do you think it would be to much on my body? i will be sure to add you as my coach thanks alot!

  32. Josh /

    @Nick. That might be too much bud. I would hold off on P90X until things slow down a little.

  33. Hi Josh, I am on my 5th week. I am taking CLA, Myoplex protein shakes, multivitamin and fish oil. My goal is to lose 10lbs and have a toner look, would you recommend me any other supplements? Also, I wanted to include extra Interval cardio day on Yoga, Kenpo and Ployo day, does that sound ok?

    Thanks Josh

  34. @Zhardi. The supplements that I use that have been the most effective are Shakeology, Recovery Formula, Isopure, and Xtend. Also, be careful with adding in extra cardio because you can easily overtrain. If you do, make sure you adjust your diet accordingly.

    Also, have you made me your coach yet? If not, make sure you do so that I can be here to answer any other questions you have. It’s free, and here’s the link:

  35. hey man i have a couple questions concerning suplements and when to take them. i recently started taking glutamin as well as l arginine and i was wondering if it is wrong to only take supplements on lifting days. im trying to save money so i only take glutamin arginine and casein on monday wednesday friday (doing p90x)… on the cardio days i take whey. am i doing anything wrong? and also i was wondering if i should be taking supplements besides whey during the recovery weeks? what would you recomend for being cost effective and still getting the most out of my supplements and workouts? thanks man

  36. @Andrew. Hey man! Before I get to your questions, have you made me your coach yet? If not, here’s the link to do so:

  37. Sasho /

    Hello, i want to build more mass and don’t know what supplements to take glutamine + creatine or glutamine + whey, who method is more effective? thanks

  38. @Sasho. Head on over to the “gaining mass” section under the “workouts” tab.

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