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Whey Protein

We have been hearing for years that we need to be taking whey protein because it is very beneficial when combining diet and exercise, but why? Well, in this entry I am going to explain what exactly whey protein is and how it works!

Whey protein has a mixture of different proteins found in milk, like beta-lactoglobalin and alpha-lactalbumin. Huh? Yeah I have never heard of these either before today. After doing some research, I found that alpha-lactalbumin helps with the body’s production of serotonin. How that helps with muscle building I have no idea! Haha!

Whey protein comes in 3 forms: concentrate, isolate, and hydroslate. Concentrates are 29-89% protein by weight, and have a low level of fat, but quite a few carbs. Isolates are 90%+ protein by weight and are stripped of all fat and lactose. Hydroslates are partially hydrolized whey proteins that are easier to digest, but higher in price.

So why is whey good for you?

(1) It contains all essential amino acids required in the diet. These help with body composition and athletic performance.
(2) It has the highest levels of branched chained amino acids (BCAAs). BCAAs are the first amino acids to be used during exercise, and whey protein replenishes the body with these in order to rebuild and repair muscle!
(3) It is quickly absorbed into the body, which is why you should take it right after working out!
(4) It contains the amino acid leucine, which promotes muscle protein synthesis and muscle growth.
(5) It even helps athletes maintain a healthy immune system because it has an anti-oxidant called glutathione.


  1. Raymond /

    Thanks for clearing that up, very helpful and nice to know what I’m putting in my body.

  2. No problem man. I’m glad I could help.

  3. When and what did you take the protein with?

  4. I take the whey protein in the morning and after my workout, and I mix it with either water or milk.

  5. If i take recovery formula after a workout, can i also take whey protein mixed with glutamine right after?


  6. You actually want to wait about 45 minutes before taking whey protein after the Recovery Formula because if taken at the same time, they will slow your metabolism.

  7. Daniel /

    hey josh your my coach in beachbody!anyways i wanted to ask you through here! whats the diffrence between a cheap protein shake and the expensive ones! oviously i know the expensive is better! but what exactly makes one more expensive than the other for example the protein shakes in walmart and gnc!!

  8. There are 2 types of whey protein: concentrate and isolate. Concentrate is the cheapest of the two, and is usually around 70-80% pure protein by weight. It contains high levels of fat and lactose. Isolate, on the other hand, has been stripped of most the fat and lactose, and is usally 90%+ pure protein by weight. So if you want the best, then look for isolate!

  9. So after you did your p90X workout , you should take a Wey Protein Shake to recover your muscles?

  10. Correct.

  11. If you worked out at 5:30 and if you take a recovery shake right after a workout, then 45 minutes later a whey protein shake then you would be eating dinner around 8? Do you still eat something like chicken, broccoli, and brown rice for dinner at 8?

  12. It’s very good to eat about an hour after the workout.

  13. Robert /

    I wanted to know after my workout is it o.k. to just drink the Whey protein instead of the p90x recovery drink since im really trying to build muscle and I see the recovery drink really does not have alot of protein does that matter? Please explain im new at this

  14. You need to read the post about the importance of simple carbs post workout in the “Nutrition” section.

  15. Shawn /

    I just got the whey protein powder shakes but how much fl oz. should i drink after the workouts and in the mornings?

  16. I take just one scoop of whey in the morning and after workouts.

  17. Shawn /

    one more question.
    does insanity help build muscle?

  18. Josh /

    Insanity is more for getting cut, not building muscle.

  19. Shawn /

    so should i do p90x?

  20. Josh /

    Yeah man! You can purchase it from this site, and doing so will make me your coach and I’ll be here to help motivate and support you through the program.

  21. Jon /

    I’ve always heard that you should take 1-1.5g of protein for every pount of body weight per day. Is it necessary to take 1g of protein for every 1lb. of body weight every day? This seems like quite a bit, and I will end up going through tubs of protein powders on a weekly basis. I’m 170lbs and I usually need to take 4-5 25g protein shakes a day, on top of the protein from my meals.

  22. Josh /

    Follow the Nutrition Guide that comes with the program, which was created by professionals.

  23. Roberto /

    Hey, Josh

    How much protein should I take a day in order to gain mass? I weigh 138lbs and im 5’7″.. I usually take a protein shake when I wake up which has 23 grams of protein, plus the protein 4 grams of protein from the 4 oz of skim milk, and then I take my recovery drink followed by another protein shake an hour later. I’m not sure the adequate amount of protein I should be taking.

    Thanks for the help in advance!

  24. @Roberto. You need to follow the Nutrition Guide for the proper diet when doing P90X.

  25. sherif /

    should i take peotein in the plyo/ yoga/ kepno days ???
    cuz i dont i only take pro complex gainer after the 3 main workouts, and in the cardi and stretching days i just follow the diet, is this right?

  26. Josh /

    @Sherif. Whey protein is important for you to take every day.

  27. Laura Fransen /

    So how do you know what kind of whey protein to buy? What is a good brand?

  28. @Laura. I like the Beachbody Whey Protein or 100% Gold Standard by ON.

  29. Michelle Aguda /

    I want to do the insanity workout. Do I only have to take the results and recovery formula after I workout and then a whey protein product? Or is it alright to just have a whey protein product as a post workout supplement?

  30. Josh /

    @Michelle. Whey protein doesn’t have what you need for proper recovery. You need a 4:1 carb to protein ratio, and the Recovery Formula has that.

  31. nelina /

    Does whey protein make u gain weight? Im doing insanity and im trying to lose 5-10 ibs and really tone up. So far ive only been taking N.O fury before my workout and nothing else after.

  32. Josh /

    @Nelina. I have never gained weight with it.

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