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1.M.R Review

1 MR Supplement As I promised, I was going to be trying out different pre-workout supplements over the course of a few months to see which one I thought was best. So far, I have tried NO-Explode, Jack3d, Black Powder, and was asking around for suggestions on what I should try next. Yesterday, I decided to head on over to Vitamin Shoppe and pick up a small tub of 1.M.R (1 More Rep) because I have heard nothing but great things about the product! I’ve even had some people tell me it’s the best pre-workout supplement on the market. To be honest, I really didn’t think that anything could top Jack3d, but apparently I was wrong. Could 1.M.R move to the top of the list? Read my 1.M.R Review below!

My 1.M.R Review:

First, let’s recap on what I thought about all the other supplements. The first pre-workout supplement that I ever took was NO-Explode, and that was back when I was playing baseball in college and lifting every day. NO-Explode was awesome, and it really increased my endurance during the workouts, but over time it took more and more of it to be effective, until I finally reached a point where I had to switch to something else.

After staying away from pre-workout supplements for a good 8 months, I decided to try out Jack3d because I heard nothing but good things about it! About 20 minutes after taking Jack3d, you get this tingly feeling all over your body and your energy really starts to increase. When it comes time for the workout, you feel jacked up and ready to go! I took 2.5 scoops for about 2 months, and it really helped with my energy during the workouts, but then I started getting nauseated about 10 minutes into the workout, especially if it was a real intense one, like P90X Legs & Back. That was the point where I decided to stop taking it for a while and switch to something else.

Next, I tried Black Powder, and this was by far my least favorite of them all. After taking it, I never really felt any immediate effects or increase in energy. However, I did notice that my endurance increased during my workouts, which was something I really liked. About 2 weeks into taking Black Powder, though, I started to notice that I was breaking out in acne all over my body! This has never happened to me before, and concluded that it was a bad reaction caused by taking Black Powder, so I decided to stop taking it all together. My acne cleared up in a few days.

What I’m really looking for is a pre-workout supplement that has the immediate increase in energy like Jack3d, but also has that increase in endurance throughout the workouts, and to this point I haven’t found one. That is until I discovered BPI’s 1.M.R. Like I mentioned above, I kept hearing nothing but great things about 1.M.R, so I decided to give it a shot. I took it yesterday for the first time, and within 15 minutes I started to feel an increase in energy, sort of like what I feel with Jack3d, but without the tingly feeling. I also noticed that I became very focused, which was a little strange because it’s something I haven’t experienced with a pre workout supplement before. When it came time for the workout, I was energized, focused, and ready to go! We decided to do a lifting routine, P90X Shoulders & Arms, because we have been doing quite a bit of cardio with Insanity lately and wanted to switch it up a little. Throughout the entire workout, I felt like I could literally keep getting 1 more rep! Also, I noticed that my recovery time between sets was extremely short, much shorter than normal. Usually, about 3/4 the way through Shoulders & Arms I’m spent, but this time I felt like I could keep going and going!

My final 1.M.R review: 1.M.R is definitely the best pre-workout supplement I’ve come across! It’s everything that you want in a pre-workout supplement: increased energy, better pumps, and increased endurance. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with 1.M.R!

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  1. chris /

    Excellent review, Josh. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  2. I haven’t tried any pre-workout suppliments because I’m afraid I will need them to be able to do my workout. Did you have that problem during the 8 months you stopped taking them?

  3. Braden Traub /

    I picked up Jack3d earlier this week due to seeing how you enjoy it so much. Do you think you’ll be making the switch to 1MR? If you say so, when I’m out of my Jack3d, I may give it a shot as well.

  4. Travis /

    haha! thats what im talking about! i told u it was amazing! i would never let u down! 😀

  5. adam /

    Xpand Xtreme Pump i tried for 2 months, and then didn’t use it for a month, got around same amount of reps as i usually did using that pre-workout formula. So all in all, i’d say it’s not worth it to even try.

  6. Rafael /

    hey coach how does it taste? i may try it in my second round of p90x

  7. Josh /

    @Rafael. It’s not too bad man. It’s not great, but you can choke it down lol.

  8. Josh /

    @Adam. Thanks for the review man. I’ll be sure not to try that one out.

  9. Josh /

    @Travis. Haha thanks man.

  10. Josh /

    @Chris. No problem man!

  11. Josh /

    @Brandon. I think I will be switching to 1MR! However, don’t get me wrong, Jack3d is still an awesome supplement, but I now feel 1MR is a little better.

  12. Josh /

    @Glenna. Nope! I actually was fine during my workouts after I stopped.

  13. John /


    Is a pre workout supplement you would recommend not starting until a second round of P90X? Or do you think it would be okay to start using within the first round. Also an off topic question here but since im already typing, if Im not using the recovery formula would it be better to use that and wait for the pre workout?


  14. Josh /

    @John. I don’t see a problem with using a pre-workout supplement during the first round. Also, the Recovery Formula is a post-workout supplement, nto a pre-workout.

  15. Bert /


    Try out NANO Vapor my friend.

    Stuff will cut you up like no other…It makes you feel crazy for about 20 min after but believe you feel jacked up.


  16. Grant /

    Hey Josh thanks for the great review!!

    Something for your clients to think about before starting a pre-workout supplement…

    What’s their current blood pressure?

    It’s on the fine print of the jug, but that is sometimes overlooked. I had a not so great experience with NO Explode about a year ago b/c I wasn’t aware it was not recommended for people with high BP when my buddy gave me some. So I had to wait until I got my BP down before I started using Jack3d b/c I was hypertensive. Just a precautionary measure I’d recommend so everyone stays safe!


  17. Josh /

    @Grant. Thanks for posting.

  18. Josh /

    @Bert. I’ll check it out.

  19. brett /

    if your looking for a good workout pre formula that dosent give make you jittery try NO Shotgun works great used it in iraq for about 7 months

  20. enrico /

    hi josh, would you recommend it for rookies to intensity programs like p90x? in the past, i have done some weight lifting, but nothing compare to p90x
    thanks for the help.

  21. Josh /

    @Enrico. No man, I would just follow the program how it’s set up.

  22. Josh /

    @Brett. Thanks for the recommendation man!

  23. Clay /

    I have tried a lot of pre-workout supplements, like NO explode, jacked, and NO shotgun, and out of the three i thought jacked was the best. But then i tried noxipro, which is fairly new, and it is by far the best pre-workout i have ever used. it is made by the same company as jacked, controlled labs, but it is way better and tastes great as well.

  24. Josh /

    @Clay. I’ve never heard of it. I will have to check it out.

  25. Emilio /

    I bought a jar of 1.M.R and I gotta say it isn’t for me at all. I read some reviews about it and people seem to be 50/50 about it. One half swears it’s the best pre-workout supplement they’ve ever had, others say it makes them nauseous and fatigued. I gotta go with the latter. Three times I took a dose 15 minutes before my workout, and all three times the workouts started great, but about 30 minutes into it my body was yelling at me to expel the stuff. Every time I took it my workouts lasted and extra 30-45 minutes because I would have to sit down and re-peat to myself “don’t throw it up” over and over. Also, the first 30-45 minutes of the workout go great. I feel energetic and pumped, but then out of nowhere I suddenly feel like I’ve been running all day non-stop. For me this stuff is terrible, I wish I could return it and try Jack3d. Seems like it’s been out longer and a lot more people trust it. If you guys are wondering why I didn’t stop taking it after the first or second time, it’s because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me. You all know how the saying goes, “third time’s a charm.” But every time I’ve done the work-outs without 1.M.R, everything goes great.

  26. Alberto /

    Hey dude, just a little more feedback. I also used Black Powder from MRI, and i also suffered from acne while i used it (specifically in my face and my back), the most curious thing is that i suffered that side effect when i was in the gym. When i started P90X, i felt as if i couldn’t finish the workouts, and then i tried Black Powder again, and the 2nd time i used i didn’t have any acne. My guess is that if you get acne while using black powder, then you are not taking complete advantage of it, so you need to work even harder, that’s what happened to me after switching from the gym to P90X

  27. Josh /

    @Alberto. Haha well I don’t think there’s an issue with me not working hard enough because I push to the max during every workout. I used it for 2-3 weeks and had that reaction to it every day.

  28. Alberto /

    Sorry if i expressed my point wrongly dude, i didn’t mean you don’t push yourself to the max, we’ve all seen your results. At least you took it with humor. I haven’t seen 1.M.R. in my country (México), but i hope i can try that and Jack3d so I can experience the reactions in my body, meanwhile i have to stick to whatever is available here T_T

  29. Josh /

    @Alberto. No worries man.

  30. Hey Josh,
    Tried this stuff for the first time today. Talk about shot out of a cannon! My question is should I only use this on resistance days, or can I include it for heavy cardio (plyo x) days as well?

    Thanks man,

  31. @Andy. I use it during both cardio and resistance workouts.

  32. I have tried a few pre-workout supplements now. Jacked didnt really do it for me so I usually keep to superpump which works a treat but last night I tried MR1. This shit is amazing! Although I wouldnt recommend taking it if you have to be on your game afterwards. MR1 gave me a high for the next 3hours! How is it not illegal?

  33. @Bevan. I don’t know man. 1.M.R. is great stuff!

  34. 1.M.R stuff is great. I used it for the first time today. I was so pumped I did cardio all three machines about 2 hours. That is not all. I got the nerve do strength training. I may have to take 1/2 tsp. with water next time. 1.M.R. IS POWERFUL. Yes do use it with caution!!

  35. Johnny /

    Josh…in your review you mentioned the acne with BP. Have you had any issues with that and the 1.M.R. I am a LONG time user of NOExplode and never had any issues. Now I am one week with the 1MR and starting to have issues??? I do not care how good 1MR is…it is not worth having this issue…

  36. Josh /

    @Johnny. I’ve actually not had the same issue with 1MR as I did with BP. The only other one that happened to me with is White Flood.

  37. Juan /

    I’ve taken n.o. Before and everytime I took it, 30 mins into my work out I would have to stop and run to the bathroom. Don’t have that problem with 1MR.

  38. can you do your sprint workouts on 1.m.r are that doing to much for your heart? im asking is it only for when lefting?

  39. @Sam. That’s something you would have to talk to your doctor about.

  40. Drasen /

    @Josh where did u play college ball?

  41. @Drasen. At a small Christian college in Ohio.

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