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Is Shakeology a Scam?

Is there a Shakeology Scam?shakeology

As I was browsing around Google yesterday, I saw that a lot of people were asking “Is Shakeology a scam?” To be honest, if I was an outsider and never used Shakeology before, I would think that it might be, but of course I’m not so I don’t. I’ve been using Shakeology every day for the past 10 months and have gotten amazing results from it, so I’m a firm believer that it works, and so is everyone in my entire family. You all have heard me say this before, but Shakeology has literally changed my life and the lives of those that are most important to me, my family and friends. My dad dropped 35 lbs and is now in the best shape of his life, my mom has lost 15 lbs, sister 25 lbs, and brother-in-law 35 lbs. I’ve even had a friend lose 100 lbs from using Shakeology, and he went from possibly having to go on meds because of his obesity to being healthy. THAT’S what this is all about. Because of me introducing Shakeology to my family and friends, there’s a good chance they will be around longer because they are now taking care of their health, and really, there’s nothing better than knowing that I have had that type of impact on the people I care about most. This is a product that I know works and I’m confident can help change others’ lives.

Shakeology is NOT a scam or anything even remotely close to it. The one thing that drew me to Beachbody was the ethics and integrity they have as a company. I’ve had the chance to meet and spend some time with everyone high up in corporate, even Carl Daikeler, and I’ve never come across a group of people who are more passionate about helping people change their lives and get healthier. Saying that there’s a Shakeology scam is just like saying that P90X is a scam, and you all know that’s not true! Beachbody spent a lot of time developing P90X, and not only has it had a huge impact on my life, but on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people as well! Beachbody IS changing the trend of obesity, and Shakeology is just another way for them to do so. They make it a point to create the best products out there, and they have done their job in doing so.

Remember, there is no such thing as a Shakeology scam. If you want to try Shakeology, I’m willing to send you a sample. However, you have to be serious about it because I do have a cost in sending them out. I KNOW that Shakeology can help every single one of you, just as it has with my family, friends, and I, but you have to give it a chance! If you’d like a sample, send me an email at If you want to learn more about why Shakeology is so effective, visit my site

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  1. Anybody that thinks Shakeology is a scam doesn’t know what they are talking about!! It is amazing and my favorite meal of the day. Where else can you drink an incredibly healthy meal replacement drink that taste like a reese peanut butter cup? Not only am I amazed with that but also what it has been doing with my IBS problems.

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