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Matt’s P90X & Shakeology Update!

For those of you who don’t remember, about a month ago a buddy of mine named Matt finished his first round of P90X. Matt is 19 and was 295 lbs before he began his transformation, and after 3 months of committing himself to the P90X diet and workouts every day, along with using Shakeology as a meal replacement, he lost a little over 80 lbs! That’s truly an amazing weight loss story, but Matt didn’t stop there. He’s continued to dedicate himself entirely to P90X and Shakeology, and is now below 200 lbs, and quickly approaching 100 lbs lost! His P90X and Shakeology results are outstanding!

Matt is a true example of what you can accomplish, regardless of your starting weight. I have many people email me day in and day out saying that there is no way that they can do P90X because they are obese, but when there is a will there is a way. Matt was determined to change his life and no longer be known as the “fat guy,” and made sure that he did everything possible in order to change his life. Did he struggle? Of course. He couldn’t do a regular pull-up and could barely do push-ups, but he modified each exercise and only did what he could do. After pushing himself over and over again, he gradually made progress to where he could do the normal versions of each exercise.

Dad and I told Matt that if he wanted to see the best results, he had to have the proper nutrition, and that’s why we told him that he needed to use Shakeology and commit 100% to the P90X Nutrition Guide. The diet was the main reasons both my father and I got great results, and we wanted to make sure he understood that, and he did. Now, because of his commitment, he is no longer the “fat guy” nor the same person he was before. Not only has his physical appearance changed, but he is much stronger mentally as well. He now has confidence in himself and has a passion to help other people achieve what he did.

If Matt can get excellent Shakeology results, then you can too!

Congrats Matt!

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