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More Shakeology Reviews!

Since I have been recommending Shakeology to you all, many of you have bought some and tried it out for yourselves. The more of you that try it, the more positive Shakeology reviews I get! Here are two more Shakeology reviews from Dana and William.

Dana’s Shakeology Review: “I’ve been drinking Shakeology (Chocolate) for a week now, and I already notice a HUGE difference in my body. I feel better, stronger, and more energized! Since adding Shakeology in with my P90X workouts, I’ve lost 2 pounds and half an inch off my waist! I blend mine in with some ice, skim milk, peanuts, and half a banana, drink it for lunch everyday, and it tastes better than anything I could get at my local ice cream shop! When I first started looking into Shakeology I was really worried about if a shake could fill me up, but once I drank my first shake I knew that filling me up wouldn’t be a problem. Half the time I wonder if I’ll be able to finish it because I get so full! I’m definitely going to be signing up for home direct ordering ASAP!!”

William’s Shakeology Review: “My name is William and I have currently started using Shakeology. At first I was a llittle skeptical of paying so much money for just a drink. I thought no way could a shake keep you full, especially me at 6’2 weighing 255 lbs. Well I was wrong; just in the first night of drinking eight ounces of greenberry, my body was full for the next 4 hours.

Not only were my cravings satisfied, but I also had more energy. After only using the product for about 2 weeks now, I’ve been given compliments at work about my body looking smaller, definitely making me feel great about myself for the first time in a long time. Not only easy to make in just minutes, but such a great healthy meal replacement too.

I have already told all my family and friends about this wonderful product. One shake to lose weight, lower cholesterol, obtain more energy, and help your immune system. It just does not get much better then that.”

My goal is to get everyone that I coach to try this shake to see what we all are talking about! THIS PRODUCT WORKS! Like I have said many, many times before, Shakeology is by far the best tasting and best overall supplement that I have used, and there are a ton of other people who feel the same way! Remember, Beachbody is giving a 30 day “bottom of the bag” money back guarantee, which means that you can use the entire bag and get you’re money back if you don’t like it!

If you’re interested in getting a Shakeology Sample, just click on the link! If you’re ready to try it out, just click below!


  1. Glenna /

    Hi Josh –

    Got my Shakeology yesterday and started with it this am….decided that I would use it as a meal replacement for breakfast because it has carbs – and I try to ingest all carbs before 2pm. Here is my honest review.

    I made my shake with 4oz of skim milk, 4oz of water and 6 ice cubes in a blender. I found it palatable – not as sweet as the Whey Protein shakes I’m used to having in the am – HOWEVER – it was EXTREMELY filling. I wasn’t hungry for anything else until almost 10:30 am (and I drank/ate it at 6:30 AM) and the calories were the same as my regular whey protein shake.

    Although it had a bit of a “green” vitamin essence about it, the fact that it was satisfying, and I had a ton of energy today (as you know I’ve been exhausted and have been trying to up the carbs a bit to see what happens) has made it worthwhile for me to continue it through the month. I’ll keep you posted!

    At this point I recommend it to people who may be having issues with energy and cravings…..


  2. What made you get the Greenberry? I like the chocolate 100x better! Thanks for the review!

  3. Glenna /

    I stand corrected! I made the Chocolate Shakeology this morning with a half scoop of vanilla whey protein and a teaspoon of all natural peanut butter (and 4 oz of skim milk, 4 oz of water and 6 ice cubes) AND IT WAS WONDERFUL!!!!!

    My husband put a banana and some mixed berries in his and it was awesome too!!!

    I should have waited until I played around with it a bit, but at least others can benefit from my experience and not give up right away. Also, I reiterate – I was full and not hungry until lunch time (I drank the shake at 6:30am and wasn’t hungry for lunch until 12:15!!!)

  4. Hey Josh,

    Got my sample chocolate packet over the weekend that you sent me. I thought that it tasted just like a chocolate shake, pretty good. Was actually surprised. Real hard to mix by just using a spoon. (Don’t own a blender) Didn’t add anything to it other than milk.

    I am thinking about purchasing a month supply. I already use the recovery drink and really like it. It tastes great!! So thanks for the sample I appreciate you sending it to me.

    Thanks Tim

  5. Hey Tim! Glad you enjoyed the Shakeology sample! Yeah, you will have to shake it or blend it. Let me know when you decide to purchase some!

  6. Nicole /

    I have been using Shakeology for 2 months. I’ve only tried the chocolate flavor and I love it!

    When I was on a final “push” to get to my goal weight for an event, I did the “shakeology diet”.

    Shake for breakfast (made with water & ice)
    Apple or Orange for mid-morning snack
    Shake for lunch (made with water & ice)
    Apple or Orange for an afternoon snack
    Mixed green salad with 6oz of chicken and light dressing for dinner.
    Fruit or protein shake for evening snack.

    Probably about 1,000 calories when all is said and done, but I only did this for about a week prior to the event to lose the final weight.

    Now, I drink Shakeology for breakfast and add cold instant brewed coffee instead of water for a caffeine kick. 🙂

    With all the extra fiber and probiotic stuff in Shakeology, the only downfall is a bit of intestinal gas. Bring on the Bean-o! LOL!

  7. Josh /

    @Nicole. Haha this post made me laugh because you’re exactly right! It sure does clean out your system! However, that went away for me after 3 months.

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