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My Supplements While Doing P90X!

Many of you have been asking me what kind of supplements I used to get the results I have, and now I am going to share it with you! I will also explain when to take these supplements.

Whey protein has always been a part of my diet because of how necessary it is to build muscle. When I first started the program, the nutrition book called for a high amount of protein, and whey protein and fish were the two main things that helped me reach that daily mark. When should you take it? I take it 2-3 times a day: once in the morning, once after I workout, and once before bed. The two most essential times are in the morning and after the workout, but before bed is a great time to feed the muscles and help them heal while you sleep. I used to take Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein, but have made the switch to the Beachbody brand, and I like it much better.

Creatine is something that I used to take every day for about 2 years while playing baseball. It helped me gain muscle mass and increased my athletic performance. I was able to train longer and harder while on it. I took Creatine Monohydrate at the time, but they have since come out with Creatine Ethyl Ester, which pretty much eliminates the water weight gain associated with monohydrate. Take 1 teaspoon about 30-45 minutes before your workout. Even though I am not currently taking it, it is a supplement that I highly recommend.

BSN’s NO-Explode is an EXCELLENT pre-workout supplement that boosts energy and the ability to get those extra “pumps” while lifting. The main ingredients are caffeine (I explained the benefits in the last entry), creatine, arginine, and glutamine. Take this about 30-45 minutes before you workout, and if you are going to eat anything with it, make sure it is a SMALL carbohydrate. I HIGHLY recommend some sort of pre-workout supplement!

Protein Bars are a great snack to satisfy hunger cravings throughout the day. I have tried just about every bar out there, but have found that the P90X Bars are the best. Most of the other brands contain very high sugar or carbs, so you should ALWAYS check that before buying! I am currently using the Mocha flavor, and really can’t get enough of them!

Glutamine is another supplement that I believe is necessary! Glutamine helps with muscle recovery, and should be taken with your protein shakes. I mix water, whey protein, and a teaspoon of glutamine for every shake.

Beachbody Recovery Formula is the last supplement that I am going to talk about, and again, this is 100% NECESSARY! After you workout, your muscles need nutrients, and the Recovery Formula feeds the muscles the nutrients necessary for recovery and building! Great supplement!

If you have any further questions about the supplements I use or any other supplements, email me and I will go into more detail.

Coach Josh


  1. hey josh i am 16 years old and i am 80kg (171 cm ) this is my second week in p90x can you tell me do i need whey protein amino acids …..what is the perfect weight to lift what kind of food i shouldn’t eat please can you give me full information it will be helpful to me 🙂

  2. @Diaa. Whey protein is an important supplement and one that I recommend. Also, you will find all the info you need about the diet in the Nutrition Guide that came with the program.

  3. Hi,
    Can I take shakeology along with whey protein from GNC after the P90x workout? or do i need just one product.

    It´s my second week of P90X and I´m taking whey protein right after the workout but I´m thinking to buy shakeology.

  4. @Ivan. You can do that, but it might be a little overkill. I have been taking Shakeology post workout and have stopped taking whey protein recently.

  5. Hey josh,
    My question for you is this: it says to take the whey protein after the work out but it also says to drink recovery… I have both. Do I drink both with in an hour of the work out? If I do , doesn’t that mess up the recovery’s 4/1 ratio?

  6. @JM. What you can do is drink the recover during the workout and the whey as a snack throughout the day. That’s what I used to do.

  7. Hey josh,

    Thank you so much for this lovey article mate, i have never used supplements in my life and i am very much confised about them :/ . I have recently moved to pakistan and not enough brands of supplements are available here.

    Considering that shall i get any bran of “Whey protien”
    What should be the dosage per day of it?

    And i have made my own protien bars will a recipe on beachbody forum 😀

    Beachbody recovery drink formula is not available here at all, i read over the forums that chocolate mill might help me as an alternate and heal my muscels as recovery drink? Is that true.

    Cheers mate

  8. @Haseeb. Make sure you get yourself a high quality whey protein, and when you get it, take whatever is recommended on the package. Usually it’s one or two scoops.

  9. Michael /

    Hey coach Josh, I’m currently on my third phase of P90X and I am definetly going to do another round. I’m 17 and I’ve always worked out and I’ve gotten ripped from P90X round 1 so far and for round 2 I want to take supplements but they confuse me a lot. I wanted to take Creatine Monohydrate and whey protein but I heard Creatine will loose my abs which I DON’T want but I want to gain more muscle for the next round. I’m not looking to buy a lot of supplements I’m mainly looking to just by one or two crucial supplements to get more ripped and to gain more muscle. Thanks for your time coach

  10. Josh /

    @Michael. Hey brother! Before I get to your questions, I’m your coach right?

  11. Ruben /

    Hey Josh, i have a question: i live outside the US (Italy) and beachbody cannot ship supplements overseas. What would you recommend to replace beachbody recovery formula with?
    Thanks in advance, Ruben.

  12. Josh /

    @Ruben. I’m not sure I can help because I don’t know what all you have available over there!

  13. Hey josh, I’m 16 and ony bench 90 pounds! I’m looking for p90x to increase this. Along with p90x I will take nitric oxide, creatine, and whey protein. Does that should good?

  14. @Casey. With you being so young, have you talked to your doctor about the supplements and diet?

  15. bbarisss /

    hi josh..

    i want to say ”’ THANK YOU”’

    i needed to know these..

    thank you for your informations

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