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P90X, Turbofire, and Shakeology Review!

Start date of P90X:  May 3rd 2011
Products used: Shakeology, Recovery Formula, Whey Protein
Workouts: P90X, Turbofire
Weight loss: 10 lbs

“My name is Sara Di Capo. I consider myself to be an ordinary girl. Im a university student, I have a boyfriend, a family and a job. I was also easily 10 lbs over weight after grade 11. I considered myself to be “curvy” and looked in the mirror thinking it’s the genetics and I’ll never look thin like the girls in the movies. I was embarrassed to wear a bathing suit, covering my stomach, ashamed of my love handles, butt and thighs. I felt that my health was suffering and I hated my body. Being in the nursing program is very stressful. I would grab a bag of chips while studying, I was addicted to coca cola during exams and I would love grabbing pizza pizza when I didn’t pack my lunch. I tried doing some beachbody programs…but I always gave up. I didn’t realize it took a lot of dedication and so I decided to make a lifestyle change.

In the beginning…

My boyfriend Andrew introduced me to Chocolate Shakeology and P90X and has been my support. He has always had faith in me. He also introduced me to Josh online and his positivity and support has also been encouraging! I did the 3 day cleanse that Andrew suggested; 1 shake, 3 times a day for 3 days with a salad and I lost 10 lbs right off the bat. It was awesome getting out all the junk out of my body. I couldn’t believe when I looked in the mirror and I had no tummy. I tried on my favourite jeans and I couldn’t wear them anymore. Instead, I searched for those jeans tucked in the back of my droor that I hadn’t worn since grade 10 in high school over 5 years ago…and the scary thing was that they fit. I felt on top of the world. Then I started P90X. Yes it was hard. Yes my muscles killed after the first week. But I loved it. Especially plyometrics and and ab ripperX! I hated push ups until a couple weeks went by and I found it wasn’t so bad after all!  I improved so much from week 1 to 6. After getting through a month and a half of P90X, I realized I wanted a change. I was feeling dancy and upbeat (I used to be a dancer). I heard about TurboFire and I love Chalene Johnson (I knew I would miss Tony Hortons commentary). It took 1 Fire 45 DVD to make me fall in love with the choreography and the energy. Ive been doing TurboFire for 2 weeks now and I absolutely love it. Especially the HIITs! Ive never felt so energized and fit! I’ve never missed a work out since day 1. I always used to make excuses saying “I need to study” or “I need to work” but it’s so easy and ADDICTING to work out an hour each day. Plus I always look forward to P90X recovery formula 🙂

The diet…

As a nursing student, I find it extremely important to be healthy; I encouraged it for others but I never took care of myself. I hated salads, I always had pop in my hand and I loved sugary candy and chocolate. After having that very first shakeology and dedicated myself to the P90X phase 1 diet, I knew it all had to come to an end. But I don’t miss it one bit. I have not had pizza, chips, cookies, pop or a chocolate bar in 2 months. I have no cravings or need for “unhealthy” things. People think im crazy and said I could never do it! Im not afraid to turn down food from people and I find time to prepare healthy food each day for myself. I think of the diet as more of a healthy eating lifestyle! Shakeology has all the nutrients and is the healthiest meal of the day. I’ve found amazing recipes that make it a NEED TO HAVE on a daily basis! I always used to be tired and now I’ve got the energy to get me through the day (no coffee required!).

My thoughts…

There were people that discouraged me. But all you need is that one person to believe in you and it makes a difference. I consider myself to be a very optimistic and supportive person! I believe that perserverance and positivity is the key in life. These traits affect everything you do in school, in work, with family and friends and with diet and exercise. Shakeology and beachbody workouts changed my health and not just by helping me keep off that 10 lbs but its changed how I feel about myself on the inside. I wake up and look at myself in the mirror and think “I’m looking good and I’m so excited to work out today!” give it all you got. I want to be that 1 person who believes in you. Just know that someone in the world thinks that you can reach your dreams 🙂 Its a process and although I’ve only done 2 months, I’m going to keep with it and keep improving! Never give up on the opportunity to make yourself what you always dreamed you could be.”

– Sara

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