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Does Shakeology Work?

does shakeology workPeople are always asking me, “Does Shakeology work?” For about 4 months now I have been talking about the benefits of Shakeology and how it has helped both Melinda and I not only feel more energized throughout the day, but drop body fat and weight as well. This is one product that I highly believe in, and therefore recommend it to everyone that I coach. I believe in it so much that I have presented it to my immediate family and friends, and just about every single one of them has jumped on board with us. Many, many of you have jumped on board with us as well and now understand why this meal replacement shake is probably the best on the market today. However, there are those of you that are still skeptical and haven’t tried it. Well, now Shakeology has support from the medical community, and below is a video of doctors explaining why Shakeology is a product that you need to incorporate into your diet! Doctors don’t lie..

If you’re ready to try out Shakeology for yourself, click below.


  1. Ryan /

    Coach, would you think this would be suitable for wrestlers? Cause next year for high school, I will probably wanna try to cut weight to lose maybe around 7 pounds.

  2. Josh /

    I think Shakeology is an excellent product for everyone!

  3. Ryan, I coached wrestling for 8 years and wrestled in high school and college. It would be perfect for you, considering it’s a healthy way to lose weight instead of the crash dieting wrestlers tend to do with their water weight and starving themselves the days before a match. Shakeology will help you maintain a balanced diet and it’ll curb your cravings too.

  4. Eric /

    Do you ever make a big batch of this stuff or do you make it once at a time? Just wondering how it will hold up if I make a few days worth at one time.

  5. Evan /

    ok dude i think you have answered this before, but i cant find it now. is there any way i can order just a few shakeology packs to try out instead of buying in bulk?

  6. Josh /

    Evan, send me an email at

  7. Josh /

    Eric, you aren’t going to want to keep it sitting for too long. I don’t know exactly how long it actually stays good after mixing, but my guess is that it’s only a few hours. You could always get a shaker cup, put the powder in, and then shake it up with liquid when you’re ready to drink it.

  8. Aaron /

    So I’m almost there on shakeology. My biggest concern is does it fill
    you up, or are u hungry within an hour again. I want to use this as a lunch replacement since I spend about $100 + a month eating out any way

  9. Josh /

    Aaron, yeah, it really does fill you up. I was actually surprised when it did because I was expecting otherwise. Let me know if you have other questions about it!

  10. Eric /

    @Aaron –

    agree w/Josh. I used to eat ALOT for breakfast (3eggs, 3sausage links, almonds and veggies). Now, just choc-shakeology. Lasts me for about 5-6 hours easy. Can stretch it to 7 if I’m busy without problems.

  11. Jordon /

    okay i am doing p90x in about 2 weeks.. with this shakeology do i just use it along with the nutrition plan? like an addition to it and eat everything the same. Or do i use it as a meal replacement completly and take out one of the meals?

  12. Josh /

    You are going to use it as a meal replacement!

  13. jeff /

    i want to try shakeology but im unsure how i should be using it. what im really looking for is a good muliti vitamin or something to give me a more balanced diet. i feel like im lacking in my p90x workouts.

  14. Josh /

    @Jeff. Shakeology has just about all your daily vitamin needs. You can learn more about it on my site

  15. Sina /

    So im about the enter phase 3 of p90x. Ive seen some good results so far but not as much as i wanted because ive periodically cheated on the diet.
    But Phase 3 im sticking to it like glue, and im also doing doubles, cycling off creatine (cuz ive been on it for 2 months now), and replacing one of my meals with shakeology.
    My main concern is that the shake won’t be enough. Currently i eat 5 times a day and my meals range from 250-400 calories each, but i see shakeology is only 140.

    So my question is that should i take the shake with some more food to get the calories i usually do, or would it be better to have the shake alone and add another 150 calorie meal to my overall diet making it 6 meals a day?

    Thanks for the help,

  16. Josh /

    @Sina. If you add in a banana, almond milk, and even peanut butter to your Shakology, which is what I do, then you will get around 400 cals.

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