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Sara’s Shakeology Review

Here’s a Shakeology Review from one of the people I coach, Sara..

Sara’s Shakeology Review

I have been using Shakeology for about 8 months now and I totally love it! I didn’t buy it at first because of the cost, but my coach explained that really it saved money because it was a meal replacement. He had gotten awesome results with it and just loved it so I decided to try it too. It tastes amazing!! I always get the Chocolate because with some skim milk and a tablespoon of peanut butter it tastes just like a shake, which of course I dont’ get to eat because they aren’t healthy. So being able to eat Shakeology helped with my sweet tooth cravings. I have lost 15lbs by using Shakeology and P90X. I have so much more energy then I did before.

I also have a very sensitive stomach and had to take a lot of pills (probiotics, herbs, and heartburn medication) Since I have been using Shakeology, I half to take less than half of the amount I used to take! I have fewer flare-ups. I love it so much that I even take it with me on vacation. In fact, I even took it with me to Peru last month and forgot to take the first two days we were there and had stomach trouble. I started taking it everyday again and did much better. I also got my family in Peru to use some too. It is awesome because you can take it for breakfast and it keeps you full. Also it has way more nutrients than just a bagel or toast.

– Sara

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