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Shakeology: Part 2

Tommy and I Workout 020

Tommy and I with Shakeology

So what is all this hype about Shakeology? As most of you know from the last post I made about Shakeology, I have been using this supplement for the past month or so, and have been recommending it to everyone that I come in contact with! Why? Not only is it the best tasting supplement I have come across, it might be the healthiest as well. Melinda, my fiance, compares the chocolate flavor to a chocolate fudge sickle, and that’s exactly what it tastes like! She even made a comment the other night how she can’t believe that something this healthy could taste so good! I just had one of my coaches try it for the first time and he told me Shakeology is the “best tasting shake” he’s has ever had!

Melinda and I have been using Shakeology as either a meal replacement or post workout recovery drink. We both have noticed an increase in energy and have seen great results since using the supplement. Even though Melinda hasn’t weighed herself since we started taking Shakeology, I have noticed a big difference in her and she has toned up quite a bit. My guess is that she’s lost an additional 3-5lbs! I have noticed that I have gotten more definition as well, which is what I’ve been aiming for!

However, I didn’t always feel this way about Shakeology. When Beachbody first released the meal replacement, I was very skeptical, and thought it was too expensive. Instead of trying it out on my own, I decided to sit back and see what other people thought about it. A little over a month ago I visited Tommy Mygrant (see picture above), a big P90X star, and he swore by Shakeology and had me try it for the first time. That was it, I was addicted! After I got back home, I ordered my first package of Shakeology so that I could start incorporating it into my eating schedule. Now, I usually use it as a meal replacement for lunch, so I don’t have to go out to eat every day. I’m actually saving money because I usually spend somewhere around $6-$8 for lunch, and a serving of Shakeology costs around $4.

Yesterday, I decided to get on Shakeology Home Direct, in which I won’t have to pay shipping and it’s delivered to my house each month. However, instead of ordering the bulk in a bag, I decided to get the sample packets so that I could have my family and friends try it! I believe in the product so much that I’m willing to give out my own Shakeology for them to get healthy. Now, many of them are wanting to get on Shakeology Home Direct themselves! Like I said, this is a great supplement, and if you haven’t tried it yet, make sure you at least order one bag! Beachbody is so confident in the product that they are giving a 30 day “bottom of the bag” money back guarantee! This is unheard of for a supplement, so make sure you take advantage of it!

Believe me, you are going to love Shakeology! BTW chocolate is my favorite flavor, which is what I recommend the most. Learn more about Shakeology by clicking here!

Ready to try Shakeology for yourself? Click below!


  1. Hello Josh!

    First of all thanks for the great blog!

    I would be extremely interested in trying Shakeology. There is just one problem though. I live in Europe and I guess Shakeology is currently available only in The United States?

  2. David /

    What is a bottom of the bag money back guarantee?

  3. Josh /

    It means you can use up the entire bag and still get your money back after 30 days. That’s how confident Beachbody is in this product.

  4. Tanner /


    At only 140 calories, is it more ideal as a snack rather than a meal replacement? Like yourself, I would love to spend only $4 on a lunch, especially one as healthy as this. However, before I spend the money I want to make sure that it could really replace lunch for me, by itself.



  5. David /

    Yea that’s what I thought it meant! Do you know if they ship to the UK?

  6. MattK /

    I think I’m going to pick it up next month when I start ROUND 2. Just reordered the Recovery Drink and signed up for the One on One DVD home direct so excited to add those to the mix too.

  7. Josh /

    Awesome man! You’re going to love Shakeology and the One on One’s. How is your progress coming along? Still losing a lot of weight?

  8. Josh /

    Unfortunately, Beachbody doesn’t ship to anywhere but the US and Canada.

  9. Josh /

    I usually throw in a banana and a TBS of peanut butter in with the shake, which is another 210 calories or so.

  10. Josh /

    Yeah, unfortunately, it’s only available to people who liev in the US or Canada. Sorry man!

  11. I just started P90X. Which supplement should i buy, Shakeology or the Results and recovery formula?

  12. Josh /

    Definitely Shakeology!

  13. Jared /


    I am about to start p90x within the next week. Would you recommend shakeology or the recovery formula for the post workout? Also what would you recommend for the pre workout? Finally, I am skinny so what would yo recommend to gain mass for building muscle along the way because it seems most people loose weight when doing p90x and i would probably need to gain a few lbs?

  14. Josh /

    Hey man! I highly recommend Shakeology as a meal replacement and the Recovery Formula for post workout recovery. However, I take Shakeology all the time as a post workout supplement. It can be used as both! Shakeology is by far the best supplement that I have ever used and one I highly recommend!

  15. Alexander /

    Hey Josh!

    So I plan on starting p90x pretty soon and I needed some advice from someone experienced. First of all I am a pretty skinny person, so would you recommend shakeology for me since im not looking to lose weight but trying to get myself a little bigger and toner than I am at the moment. Second is the Recovery Formula like protein powder or would I still need to use protein powder daily. I see that a lot of people who start p90x are bigger and Im worried that the program wont work for me since Im about 5’7 and 143 pounds. Hope to hear from you!



  16. Josh /

    @Alexander. I recommend Shakeology for everyone, regardless if they are trying to lose weight or build mass. If you’re trying to gain mass, then you can use it as a snack or post workout recovery shake. Also, the Recovery Formula has protein in it, but there much more in there as well. You need to go to the product page and read the Nutrition Info.

  17. lars s. /

    hi josh.

    great blog.

    im just startet with the p90x (hard but good), and i am started, eating the right food, and may small meals a day.
    but there is one thing, that is anoing me. and that is that i can order the shakeology to europe. and i am from denmark.

    i hope they soon, will thing bigger, and start delivering to europe.
    i dont care how much i cost, i just NEED shakeology, to complete my nutrition plan.

    lars (from Denmark)

  18. @Lars. Unfortunately, they haven’t opened up Shakeology or any Beachbody products to Europe yet, but they are working on it! Keep watching on this site because I will make a post as soon as I hear something.

  19. Great I want it too!!!
    Where can I get it in Europe?
    Every website I open only delivers USA and Canada:-(

  20. @Yve, Unfortunately, it’s not available over there yet, but they are working on it! Make sure you keep checking this site for updates.

  21. from Norway,and i agree totally with lars.It`s not right that only us .citizens and canadians can get this product!We also crave after what´s healthy! And BEACHBODY PRODUCTS should also be avalible to the rest of the WORLD,along with being able to start as coaches!I really hope BEACHBODY will change their POLICY SOON.

  22. @Trond. They are working on it!

  23. I hope so Josh….because we all want whats best for our bodies:-) Besides we all want to be ripped like you,but its alot easier with proper nutrition:-)
    I hope its gonna happen soon:-)

  24. Laxluna /

    Hi there 🙂 Any news about getting Shakeology to Denmark? I just bought the Insanity program + Brazil BL, so if I can buy that, I guess it would be possible to buy this as well- or?


  25. Josh /

    @Laxiuna. I haven’t heard anything yet! Hopefully soon though 🙂

  26. Kamilla /

    Found this and wonder if there is any development in the shipment issue of shakeology. I`m from Norway and really want this…

  27. @ Kamilla No, not yet. Keep checking back! When it expands to other countries, I’ll make a blog about it.

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