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Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse Review

shakeology-3-day-cleanseAfter recommending the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse to one of the people that I coach, Charles, he decided to do it and got awesome results! I wanted all of you to get a different perspective on the cleanse, so I asked him if he would write a Shakeology Cleanse Review for me, and this is what he wrote..

Shakeology Cleanse Review

“After hearing about the Shakeology cleanse from Josh I figured I would give it a shot just for fun and something to try out. About a week before Thanksgiving I finished up my first time at Insanity which worked great for losing weight but no matter what I did for the last two weeks of Inanity I could not break 167 pounds. My diet wasn’t a 100% but fairly close and I was getting tired towards the end with all the cardio. I was completely maintaining at 167 and at a huge plateau.

I’m 5’ 8″ and fit but needed to lose my last few pounds on my stomach. Prior to Insanity I had gone through almost two full P90X classic routines and I went from 187 to around 175 losing weight but put on a good amount of muscle. I injured my back so I didn’t finish the second P90X attempt and gained a little weight back. So Insanity got me to where I wanted to be except for the last few pounds.

Thanksgiving Day I had a big cheat day and the next day was at 171 pounds so I tried the Shakeology 3 day cleanse to get a jump start on weight loss and light workouts until new years when I plan on hitting P90x again. I can say the cleanse definitely works great! When it comes to eating or a challenge I have alot of will power but found the cleanse was not that hard to take on because it was just 3 days long. I am also new to Shakeology and it’s my first month using it. I plan on always using it daily from now on.”

The Shakeology Cleanse

“Day one -stayed exactly to plan minus the fruit snacks and worked out with Ab ripper X in the morning- I had 2 cups green tea- 3 chocolate shakes with water and Ice and a chicken salad dinner. The next morning weigh in I went down to 168 pounds. I felt a bit lighter and felt like it would work out great. I was not hungry all day but I am not a big eater. I drank a lot of water which I think helped keep me feeling full.

Day two –in the morning I was a bit tired so I tried the Shakeology 30 minute workout for the first time which I thought hit my abs great and did not exhaust myself. I ate two small apples for in between snacks and allowed two cups black coffee due to getting headaches from caffeine withdrawal. Some reviews say stay away from coffee and some say it’s ok without creamer and sugar. I think it was fine for me. Day two I was really looking forward to dinner and chewing something. I was not really hungry throughout the day. I did not want to weigh myself the next morning because all I wanted to do was finally break 167 pounds and wanted to wait. I was tired on the second night but couldn’t wait to get through day 3 and see what was up with my weight and results.

Day three-I was tired in the morning but not that bad. I ended up skipping the workout and just went with the same diet as day two. I could definitely feel that the cleanse was working. My stomach felt empty but I really wasn’t hungry just a bit tired. My jeans were definitely loose and it looked like I lost almost an inch around my waist. I had a salad with tilapia for dinner. I was ready for it to be over and went to bed hungry but excited to weigh myself in the morning. Next day weigh in I was at 164.5 which shocked me. I weighed myself 3 times and have a very accurate digital scale.

My only recommendation is if you do this for a true jump start plan out day four for a good healthy day of recovering with a good diet and then go right into whatever routing your hitting. If you don’t you will slowly put the weight back on which I did but for what the cleanse is geared to do which is clean you out it works great. I will definitely do it again after new years before hitting P90X completely dedicated. Thanks Josh for clueing me in on the cleanse!!!”

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  1. i have a question, can i replace dinner with shakeology while i do p90x, i heard u cant cause its low on caloried but what if there are recipes for it that add up to 500 or 600 calories

  2. @Austin. I add peanut butter, almond milk, and sometimes whey protein to increase the calories. That’s what I’m having for dinner tonight actually.

  3. Hey Josh, just wanted to see what you thought of my fat shredder p-90x diet. its not 100% the p-90x diet but its pretty close.

    Breakfast 5:30am 6oz. grilled skinless chicken breast, 1/2 cup of brown rice, 1 cup of squash,1 tbsp. of low fat olive oil, 1 cup of 2% or less skim milk

    snack 8:30am 40 grams of whey protein (180 calories) (0 sugar) (o fats) (2 carb) (o cholesterol)

    Lunch 11:30am 6 oz sirloin steak with 1 cup of spinach 1/2 cup of brown rice

    Snack 2:30pm whey protein (40 grams protein)

    Dinner 5:30pm 5oz skinless catfish fillet

    workout 7:30pm to 8:30pm

    post work out meal 9:00pm whey protein with one large bannana

    Intention was to lose about 45lbs. lean out and add size.
    I think its about 50/30/20 pro/carb/fat

  4. thanks man, i was scared i had to use it only as a snack

  5. @Roy. It looks pretty decent. How many calories is that?

  6. I figard it up to be around 2,200 or 2,300 range. The Nutrition Guide is saying i sould be around 3,240 in calories at Level 3. My deit looks more like level 1 then 3. When i eat this way i stay full, and feel good all day. But i do have a lil trouble with giting fatigue during my working outs, But at the same time a know these are exercises i never really did before like pull ups, push ups,an so on. Im working muscles that never been worked before, maybe it well just take some time. Just ordered some jack3d maybe it well help?

  7. @Roy. Jack3d will DEFINITELY help!

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