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Shakeology Results Update!

OK, so most of you already know that both my fiance and I have been using Shakeology for about two months now, and have been getting results, but yesterday we weighed ourselves for the first time since we started it and discovered some crazy numbers! My fiance is down 10lbs and I’m down almost 8lbs! WHOA! We both have been taking it just about every day and using it as a meal replacement, and really can’t believe the results that we continue to see from week to week. Below is a picture I took this morning of my Shakeology Results..

Shakeology Results

Results from Shakeology

If your goal is to cut down on some fat and lose more weight, and just feel healthier overall, then Shakeology is something you really need to look into. Like I said before, this is one supplement that I highly believe in, and am recommending it to everyone that I know. I have handed out many Shakeology sample packets to my family and friends, and they keep coming back to me for more! I tell them that they need to get on Shakeology Home Direct like I am, and they usually do so.

From my own personal opinion and other Shakeology reviews, the best tasting flavor is definitely chocolate. Like I said, I use it as either a meal replacement shake or as a post workout recovery drink. I will blend it together 8 ice cubes, 6 oz. of fat free milk, and a banana. Melinda has said it tastes like a chocolate fudgesicle and also has said it’s like “heaven in your mouth!” I’ve had many people tell me that it’s the best shake they have ever had!

If you want to learn more about Shakeology or want to purchase it, you can do so by going to my other site Remember, with Home Direct you will be able to get free shipping!

P90X Coach Josh, AKA Spence8


  1. Virgil Kirkland /

    Ok Josh… you convinced me to try this shakeology. However, like many readers, 120.00 is a lot to drop on a product that I have never tried before. I would like to suggest (as I didn’t see it on the site) a trial size. For instance, I went onto ebay and found that someone was selling 3 of the choc. and 3 of the green ones for a total of 30.00. I felt this was a good price to pay to see if I like the product, then if everything goes well, I can jump up to the 120.00 price from your site. I think more people would definately jump on board if there was some sort of trial offer like the one I found on ebay. Thanks coach.

  2. Josh /

    If you look at Shakeology as a meal replacement, it justifies the cost. You’re looking at around $4 a serving, where you would normally spend anywhere from $8-$10 average for a meal when eating out, which most people do.

  3. Michael /

    In order to get these results, did you use shakeology to replace every single meal or mainly just one meal a day? How long does the $120 package last?

  4. Josh /

    @Michael. I replaced one meal per day, usually lunch. Also, it comes in a one month supply.

  5. Jason /

    Dear Josh,

    Do you pefer the packets or huge bag of Shakeology?


  6. Josh /

    @Jason. You get more servings in the bag. I get the packets, which have 6 less servings, because I hand out so many samples. If you’re not planning on handing out samples to people, then the bag is the best!

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