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Shakeology Update

shakeologyFor those of you who have been following both Melinda and I and my parents’ with our progress through Insanity and P90X, you know that we have all been using Shakeology to help with our results. Like I have told you before, Melinda and I have been using Shakeology for about 5 months now, and so far, we have lost a combined 25lbs and about 6% body fat! Not bad for doing nothing different other than adding in Shakeology to our diet! Shakeology works, and that’s why my entire immediate family is using it.

When I finally got both of my parents to go through a round of P90X, I told them that they had to get on Shakeology to help with their results, and they did because they saw how much it helped Melinda and I. I knew dad needed it the most because he was a terrible eater before he started P90X, and he needed something to help lower his cholesterol and give him the vitamins he needed daily to get healthy again. Not only does he love the taste of Shakeology, but he has lost almost 22lbs since he started using it 3 months ago! He also said to me the other day that he can’t believe how much energy he now has throughout the day, and is glad that I told him about Shakeology. Not only has he lost 22lbs, but he now has a 6-pack forming! You aren’t going to find many 49 year olds with a 6 pack! He’s healthy and said he will never go back to his unhealthy lifestyle.

Mom, on the other hand, has always been a decent eater and has stayed in good shape, but wanted to take her fitness to the next level. Since using Shakeology and going through a round of P90X, she has literally become ripped! She has a 6 pack and I can’t believe the definition that she has gotten, especially in her back! She might have a more ripped back than I do! She loves P90X, and is ready to take the next step by going through Insanity. I’m very proud of both my parents and their commitment to both the diet and workouts, and that they are going to remain healthy for the rest of their lives.

Since Melinda, mom, dad, and I have all been getting results with Shakeology, P90X, and Insanity, my sister Courtney and her husband Tony have decided to join us as well. They both are using Shakeology, and Court is going through Turbo Jam and Tony through Insanity. Since I last heard, they have lost a combined 18lbs since they started! WOW! one of these days I will have to add up the total weight loss in my entire family. All thanks to these awesome Beachbody programs and Shakeology.

If you’re interested in Shakeology, make sure you talk to me about it by emailing me at Or, you can go ahead and purchase it by clicking on the button below. Like I’ve said many times before, Shakeology is the best tasting and best overall supplement that I’ve used, and one that I recommend to everyone! Make sure you get the chocolate flavor, which is the best.


  1. sean /

    how much is it like how many servings in a packet and stuff…just more details

  2. Josh /

    @Sean. It’s $119.85, and it’s a 30 day supply. You have to remember that it’s a meal replacement shake, and if you use it as one it justifies the cost. For example, I used to go out to eat every day for lunch, spending anywhere from $6-$10, but now I use Shakeology for lunch, which is about $4 per serving. Plus, you control the amount of calories and what’s going into your body with Shakeology. Learn more about it on my other site

  3. sean /

    thanks great response!

  4. Josh /

    @Sean. Let me know if you have other questions!

  5. Chris /

    Hmm Josh… Now you got my attention about this Shakeology myth/discussion. I think your comment about you replacing your lunch with that thing really shook my branches. I spend 8-9 dollars minimum per lunch eating what I “THINK” is perfectly healthy and what I need. Perhaps this shakeology would be better. How many per day do you have? Any chance I could get a test of it to be sure my body reacts ok to it before buying a buttload of them from your link?

    This could be the very important missing link for me to get that last bit of fat off my belly. Your comment of “I can control the amount of calories I eat” is much better then my “guessing” lunches at the moment.



  6. Josh /

    @Chris. I actually have just one Shakeology per day, and usually use it as a meal replacement for lunch. If you want me to send you a sample before you purchase a whole bag, shoot me an email with your name and address, and I will get that out as soon as I get in a new shipment of samples packets.

  7. Kamaria /

    Is there anyway to get this cheaper? Cause I eat healthy for only $140 dollars a month, and am on a tight budget. That means on average I spend 28 dollars a month on one meal time. 120 dollars is a huge jump, and not one I’m willing to take.

  8. Chris /

    Can I mix/blend the shake the night before (it’s impossible to do at work, no way I can get a mixer in here) or will it lose all of it’s benefits? I want to try the mix you said of 8oz almond milk, ice and a banana.



  9. Josh /

    @Chris. I actually have never mixed it and then drank later, so I have no idea how long it stays good for.

  10. Josh /

    @Kamaria. If you use it as a meal replacement every day, it justifies the cost. For example, I used to spend anywhere from $6-$10 for lunch every day at a restaurant, but now I use Shakeology, which is just $4 per serving, so I have been saving money. Plus, the results my family and I have all gotten from Shakeology makes the money spent well worth it! If you want to get it cheaper, you can become a Club Member and receive 10% off or become a Coach and receive 25% off. However, there are costs associated with each of these, but if you get on Shakeology Home Direct, you will be saving money.

  11. JonnyQball79 /

    Hey Josh: You ever use the BSN product Syntha 6? And your thoughts if you have. I use it and like it.

  12. Paco /

    @ Chris: You could get a blender bottle. You dont need a blender or a mixer to make ur shakes using these. I use them to make my shakes all the time and they work perfectly for me. Im sure they would work for you too and they are pretty affordable.

  13. Josh /

    @Jonny. Nope, never used it.

  14. mike palacios /

    i was wondering what do you mix shakeology with, is it normal milk or what?

  15. @Mike. I blend mine with water, chocolate whey protein, and ice.

  16. Danielle /

    Hey I am waiting on my Shakeology to arrive and I wanna know can you make it without using a blender also some good recipes and when to drink it and what exercise to do during

  17. @Danielle. Yeah, you can shake it, but I recommend that you blend it with some fruit and either almond milk or water. What kind of Shakeology did you get?

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