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Updated Shakeology Review

If you have read my Shakeology Reviews in the past, you know that I have been using Shakeology for the past 7 months. Even though it’s been around for almost a few years, I never gave it a shot until I went to the Game Plan Event in Chicago. I tried a sample there and liked the taste so much that I decided to order some for myself and see what kind of results I could get with it. Melinda and I both started using it as a meal replacement shake every day, and within the first few weeks we both started seeing some physical changes, but also noticed that our energy levels were much better as well. We were hooked! After the first month, we had lost something like 25 lbs between the both of us, which is amazing! It’s kind of hard to explain, but it just made us feel overall healthier.

Once my family and friends started seeing Melinda and I getting results with Shakeology, they wanted to jump on board with us. So now my mom, dad, sister, her busband, one of my best friends, his mom and girlfriend, another friend of mine, his sister, some of my parents’ friends, and some other family members are all using Shakeology on a daily basis! I’m even talking to my grandma about using it because I know how much it could help her, and I’m pretty sure she’s on board with it. Shakeology works, and is something that I’m very passionate about and recommend to everyone that I come across. The more people I can get to try Shakeology, the more lives that I’m going to help change, and that’s what it’s all about.

Aside from all the health benefits of Shakeology, the stuff tastes so dang good! I literally crave it every day. I usually blend my Chocolate Shakeology with ice, almond milk, vanilla whey protein, and a banana, and it’s amazing! It really tastes like a chocolate milkshake, and you wouldn’t think that it would be that healthy for you, but it is. If you crave chocolate and sweets, this is a good way to satisfy those cravings. When Melinda first tried it, she said it tasted like a “chocolate fudgesicle!” I actually have some other Shakeology Recipes posted, and I’ll go ahead and put that post in the “Related Posts” down at the bottom of the page.

Usually I use it as a meal replacement every day, but I will occasionally use it as a post workout recovery drink because of all the vitamins and nutrients that can help with muscle recovery. It makes sense to use it as a meal replacement because of the cost. I used to go out to eat every day for lunch, costing me anywhere from $6-$10, but now I use Shakeology, which comes to about $4 per serving, so I’m actually saving money. On top of the money I’m saving, I also know that I’m taking in something very healthy for me, where I might not have any idea how many calories and what ingredients are in the food I eat at the restaurants.

I would explain all benefits of Shakeology, but it would take me quite a while, so instead, just head over to my Shakeology website to learn more about it: If you have any questions about Shakeology, feel free to email me at

If you’re ready to purchase Shakeology, click below!


  1. Coach, if one was trying to gain weight as opposed to lose it, would it be best to drink this as a snack as opposed to a meal replacement? Or even as a post workout drink with some protein?

    What would be best? I do like the fact that you can get a good 750+ calorie meal if you combine Shakeology with other stuff, and its healthy as hell.

  2. @Mike. Yeah, you can use it as a snack instead of a meal replacement. However, if you still want to use it as a meal replacement you can, just as long as you add in some food to increase the calories. That’s what I am doing right now. My Shakeology usually comes to around 450 cals.

  3. Could not agree more with everything you said! I was honestly skeptical reading on your site how good it was and immediately was telling myself it was overpriced and way over hyped…boy was I wrong! I decided to buy it because I was having a short time for lunch and with not liking some foods that I was needing Id give it a shot and havent looked back since! Energy shot up, body fat went down, and I generally feel so much better. Also being someone with a sweet tooth the chocolate helps me so much to fight those cravings!

    I dont know about you, Josh, but now when I go a day without having my shakeology I can tell the difference and dont feel as healthy that day haha! Im trying to get my family on it also! Thanks!

  4. @John. Shakeology truly is an amazing product, and like you, I can’t go a day without it!

  5. Jason /

    Is it been approved by the food & drug administration’s yet, because I know it’s been out in the market for a couple years, and was just waiting until they approved, and if they haven’t could u tell me if it’s safe, cause idk I never tried it before, and I herd u have, so does it work and help u feel energerized or like how has it helped you???

  6. @Jason. You need to go over to my site, click on “The Doctors” tab, and watch the video. Personally, it’s done wonders for me, which include weight loss, fat loss, increased energy. I use it every day for lunch.

  7. Steve /

    Coach–how is Shakeology classified in the P90X portion plan? 1 carb and 1/2 protein maybe? Thinking about trying it soon. Thank you.

  8. @Steve. It actually contains a balance of both carbs are protein, so it would count as 1/2 portion for each. Let me know if you have any questions about it!

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