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Why Use Shakeology?

shakeology reviewsAs everyone, well at least everyone that I coach, knows, both Melinda and I have been using Shakeology for the past 4 months now. I really didn’t think that I could see drastic results with it because I was already in amazing shape, but man was I wrong! Just by using it for a few months, I lost an additional 3% body fat and 10lbs! Whoa! On top of that, Melinda ended up losing close to 15lbs and 5-6% body fat! Now, I believe in the product so much that I gave just about everyone in my family a Shakeology sample, and now just about every single one of them are using Shakeology as a meal replacement every day. That includes my mom, dad, sister, and her husband, and there are many other family members about to jump on board. My dad has lost 17lbs since he started using it, and my mom, who was already in shape to begin with, is now RIPPED! She has abs! Also, many of you have decided to try it out as well, and so far, the reviews are awesome! This is a product that works!

Another one of my Shakeology Reviews..

So what is Shakeology? Shakeology is a super unique and healthy meal replacement that contains a ton of natural whole ingredients and vitamins. On top of that, it’s very low in calories and tastes AMAZING! The Chocolate Shakeology is literally the best shake that I’ve ever had, to the point that I crave it every day! My mom, who hates chocolate, is now addicted to it! Instead of me putting down all the benefits, check out my other site Some of those benefits include lowered cholesterol, increased energy, improved digestion and regularity, and of course weight loss!

When most people see the price of Shakeology, they automatically think there is no way they would spend $120 for a shake. Well, I thought the exact same thing when Shakeology first came out. I’m a coach and didn’t even try it until a year after it was released! I was that skeptical! It took a sample to convince me to give it a shot. It didn’t even occur to me that I would be using it as a meal replacement every day, and if I use it that way, it would justify the cost. How? I used to go out for lunch every day, and now I use Shakeology. When I went out for lunch, I was spending anywhere from $6-$10, eating something that I really wasn’t sure was healthy for me or not, and taking in a ton of calories. When I started using Shakeology as a meal replacement for lunch, I ended up saving money because it costs about $4 a serving. Not only am I now saving money, I am taking in something that I know is truly healthy for me, and is low in calories.

If you’re someone that I coach, you already know that I never recommend products that I haven’t tried and that I didn’t see results with. Guys, Shakeology is something I truly believe in and something I highly recommend to everyone! It takes a ton of confidence in a product to recommend it to every one of my family members, which is what I’ve done. If you’re ready to lose weight and get into excellent shape, I really believe Shakeology needs to be incorporated into your diet on a daily basis.

If you’re interested in Shakeology or have any questions about it, feel free to email me at I will send you a Shakeology sample, but only if you’re serious about incorporating it into your diet! If you’re ready to try it now, click on the button below. Oh and I forgot to add something. Beachbody is so confident in Shakeology that they are giving a 30 day “bottom of the bag” money back guarantee, which means that you can use the entire bag, send the empty bag back, and get a full refund. Remember, the chocolate is the best flavor!


  1. Charlie /

    I got my mom to start using Shakeology because she needed to get her blood pressure and cholesterol down. It has really helped!

    I usually drink my shakes for breakfast because I’m usually running out the door before work and it gives me a lot of natural energy that you can’t get from drinking a chemical/sugar filled energy drink.

  2. Jordon /

    hey josh,
    i am about to start p90x in about 2 weeks and am gonna give the nutrition plan most my concentration due to thats where i have failed the most. with this shakeology should i just add it on to what i will be eating or should i use it completly as a meal replacement and not worry to much about it?

  3. Josh /

    Jordon, you should use it as a meal replacement. If you blend it with almond or fat free milk, a banana, and ice, it comes out around 350 cals, which is perfect for a meal.

  4. Josh /

    Awesome man! Shakeology is a great product, and I’m glad it’s been helping your mom!

  5. Jordon /

    ohh one more thing josh, do i still need to take the multivatimin if i am using shakeology because it seems pretty rich in vitamins?

  6. Josh /

    Jordon, no man, you won’t need to take any vitamins because Shakeology has all that you need!

  7. Is there a specific time i need to avoid drinking shakeology. I heard it has fructose in it, so should i take it before workout. What i really want to know is that can i just use it as a dinner replacement, i.e., drink it and go to sleep after 2 hours. Wouldn’t that cause all that fructose to be stored in the body?

  8. @Chris. You can drink it whenever you want. I use it as a meal replacement for lunch every day.

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